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Back To School Tag Life With Ktkinnes
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I miss school. I miss the routine, the shorter days. And I especially miss having a uniform – no thinking about what to wear! But as all the kids start back to school this week, and students start thinking about uni, I’m sharing the back to school tag. A little light hearted post for a Friday morning! Especially after the mini rant on Wednesday…

Back To School Tag Life With Ktkinnes

I’ve been kindly asked to take part in the School Days tag, also known as the Back To School Tag, created by PlanBee, by Laura from Seed Publicity. So, here goes. Time to find out a little bit more about me!

Back to school:

1. What is your first memory of school?
My first school memory would probably be one of 2 memories. I’m not sure which came first. One would be me running around the playground playing “CareBears” and pretending to save the world by caring. The other memory was definitely from my first year at primary school. I was running with a friend and fell in the playground, scraping the skin off my face on the gravel. I don’t remember that part, but I remember sitting with the school nurse as she pulled bits of playground out of my face and told me not to cry.

2. Who was your favourite teacher at school and why?
Okay so secondary school I had 2 favourite teachers. The first was my maths teacher, and she taught me for 6 of the 7 years at the school. She never judged me for not getting things first time, but was happy to help explain it with me one on one if needed. At the same time, she also didn’t mind when I finished classwork early so whipped out a novel to read while others finished their work. The other teacher was my physics teacher. He was… if I say he wasn’t too popular because he couldn’t be bothered with time-wasters and had a reputation for his anger. But again, if you were genuinely interested and wanted to learn, he was a big softie, just looking to share his passion for physics.

3. What kind of child were you in the classroom.
I think I would class myself as not quite the “nerd” but not far off it. Teacher’s pet, but also tried to pretend I was cooler than I was. Definitely not the brightest in the room, but a trier.

4. What were your favourite lessons at school?
History and Maths. History is fascinating, looking at the repeats throughout the ages. Maths because it was either right or wrong.

5. Describe your proudest childhood moment or achievement?
My proudest moment would probably be when I got told I was the 3rd highest student in the year group for Maths, and I was invited to attend special lectures on a Saturday morning as a result of this. Thinking back now to question 3, maybe I was a nerd…

6. What do you miss most about primary school?
Playtime. I used to love break and lunch, even if I didn’t properly play with the others. I walked around and chatted to my friends. Oh and I also miss the weird and wonderful ways they taught us subjects. We spent a full term watching and learning about The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, and it’s only now I realise that was an attempt to teach us RE!

7. What was your favourite playground craze?
Skoobies! I recently found some of the keyrings I make back then and it made me want to start them up again.

8. Do you think schools have changed since you were little? If so, how?
I’m not too sure. I did a few weeks work shadowing back in both my old primary and my secondary schools over the last few years, but I didn’t find many changes. to be honest, the biggest change to me in primary schools is now the lack of an 11+ exam for kids in the final year. There are alternative tests, but they aren’t allowed to be focused on the same way it was with my year.

9. Are there any lessons from school that will always stay with you?
Be true to yourself and remember it’s okay to ask for help.

10. What advice would you give to parents who have kids starting school this year?
Be patient with them, and don’t bombard them with questions the second they come home. Oh, and if they say they have no homework, please do assume they’ve been asked to do some reading – and encourage them to do it! I swear the number of times I ticked “read pages x-y” off as done in my diary knowing that I had no intention of ever doing it…

Schools out! What did you learn along the way? I am going to continue the game by tagging: Jordanne and Claire.


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  1. Dani

    Enjoyed reading your post- I loved junior school- secondary not so much. Brought back lots of fun memories

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