Another one bites the dust

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Well paper one is completed! Now just to pray for a miracle that lets me pass with paper two. As expected, Glasgow is getting boring with no one to see and nowhere to go while I’m revising.

It would also be good if I could build the courage to go out for lunch or dinner! Unfortunately, I am too worried about what people will think when they see me sitting on my own at a table. I wouldn’t want anyone thinking I’d been stood up! Although one of my friends recommended doing just that and seeing if I would get a free meal out of it – the way Ross does in Season 9 Episode 14 of Friends “The One With The Blind Dates”. Would definitely recommend watching this!

Another thing I would recommend either watching or reading right now would be Bridget Jones’ Diary. Wikipedia’s summary is a good place to start – British writer Helen Fielding started her Bridget Jones’s Diary column in The Independent in 1995, while chronicling the life of Bridget Jones as a thirtysomething single woman in London as she tries to make sense of life and love with the help of a surrogate “urban family” of friends in the 1990s. The column lampooned the obsession of women with women’s magazines such as Cosmopolitan and wider social trends in Britain at the time. Helen Fielding published the novelisation of the column in 1996, followed by a sequel in 1999 called Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason. Both novels were adapted for the big screen in 2001 and 2004, starring Renée Zellweger as Bridget Jones, and Hugh Grant and Colin Firth as the men in her life: Daniel Cleaver and Mark Darcy. After Fielding had ceased to work for The Daily Telegraph in late 1998, the feature began again in The Independent on 4 August 2005 and finished in June 2006. Helen Fielding released a third novel in 2013, “Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy”, which is set 18 years later.

Basically – Bridget has been around for 20 years! This shocked me as I have loved both the book and film since before I can remember. I mean, who wouldn’t love watching Colin Firth fighting Hugh Grant? Facebook told me this morning that most women can easily relate to the protagonist and of course it was right. That’s what makes it such an easy read.

If you haven’t seen this film (and shame on you if you haven’t even heard of it before today) here’s the link to the trailer –

Yes, I am procrastinating and pretending I don’t have an exam tomorrow that I am completely unprepared for. Yes I am scared. And finally, yes I am about to sign off and get some work done. Oooh, I can watch a film instead! Happy almost weekend everybody!

Ktkinnes xxx

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2 thoughts on “Another one bites the dust

  1. Amy Wong

    I love eating out on my own! If you’re not used to it though I’d advise starting in cafés with smaller tables or bar style seating areas, and bringing something to do like a book or some work.

  2. ktkinnes

    Thanks! Tried to go to a café on my own last night but didn’t correct them when they gave me a take away cup so I left again!

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