A few lessons learnt

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Well today I learnt a few things:

  1. I like wearing navy
  2. I enjoy silence and being by myself by a pool
  3. I burn far far far too easily.

Both my legs and back are currently slightly painful. And being in the middle of reading Grey, the 4th instalment of Fifty Shades of Grey, I have had quite a pleasant day.

Today we are in the hotel at lunch. Looking over the menu, it’s very different to last year. Dad and I shared a couple of items from the tapas menu and while it wasn’t to my liking, I would recommend it to anyone who likes melted cheese sticks. Not on the menu but available were burgers, a chicken pitta and a tuna pitta. The burger looked delicious but too heavy for me for lunch. Mum had the tuna pitta which came with homemade purple crisps! They were brilliant, would definitely recommend to everyone.

I’m currently sitting enjoying a cooling breeze with a Coke and listening to a certain waiter singing to himself. As a family, we are already looking into coming back again next year.

Hope you’re all having as nice a summer as I am!

Thanks to all my new followers and also thanks for the likes! They really helped me keep my focus on the posts. Feel free to comment or message or whatever!

2 thoughts on “A few lessons learnt

  1. totalyuncool

    sounds awesome. I also burn easily. I’ve burned 5 times in the past 3 months.

  2. ktkinnes

    I feel your pain! I was wearing factor 30 and had followed the instructions for application on the bottle

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