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So today’s post is again a little different. How many of you go to your lectures? Yeah, I know, it’s a bit of a struggle. But I thought today I’d let you sit in on my Physics lecture I had on Tuesday. I was going to talk you through all the scientific stuff but instead, here’s basically what went through my head for the duration of this lecture!


12:05 – stupid SRC election people coming in telling us to vote…

12:09 I swear this lecturer reminds me of a welsh guy who used to teach in my primary school… We’re going over all the stuff we did last day – Simple Harmonic Motion with Damping. For a physics lecture you’d be surprised at the number of words and letters on the board as opposed to numbers.

12:12 – he’s now writing on the board… I wasn’t prepared to have to write things on paper as well as on the laptop! It’s okay, he’s included it on the next slide, phew!

12:14 I can see our scanner… Does anyone else’s uni have them scan the bar-code on their student ID to take attendance? It’s genuinely the highlight of these lectures.

12:16 so I’ve actually learnt something I didn’t know before today! The ‘real’ and ‘imaginary’ parts of the equation can be solved. I mean I should’ve known that but I suppose I never really noticed it was that kind of an equation before (slide 5). Complex numbers aren’t my strong point.

12:18 Yay I’ve been scanned in! We have to attend a minimum of 50% of our lectures (reduced from last year) to get credit for the course.

12:20 Whoever is sitting at the back really needs to get up and close the door… People talking outside are too loud for me to hear the lecturer

12:26 I am decidedly hungry. Coco Pops aren’t as filling as you’d expect. Considering I only ate them 2 hours ago, I shouldn’t be hungry again. Only another 30 minutes of the lecture!

12:29 Decided I like and respect this lecturer. He comes in in his casual baggy trousers that probably haven’t seen an iron in a while, his polo shirts from varying designers (and yet still looking casual) and what can only be described as beige slip-on trainers with no laces or velcro or whatever. I think if I was a lecturer, I’d probably be like him – casual and comfy instead of worrying about looking amazing daily.

12:33 Yeah I’m not wearing this jumper again unless there’s a top under it. It’s one of my favourite jumpers but it’s so itchy I just can’t cope! It’s making it hard to concentrate.

12:35 I’m not really sure why he just talked us through the units of gamma but at the same time i’m sure it’s useful. I’ll remember that one.

12:39 Just caved and checked Twitter. I think I may have an addiction. Send help.

12:41 I could play the sims… I shouldn’t but I could. The people sitting beside me keep looking at my laptop to see what I’m writing. Yes I know I’m not typing notes but I am paying attention unlike you and your whispering in whatever language you’re talking.

12:45 These seats are incredibly uncomfortable. You’d think if they want us to sit for 50 minutes in the one position, they’d make the seats more comfortable. And he just divided stuff by 2 to ‘make it simpler’ but in my opinion is was easier to leave it as it was… Maybe that’s where I lost marks last year – I didn’t simplify to their level?

12:51 He has 4 minutes left…. Almost free! Although we only got half way through the powerpoint… not so good. Ah well, there’s always next time. My attendance record this year (so far) probably looks fab… That’s exciting.

12:53 Come on… finish up for the day. Please. Like this is interesting but I can go home for lunch and maybe a nap…

12:54 yas he finished!


  • Nour Mahgoub

    It’s always nice to get an insight into someone else’s mind; I liked your post very much. To me though, physics is like the worst subject ever – I hate it; I’m so glad I’m done with it foreveeeer. So I think you’re a hero for studying and enjoying it? Seriously my brain literally can’t understand anything physics it’s so ugghh. Oh well, this turned into a personal rant instead. Sorry x


  • ktkinnes

    Haha oh don’t worry, Nour, I hate Physics too! I really don’t know why I chose to study it… What would be your favourite subject? xxx

  • Nour Mahgoub

    Because you’re a genius, that’s why! Anything Biology is automatically my favorite subject, haha. What’s yours?

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