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    June 2022

    Hi there! Did you miss me? I cannot actually believe we’re into June 2022 already. Nor can I believe that I completely disappeared off the face of the earth for 3 months. But I’m back this morning, and thought it…

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    Russian Doll

    As Season Two of Russian Doll was added to Netflix recently, I found myself compelled to re-read my previous review of Season One, and potentially watch it again before starting into Season Two of the Netflix Original Series Russian Doll.…

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    Diary Posts

    March 2022

    And so another month has begun – March 2022. I’m not quite sure what to think as we enter this month. History tells us that a health pandemic, followed by a depression, statistically it was inevitable that a war would…

  • Want To Win An Amazing £200 Amazon Voucher? Life With Ktkinnes

    Want To Win An Amazing £200 Amazon Voucher?

    ***** NOW CLOSED *****March is here, and life has been busy. In fact, I’m literally only home a couple of hours ago from a couple of night’s at my cousin’s house in Fermanagh, and remembered this post was meant to…