An update

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Good evening! Or morning…. I can’t decide which this counts as.

My cousin has been and gone in a whirlwind 24 hours. As planned, Thursday I went to my lectures, caught up on one subject, got one homework done and had a decent dinner. Friday brought about a 2 hour tidy and cleaning session of my room before hitting the shops with Jason. Needless to say I wasted more money on clothes and Christmas and also some makeup. I then met Rory off his bus before dinner and the pub. Everything was going well until someone started us on jaeger bombs in between pints of beer… It was at that point I decided to abandoned Rory at the flat so that I could go to Viper, a club nearby. It was a great night and I don’t think he minded being left.

Today he had the university’s open day so we both ended up wandering around the university for 5 hours. Eventually he was put on a bus and sent home.
Tonight was then a chill night. I phoned one of my grannies so that I could honestly say I’d spoken to them both this week. After that I had dinner and put on a wash before face timing Nikki in California. 2 hours later I left her in peace to get some work done and that was when I started being really productive. Not the productive I need to be but I did practice my Halloween makeup and nail polish, I found some great lighting for taking selfies at my desk, and I learnt that my hair is long enough to tie in a French plait.

An update Life With Ktkinnes

The flat above us seem to be having a party and is so noisy. I’m dying to sleep for ages but doubt I’ll get to sleep anytime soon.
Jason has tonsillitis again. Need to remind him to go to the doctors on Monday, he’s had some sort of throat pain for almost 2 weeks now with no sign of it getting any better.

Mary’s sister is here for the weekend and has been great fun 🙂 Mary’s wrist is still sore so not sure how next weekend will be when we go out for Halloween…

Nuala is her usual self, popular and happy (or seeming to be…).

I love our flat 🙂 I miss Cairncross at times but I wouldn’t change this for anything. It feels like a proper home.
Night guys, sleep well,

Ktkinnes xxxx

An update Life With Ktkinnes

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