Banana Split for Breakfast

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Banana Split for Breakfast Life With Ktkinnes
Breakfast Banana Split

An alternative breakfast this morning, I was getting tired of apples again and with no eggs or avocado I was really struggling to think of something. Then Rachel appeared, telling me about the ice cream parlour she went to last night and the size of the banana splits there. Suddenly inspiration struck! 

What you see in the picture is a banana halved, some natural Greek yogurt, a tea spoon of raspberry jam, a tea spoon of peanut butter, and some pumpkin seeds. It’s delicious! Oh, I forgot to mention the passionfruit coulis – I added it just for a change of flavour. 
I would seriously recommend this for anyone looking for a quick and easy breakfast!
Banana Split for Breakfast Life With Ktkinnes

Ktkinnes xx

3 thoughts on “Banana Split for Breakfast

  1. Annie

    I need to stop looking at blog posts about food >,<
    It's almost 4 am and I'm hungry as heck… It's a shame I have no food at work..
    Nice post btw!

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