Hello dear friends!

Today, before I write my photo a day challenge, I am coming to you for some advice. 

In our hallway, just opposite the front door, we have this lovely dresser.

I am in the mood for organising things and making the place look a little more “ours” than the rented place that it is. And so, I find myself coming to you all to ask what you would place on this unit? Please please please send me some suggestions! 
Ktkinnes xx


2 thoughts on “Advice?

  1. If you’re trying to make the place look a little more home-y, why not add some framed photos of you and your housemates? Other suggestions: plants, books (of course!), mementos from nights out, little ornaments… It would also make a great place for greetings cards whenever there’s a special occasion!

  2. Thanks Amy! I’m waiting on a digital photo frame to arrive tomorrow, but I hadn’t thought of plants, momentos or ornaments! I’ve put a few cook books on it but not keen on moving my textbooks out…

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