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Can I write this post? Have I made a proper comeback to blogging? I don’t know. But it’s Friday, I’m flying off to Glasgow this afternoon, and this will be my 11th post since I came back to blogging.

We all need a break. Heck, I’ve taken a load of them. How many “I’m Back!” posts have I written? I could go back and count, but we get the point.

Everyone needs a break from blogging every now and again. A proper chance to step back.  To not worry about being seen on social media. Not having the urge to check your stats every 5 minutes, and lamenting when you don’t reach your goal. Afterall, how can you achieve a goal you never actually set?

However, I find that when I’m back to blogging again, I begin to feel more at ease within myself.  I have an outlet. A reason to be sitting at my desk.  It’s like, I can just immerse myself into it and lose myself in general.  The flow of words, even if they make sense to no one but me, is soothing.  No one has to read it, but it’s a great feeling when someone does.

One main issue I find when trying to get back to blogging, is the struggle that is thinking up blog posts.  When you take a month or two off, it can sometimes be hard to remember which posts you were passionate about, or what you enjoy writing.  I don’t know about you, but personally I find myself searching online for post ideas, just to see if I can gain any inspiration.

It leads to me thinking “can I write about my tbr pile again?” or “does anyone really care what I’ve been up to?”, but it doesn’t matter about the content.  All that matters to me is that I’m writing again.  One dud post can often lead to the inspiration for the next fabulous one.  My favourite posts I’ve written, were drafted at 3am, after writing about 8 other posts before them. But they’re the ones I pour my soul into, becuase I just can’t seem to stop my fingers typing anymore. They fly across the keyboard, reminded that to do so is so freeing.  It’s almost like when I played the piano. My fingers seemed to know what I wanted them to say before I even managed to think up the words they were saying.

And so with that, I’ll leave you for today.  As I said, I have a busy day of work, and hopefully a good omelette for breakfast. I’m hoping to escape early and get up the road to the airport as quickly as possible.  And in 12 hours time, I’ll hopefully have landed safely and be on my way to spending a weekend away with some of the best friends I have had the pleasure of making.  So whatever you get up to this weekend, I hope you enjoy yourself. Remember, if you need a break, it’s okay to take it.  Sometimes a step back is all you need to remember the love you feel for something.

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