Well hello! If you’ve made it to this page then I must have done something right… Having started blogging back in June 2014, I know I no longer count as a ‘new’ blogger but what I love about this community is you can be here for years and still find out stuff you never knew existed before!

Filling my days between films, tv, books, music, food, and occasionally university, I decided that somewhere out there people would be interested in my opinions as I travel down this long journey from an 18-year-old (back in 2014) to whenever I stop blogging. Hopefully never, but who knows what life is going to throw at us.

I started blogging back when I felt I had no one to talk to, using my family’s nickname for me as a starting point. Since then, I’ve made some incredible (hopefully life-long) friends both through uni and blogging, but I still come on here at least once a week to update you on the rambling that goes on inside my head.

I’m currently 23 years old, living in Lisburn, Northern Ireland. I adore all things to do with animals and tv, and am pretty much a typical supposed adult except for the minor fact of not liking clubbing. Then again, who can honestly say they enjoy clubs? I digress. Take a look through my blog, hopefully you’ll find something you like or feel the need to argue with me over. If so, contact me or comment or whatever it is you feel like doing!


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