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October’s here? Already? Seems like only yesterday I was writing Wake Me Up… to mark the start of September.

It was a busy month to be honest. Between organising to move away and tidying Tom’s house, the first week passed very quickly. Mum was off work that week to help so it was a different week. We went shopping for Rachel’s birthday present and took trips around the place. I then saw Katie for what’ll probably be the last time, I doubt after this amount of time she’ll actually still want to be friends. I got my resit results and had a few very busy days trying to sort out getting back to university. I eventually got it sorted and moved into my new flat! After a flat dinner, my friends threw a surprise party for my birthday so I met up with everyone for the first time in ages. A couple of days later I met up with Granny to have dinner, first trip to the city centre in ages! Rachel’s birthday came and with it was a trip to Ikea – best day ever. I joined a few different clubs, attended a few lectures and then went to a new exercise class. Today, to finish the month, Paul came around for the first time and Jason and I are going to GULGBTQ+ tonight. So yeah, it has been a busy month!

September’s goals? I actually read the 2 books! First time I have successfully achieved my reading goals. I also made it to the gym twice! And with paying £100 for a year’s membership I will have to be sure to use it. One of the classes, Box Fit, is on twice a week and we go as a group of either 4 or 7. It’s great fun and I hope to keep going for the foreseeable future. I went on Monday night and am still sore so there’s the motivation to keep going – the more frequent the less pain. Okay so I might not have managed to make it to all my lectures… I didn’t go to the induction lectures or a Physics lecture… But I have managed to make notes on every lecture! This is a slight bonus, at least it means I have fewer notes to make for the Christmas exams. Saving money hasn’t exactly gone well either but we are working on it. Even if it’s just 50p a month, it’s better than nothing. I have set up a budget and am working hard to stick to it. Oddly enough, I managed to catch up on most tv shows!

Goals for this month? I’m not 100% sure what to do. For starters:

  • Go to lectures and write up any notes I take in them. If I can keep on top of the notes, I can possibly be better prepared for homeworks and exams.
  • Make it to the gym once a week either for a class or personal workouts. Any weightloss is secondary to the happiness felt at the end of the class. Who knew it could actually be fun?
  • Read at least 1 book and 3 newspapers in the month. And no, today’s paper doesn’t count. The book will be Diary of an Expectant Father and I’ll let you know how it goes.
  • Successfully do Sober October – I’m starting today (a day early) so that I can drink on Halloween. Cheating I know but it’s necessary.
  • Finally, actually get proper sleeps. I need to sleep to stay fit and so far this is working. Fingers crossed for the rest of the month!

Well, that’s about it for today. I’m away to make a risotto for dinner but probably just going to put peas in it. Speak soon!

Ktkinnes xxx

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