A Christmas Catch Up

A Christmas Catch Up Life With Ktkinnes
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How on earth is it Thursday again already?! The days are flying in, and time is running out.  But with only a day and a half left in work of this decade (which is shocking) I realised we haven’t had a little chat in quite a while.

Is anyone else finding themselves getting more and more exhausted as time goes on, and yet also feeling less and less inclined to sleep? The phrase “I’ll sleep when I’m off work” keeps coming into my head as the clock approaches 1am and I start to put on yet another predictable Christmas film.  And yet, I can honestly tell you that my bed and I are going to spend two glorious weeks together that I will miss dearly when January comes around again.


If you’ve been keeping up with Blogmas, and thank you to everyone who has been popping by regularly to keep up, then you’ll be aware of what I’ve been up to this month.  Between decorating the house, two birthdays, a work night out, several trips to the theatre (one of which is tonight), guitar every week, shopping for presents, and general life as well, it becomes hard to separate one day from the next.


And I would be lying if I said that I have been delighted with Blogmas so far.  My first year of taking part, I was a student.  Sleep could be had at any time.  I had 3 exams, and that was me.  Blogging for 33 consecutive days was a breeze back then, never mind the time and energy that went into promoting each post properly.  Year 2 wasn’t that much different – I was working for the bank, but had spent 6 weeks unemployed when I was busy scheduling posts in the background and then could spend time working on them when I moved back home after the way that job ended.  If you’ve been around long enough to remember, then you know what I mean.  If not, suffice to say I was glad to see the back of the place, my coworkers, and everyone else involved in that entire time of my life. But I digress. Last year was the first time I was working full time, studying an Open University degree, and trying to complete Blogmas.  I think I got to the 17th December and just failed to post any more. I hit the blogging wall and swore I was never blogging again – never mind Blogmas! And yet here we are on day 19.  My love for blogmas restored! And I’m sure I’ve bored you all to tears over the last paragraph so we’ll move on again.


I wanted to take today to think back over the years really.  Someone a month ago pointed out we had just over a month of this decade, asking what all we had achieved. It did start me on a panic – what had I achieved?? At first my thought was “sweet FA” but then I started to think about where I was at the start of 2010 – I was half way through 3rd year of high school. Since then, I’ve passed my GCSEs, A Levels. I got into university, and then left university.  I got accepted into the Open University for a long distance course.  I bought my first car.  I made a load of new friends, travelled to new countries, and learnt a lot about myself in the long run.  I gained about 10 stone in weight, and have since lost approximately 12.  I’m working in an office where I couldn’t imagine wanting to leave.  The only reason I don’t want to go into work is because I want more sleep – it’s never anything to do with the actual job.  I’ve ticked concerts and holidays off my bucket list that I never expected to, and there are so many more things to look forward to over the coming decades.


So I guess what I’m trying to say is – don’t let anyone pressure you into thinking things aren’t moving fast enough for you.  Actually, I saw a quote back in November that came back to me as I worked my way through my Yankee Candle Advent Calendar –

“You buy a pack of 100 tea lights and light them all at once. Some will light with a large bright flame straight away, others take a while for the fire to take hold. Then some stay lit for hours and hours, while others burn out quicker.  All were bought together and lit together, but their flames vary from candle to candle.”


Something to think about as the festive period takes over. Don’t let the Christmas burn out take over, and remember to take some time for yourself over the next couple of weeks.  With only a day and a half left in the office, I for one am really looking forward to some down time!


Hope you all have a good Thursday, and I’ll see you all tomorrow morning bright and early for Blogmas Day 20 – A Christmas Book Review!

A Christmas Catch Up Life With Ktkinnes

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