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4 Fabulous Bloggers To Follow April 2021 Advertisers

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AD | Another month begins, and with it comes four fantastic bloggers you need to be following! These fabulous people are my April 2021 advertisers. While they have paid for this opportunity, all views shared here are my own. So grab a cup of tea or coffee, and come meet my April 2021 Advertisers!

The following bloggers are ones that I have loved getting to know throughout the course of setting up my April 2021 advertisers. The range of content shared by them, and the motivation they give me to keep sharing my own writing, is great. Why not grab a cuppa and discover some new favourite bloggers to follow?

A Cup of Wonderland

A Cup of Wonderland blog header for April Advertisers post

Hannah, the blogger behind A Cup of Wonderland, is a freelance writer, editor and virtual assistant from the North-East of England. With a passion for all things books, an unhealthy attachment to tea,  often she can be found daydreaming or with a pen and paper nearby for when inspiration strikes. By day, you can find her tapping away at her laptop answering customer queries or editing manuscripts from a variety of writers. And by night, curled up in her armchair, reading books, dreaming up worlds and characters to one day put down on paper, and writing up ideas for her blog.

About A Cup of Wonderland

Originally starting as Booktube Channel back in 2014, A Cup of Wonderland, has evolved into so much more. It’s in this corner of the internet that Hannah talks about all things books, her passion for stories, and a deep belief that there is a story out there for everyone. Hannah shares her journey with books; those she have discovered, loved and learnt something from too.  Along with this, she enjoys writing thought-provoking pieces concerning the book industry and how we, as humans, interact with the stories we encounter. 

However, A Cup of Wonderland is also a place for her to write about the other passions and aspects of life, that more often than not still end up linking to books!  From baking, travel, tv and films, Hannah’s sustainability journey alongside coming to terms with her mental health and living with a chronic illness. 

Want more of Hannah?

If you love bookish content, then Hannah’s blog is certainly a must-read for you! Some of my favourite posts of Hannah’s so far are (and I say that because I’m still devouring her site!) Reasons to Read Middle-Grade, Writers to Check Out on International Women’s Day, Unforgettable Love Stories, Why I moved from Goodreads to Storygraph, and Books About Books.

Already read all of Hannah’s content and dying for more? Make sure you’re following her on Instagram and Bookshop, and find out more information about her editorial services here!

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Our Favourite Jar

Our Favourite Jar blog header being used for April 2021 Advertisers post

Next up, we have a returning blogger from last month – Claire from Our Favourite Jar! Claire is one of the most supportive bloggers I have ever had the pleasure of getting to know through Twitter. Using her life as a basis for her posts, Claire is a 30 something blogger, Mum, postponed Covid-Bride and school administrator. She loves having the chance to share life, love and grief in her own corner of the internet. Her blog originated from her family gifting her a jar of activities for the family to do, and soon became a place where Claire could talk honestly about the difficulties she faced when she lost her Mum. Some of my favourite blog posts of Claire’s include her Live to Travel, Love to Journal post, reasons why she loves a Gousto box, and – one we can all relate to – finding happiness in a year of chaos!

Prosecco Mum

Prosecco Mum Blog Header for use as April 2021 Advertiser

Meet Jess, who lives just outside of Southampton in England with her husband and two children. Over on Prosecco Mum you will find all sorts – just like my blog here! Prosecco Mum is, however, predominantly a parenting blog with most posts centring around the kids and what mischief they regularly get up to. If you’re after a perfect parenting blog this is probably not the one for you – there’s no curated perfection here;  you will see the good, the bad and the downright frustration. And it’s hy I love Jess’s blog! I was delighted when she asked to be one of my April 2021 Advertisers.

As well as talking motherhood, Jess likes to detail her thoughts on she expected parenting to be before becoming a parent herself, such as letters to her childless self, and the mother she expected to be vs the mother she now is. With her eldest child, daughter Sofia, recently starting school, Jess has covered all the thoughts and feelings as a first time school mum and you’ll also find many posts detailing their favourite family days out in and around Hampshire alongside their family travels. Her tales of their trip to Disneyland Paris has me itching to go back myself!

In and amongst all this, Jess manages to find the time and energy to write about the things that make her happy on a monthly basis as well as the books she’s read. As I say, if you enjoy frequenting my blog, then you’ll adore Jess! Make sure you’re following her across Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter too so you don’t miss anything!

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