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Best Posts of 2019

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And it’s Wednesday again already, and to be honest I am so ready for this month to end. Actually, 2020 is looking set to be a busy year, and already I am turning my head to whether or not Blogmas is a viable option this year. I mean seriously, it only ended a month ago – why do I do this to myself? But regardless, let’s take a look at my best posts of 2019.

But on the topic of Blogmas and blog posts, I sat down to write this post and sort of took a mental blank – you know those times when you know what you want to say but just no idea how to go about it? Yeah, just like that.  Then I also thought “No one would want a recap post”, especially this far into 2020. Instead, I was going to do a whole other “My Dream House” post because obviously tastes change and I’m pretty sure it’s about 4 years since I last thought about it. Or maybe it’s only 3? Not sure. But we’ve filed that one away for another time when I can do a full series of posts.

Why The Best Posts of 2019?

2019 was a turbulent year for Life With Ktkinnes, and actually back in April I wasn’t sure this blog was going to survive. It was coming up to the date for renewing my wordpress plan, and the idea of spending the money on something I just wasn’t “feeling” anymore just seemed daft. But we stuck at it, wrote a few more posts, and then eventually reached this stage where I’m back to writing the way I like to write! But what were your favourite posts to read in 2019, and were they also my favourite ones? That was a question that was bothering me.

In fact, it sort of came to a head with last week’s post. There have been a few times in the recent past that I have thoroughly enjoyed working on a post. Writing it, researching things for it, getting the perfect photo, making sure I had promotional tweets and pins and all the rest sorted – I didn’t care how long it took so long as the post was perfect. So after all that time and energy, it was quite frustrating when the posts only received a handful of views or comments. An even better moment was when I realised someone was going through my posts and rating them 1 out of 5 – I didn’t even know you could rate the posts! So that was fun. But I’ve gone off point – today we’re looking at my 5 best posts of 2019, and these have been selected purely by the viewing figures.

5th Place…

goes to Something Different – a guest post written by Rachel, and posted on 5th November 2019.

Best Posts of 2019 Life With Ktkinnes

In Something Different, Rachel talked about her midwifery elective that she’ll be doing in Iloilo next month, why she’s doing it, and the way she was fundraising to pay for it. One comment left on the post that has stuck with both me and Rachel was from Sophie saying “Wow, this was such a heart warming post to read. I have so much respect for her, choosing such a difficult location is really admirable. I really hope the event goes well and she has an amazing time out there. I’d love to read another post about her visit after she’s been (if she’s happy to do that, of course) x” – what do you think, will I ask Rachel to write us a post when she comes back?

4th Place…

In fourth place was Chicken Jalousie – one of my favourite recipes to cook, and by the looks of things one of your favourite posts to read!

Best Posts of 2019 Life With Ktkinnes

Originally posted back in April 2017, Chicken Jalousie has been in my top read posts every year since. It’s a simple family recipe that always goes down a treat – in fact I used to have to hide the fact I was making it when I lived in Glasgow because I had a couple of friends who would dive on the filling as it cooled before making the actual pie. Actually, take a read of it – it could be the perfect thing you’re looking for to add to your meal plan for the weekend! Served with pretty much anything, and can look as fancy as you like, Chicken Jalousie is definitely a go to for the winter or summer months.

3rd Place…

Down to the final 3… and in third place comes my Christmas Card Swap for 2019.

Best Posts of 2019 Life With Ktkinnes

This is another Life With Ktkinnes tradition that came about back when I first properly got into the blogging community, and this year even more people than previous years signed up. I know the amount of money I spent on stamps this year, and I didn’t go back to find out if everyone sent or received at least 1 card, but it was good to see it as popular! Actually, do you think I should run it again this year? I could change it up a little I suppose, but the fundamental idea? Let me know in the comments below!

2nd Place…

Coming in second place was my book review of You Do You by Sarah Knight – the first book I finished reading in 2018. Good to see you all were interested in it last year too!

Best Posts of 2019 Life With Ktkinnes

You Do You

It’s time to put your happiness first. In You Do You, Knight delivers her trademark no-bullsh*t advice, revealing when it’s okay to be selfish, why it’s pointless to be perfect, and how to ignore the haters and prove the doubters wrong.

You Do You really stuck with me after reading it, and when I finally got posting my review, I sort of forgot about it for a while. It’s why I was delighted to receive F*ck No (also by Sarah Knight) for Christmas this year – her books are really worth the read. So thank you for enjoying my review!

And the winner is…

My most popular post of 2019 was my February 2019 NI Blogger Brunch post – posted originally on 20th February last year.

Best Posts of 2019 Life With Ktkinnes

This time round, the NI Blogger Brunch was in the Belfast Grand Central Hotel, and  we were discussing all things self-love in the lead up to St Valentine’s Day. Although I’m somewhat curious as to why this was the most popular post of 2019, I’m delighted that you all enjoyed reading it!

Do you have a favourite post of mine from the last year? I’d love to know which of my posts you’ve enjoyed!

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