April 2018

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Ah okay today snuck up on me out of nowhere and now we have a post going live at the last minute! So hello everyone, I’m sorry for having disappeared and not being around a lot in March, but now that we’re into April I hope to sort that!So yes, April is here. Thirty days. Or rather, ten posting days this month going by the new posting schedule I’ve set myself in my last post – Weekend Away.

March came and went, and while there was a lot going on there also wasn’t if that makes any sense. The Beast from the East was tormenting us all at the start of the month, and work kept finishing early. Snow every day became quite tiring, and it was a relief when we were finally able to get the car out of the drive! Mum and Dad’s anniversary came, and that weekend we had the family over from Scotland for the rugby weekend. Mother’s Day was also that weekend, and so really we were shattered when we went back to work! The following weekend started with a meal out to a local chinese restaurant that offers a low fat and reduced salt menu and it is actually delicious! I’ll need to make a journey there specifically to share it on here for you all. St Patrick’s Day saw the final of the Six Nations and we sat and watched all three matches and had Super Saturday in the house. Again the working week passed quickly, and before I knew it I was down in Fermanagh for a weekend with my cousin, all while Rachel came home for Easter. Finally, we were met with a short week at work, and on Good Friday we headed to the north coast for a day of walks, a picnic, and a delicious meal at the Neptune and Prawn! Saturday morning we got up and did a few things around the house, and then we got the bus into Belfast and had a pub crawl around the city centre, ending with another lovely meal in a tapas restaurant. So while March might not sound like it was busy, I honestly don’t feel like I’ve stopped over the last few weeks!

As a result, my goals took a bit of a hit… do you remember them?

  1. Lose 4lbs in weight.
  2. Read 2 books
  3. Watch 1 film
  4. Adapt my bullet journal to optimise how I am using it.
  5. Organise my room a bit better.
  6. Practice my guitar for at least 30 minutes a week – I want to start learning to play again!

Okay so between the first of March and today, I have actually managed to lose 5lbs in total! That’s one goal accomplished. I unfortunately didn’t get reading any books though. I’ve just been too tired at night! So I do need to fix that for next month. I managed to watch a few films this month, and my film count is now up to 19 new films this year, never mind the 6 or 7 films I have rewatched. My bullet journal is still going to plan, and my room is still an organised mess, but again I didn’t get near my guitar. Maybe the goals weren’t a complete failure then to be honest!

Finally, setting some goals for April. I really am knocking them down to just a couple this month, because I do want to try and achieve them this month. So to get started in April, my goals are to…

  1. Lose another 4lbs in weight.
  2. Read 1 book from my to be read pile.
  3. Watch 1 new film.
  4. Try and post twice a week on my blog.

So what goals have you set yourself for April? Let me know below!


  • rachaelstray

    Glad to have you back! Sounds like a hectic time you’ve had in March. I do keep up to date as follow you on Twitter. You’re doing so well with losing weight btw!

  • ktkinnes

    Aw thank you so much Rachael 💖 I really do need to keep more up to date on everything. Thank you so much for keeping up to date and following, I know I haven’t been a brilliant blogger recently! xxx

  • Another Little Birdie

    Awesome job on losing weight!! That can be such a struggle. It’s cool that you can play the guitar! I used to play the piano but honestly I wasn’t dedicated enough haha! And it’s great that you want to post twice a week! I think somewhere down the road I’ll start doing that, but for now, I don’t want to overload myself. Lovely post! 🙂

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