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My Dream Bathroom

Back again! I’ve been having so much fun with these posts, to the point that I’ve struggled to write any other posts recently. Bringing you up to date, I mentioned in The Cost of Being a Student that I am planning to live alone for the next academic year. The flat hunt was crazy hectic towards the end of exams and then there was only one week here in Glasgow before I jumped back on the boat to Northern Ireland for some work experience and a new job! But more on that maybe later in the week.


After a week or so of flat hunting, I found myself dreaming of My Ideal Student Home and what it would look like. If you’ve missed the previous posts, I’ve so far designed My Dream Kitchen, My Dream Living Room, and My Dream Spare Room. I don’t even want to think about how much hypothetical money I have spent on this! But today we’re getting on with the penultimate room – the bathroom. Out of curiosity, should I write the plan of the hallway’s decoration? Or are you excited for me to stop writing these posts? Let me know below!


However, before I can stop, I’m excited to do these two or three rooms, and I’ll probably draw out the entire house/flat and put that in the final post. So onwards with the bathroom!


The last couple of posts, I’ve gone and stated my colour scheme first, however there is one item I need in my dream bathroom and I was just too excited to sort anything else before I found my paint, tiles, and floors. Can you guess what that is?


I have been dreaming of a bath every day since I got back to Glasgow for the exam season. The idea of soaking in a relaxing bathtub has me pining to be back home again already. That’s why I just had to pick my bath first. As Meredith Grey once said, “I just want a tub that is deep enough to cover my boobs and knees at the same time”! So I was immediately drawn to this bath from The Whirlpool Bathshop. I’ve always dreamt of having a whirlpool bathtub, and with this one being two meters long, I’d like to think it would be perfect to lie down in! It can also be customised to have more jets added, or mood lighting added too!


whirlpool bathrub
Carron Celsius Duo Whirlpool Bath 57.0061 from The Whirlpool Bathshop costing £5218.80

Doesn’t that just sound incredible? I would love to just soak for hours on end in there. Does this mean I have to figure out my colour scheme now? Okay, I won’t complain!


I couldn’t figure out if the surround was brown or black, but I’d like to opt for a white surround. There’s just something about a white bathroom that makes me happy. To go with it, I would opt for the Attingham Seagrass Tiles from Tops Tiles, and then I would go stereotypical blogger with your white marble floor tiles. One thing I would definitely have though is some under floor heating system going on. It may only be a student home but even students deserve warm feet!


bathroom colour scheme
Attingham™ Seagrass Tile at £45 per square meter,      and      Misty Fjord™ Polished 61×40.6 Tile £80.72 per square meter

With this colour scheme in mind, I’m tempted by a nautical theme in the bathroom… but while a bath is the most important part of a bathroom, I should probably put in a few other items.


I’ve always dreamt of a large, walk in shower, and so when I saw this one on B&Q’s website, I fell in love with it immediately! And while I appreciate it’s meant to be a single occupancy dream student flat, I loved the idea of the Titron Sirona high pressure ceiling fed chrome Thermostatic Digital Mixer Shower head thing (costing £452). The idea of a digitally controlled shower fascinates me – you can turn it on from an app on your phone to let it warm up, you can set the temperature, and even turn it off if a guest has taken too long in the shower and is using all your hot water! You can find it here.


I’m not overly concerned about what my toilet would actually be like, but I was browsing because I did want to do this post properly, and when I saw this I loved it. As a child, I always thought I would have one of those novelty toilet seats but now that I’m thinking about it I probably wouldn’t have one. To match, I would probably have the sink unit below too. Again, both have come from the B&Q website.


toilet and sink

So now that all the practical stuff in the bathroom is covered, I can get to the fun part of decorating a bathroom! Before I go any further though I did want to ask – do you match your towels to your bathroom or to your bedroom? Because that’s the current decision I have to make, do I colour co-ordinate the bathroom or have a specific colour for different bedrooms?


I think I’ll match them to the bathroom. That way, I can hang them on those towel drying heater things and they won’t clash. Oh, did I not mention I’d put one of those in as well as the underfloor heating? Sorry! I just feel it would be great to have them!


I love this bathmat from House of Fraser, and it would go perfectly in this bathroom. I’d probably own 4 (2 for the bath and 2 for the shower) so that I could wash one without worrying that there’s no mat there for the next shower or bath.

Luxury Hotel Collection Velvet Touch Reversible Bath Mat in duck egg costing £50.

To match the mats, I would get these 2 different sets of towels. I love having the massive bath sheets but I want to get the other sizes too so I can set them as a nice bundle on the beds. The ones on the left are from Dunelm, and the ones on the right are from


towels sets
Left hand side: Dorma Maiya Towel. Bundle costs £37.07 not including hand towel. Right hand side: Dorma Duck Egg Blue Tencel Towel. Bundle costs £38.68 not including hand towel.

And to save you reading more of my ramblings, I’ve created a collage of the final accessories I would have in the bathroom. Descriptions top to bottom, left to right.


Dorma Marble Tumbler £12. Elements Bamboo White Toilet Brush £14. Seagrass Toilet Roll Holder Basket £15. Simplehuman Mini 6 Litre Pedal Bin £13.60. Simplehuman Triple Shower Soap Pump £55.99. Elements Bamboo White Lotion Dispenser £10. Dorma Marble Soap Dish £10. Vertical Sparkle Edge Mirror £12.99-£14.99. Brabantia 35 Litre Laundry Bin in Mint and White £51.19 each. Bathroom Basics 3 Tier Corner Caddy £10.


What would your dream bathroom look like? Do you like mine?


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My Dream Spare Room

Okay so this is probably my favourite room of my ideal student home. Yes, I still have my bedroom and bathroom to cover, but I’ve been thinking more and more about the spare room recently that I decided to write about it first!


Now, if you are unaware, I’ve been thinking slash dreaming about my dream student home in a ‘if money were no object’ type way and so I’ve been writing several posts on it. So far we’ve covered my kitchen and my living room, so today I’ll chat all about my spare room because yes my dream flat would have 2 bedrooms but be less than £350 a month rent including bills – a girl can dream! So onwards with the post!


Now every room has to start somewhere, and that’s why I wanted to start with the floors and walls. Again, it’s surprising how hard this is to pick out! I wanted a blue/green colour as both are said to be good for improving your focus as well as helping with sleep – surely that’s a juxtaposition? How can I be focused on work at the same time as being set towards sleep by the walls? Anyway, never mind the effect of the colours, I found this Sea Green Matt Emulsion paint from B&Q and felt it went quite well with the Soft Touch Saxony Carpet in fawn. What’re your thoughts? I’ll keep the skirting boards, window sill, window frame, door frame, and door all in the same off-white that I used in the living room.

Colours Premium Sea Green Matt Emulsion Paint 2.5L for £19.84 per tin. Fawn Soft Touch Saxony Carpet costing £39.99 per square metre

And now the boring part is over with, I can move on with the furnishing! Before I go any further, I should probably point out that this dream/ideal student house has a built in wardrobe in the two bedrooms, with a shelf up top, and enough room that I can put a hook for dressing gowns on the inside.


So to start with, this room is going to be both my study and my guest room, so my furniture would have to reflect this. To be honest, this room is a little difficult for me to describe, and it lead me to draw it out roughly before I even started on this post. If I’m being honest, I would probably use it as primarily a study, and if anyone was staying over I would put them in my room and I would take the guest room instead. For this reason, I would want a really big sprawling desk so I could really spread out when studying or blogging. I’d have this desk up against the window so that I had some daylight and something to look at when procrastinating. So the best I could find, considering the size of desk I’m dreaming of, was the Alex/Linnmon Table in white from Ikea shown below.

Alex/Lennmon White Tamble, Article no: 599.326.98 costing £129.

The useful thing about this desk is the drawers – stationery in one drawer, laptop and external hard drive in another, generally just the whole thing can be easily organised with blog stuff on one side and university stuff on the other. I would try and keep the desk as clear as possible when I’m not working, but I would definitely have a little DAB radio sitting there, one that I can plug my phone into to play my own music and charge my phone at the same time because let’s face it, iPhones have rubbish battery!


Now, for my awesome desk, I need a chair that’s actually going to support my back while I work! Have I mentioned that these exams are currently wrecking mine? So I was drawn towards the Herman Miller Classic Aeron Office Chair from John Lewis.

desk chair
Herman Miller Classic Aeron Office Chair in size B costing £899.99

I had originally planned to have 2 little art-trolley things on either side of the desk but since this one comes with drawers it really isn’t necessary!


Now that the more office-y things are sorted, I would probably want this sofa bed from Debenhams.

sofa bed
Debenhams 3 seater luxury leather ‘Jackson’ sofa bed in dark brown. Costs £2900
I don’t know why but I always assume leather sofas are going to make more comfortable sofa beds – what do you think? Because this is a 3 seater sofa, it leaves plenty of room for 2 people I think so that’s the best option for when you’ve got those annoying people who won’t sleep where you tell them to. What bedding would I put with this, I hear you ask? Well, ask no more! I would probably go with this set shown below from Dunelm. All bedding would be stored in the built in wardrobe, inside a little hamper. However, I would probably put the Rectangular Cushions and the Continental Pillowcases on cushions on the sofa even when the bed isn’t in use. Also, there are matching blackout curtains that I would get – they can be sort of seen the the picture below.

Dorma Charlbury Champagne Bedspread in small (£180) 2 Dorma Charlbury Rectangular Cushions at £35 each Dorma Charlbury Cream Blackout Curtain ranging from £90 to £110 2 Dorma Charlbury Champagne Continental Pillowcases (£25 each) 2 Dorma Charlbury Cream Cuffed Pillowcases (£18 each) 2 Dorma Charlbury Cream Oxford Pillowcases (£18 each) Dorma Charlbury Cream Double Duvet Cover £70 Dorma Cotton Satin 500 Thread Count Cream Fitted Sheet size Double (£29.99) Total cost £582.
Hey, something has to make up for the uncomfortable mattress that always accompanies a sofa bed! On top of that, I want to put two side tables beside the sofa. As a person with glasses, I often find myself sleeping in hotels and other places where I don’t actually have anywhere to put my glasses and a glass of water, never mind my phone while it charges. That’s why this side table from Ikea would be perfect! I’d put a lamp on each one, and probable a cute box of tissues on the lower shelf of each table.

bedside table
Vejmon Side Table in black-brown. Article number 401.366.81. Costing £70 per item

What’s the first thing you do when you get to a hotel? Okay, so probably not the top of most people’s priorities but I love when I find a TV in the room – it just means I can relax and have my own thing on if I’m not in the mood to sleep. With this in mind, I would probably put a TV into this spare room. Of course, my dream TV would have Netflix, Sky, and Amazon Prime all on it for no extra cost, but I would probably go for this one from Currys and put it on top of this lovely little TV unit from Debenhams.

SAMSUNG UE43KS7500 Smart 4k Ultra HD HDR 43″ Curved LED TV costing £849 Debenhams Mango wood TV unit costing £440

And of course there would be a DVD player etc in the room for whoever was there. The final piece of furniture I would introduce to the room would be a bookcase in the corner. I really liked this one from Ikea because it’s specifically designed to fit in the corner.


Billy Bookcase in Black-crown. Article Number 290.204.70 costing £289.

Again, this room would be filled with lots of little artsy bits and pieces. I’d also have a mirror in the wardrobe so that anyone staying in the room can do their hair or makeup without any fuss!


While it isn’t to scale, I’ve included a computer-made sketch of how I would arrange the room. Hope you like it!

room plan
Room plan (not to scale)


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My Dream Kitchen

Haha okay so my plan had been to have had this mini series running through April but I kind of got distracted with revision and life and everything that’s been going on around the place, so we’re finally getting round to it. Before we begin, all these pictures have been taken straight from the websites selling the items, just a little disclaimer.


Some of you may have read my post about what I’m looking for in an ideal student home (which can be found here –> My Ideal Student Home) and in it I explained how the kitchen is my favourite part of a house. It’s like the heart of a home. The kitchen is the one place I have to keep clean and tidy. I need enough room to be able to have several courses on the go at once, and still have enough room that I don’t feel over crowded or in a state. So my ideal kitchen. This post is kind of like a wishlist, kind of a ramble.


So, as I said above, my ideal kitchen would be pretty big. Yes, I’m aware I am a student on a student budget but that doesn’t mean I can’t dream, does it? Contrary to most bloggers, I don’t dream of marble worktops – I struggle to make sure it’s clean! However I do love white cupboards and drawers, no matter how difficult it is to keep these clean. My main decision for my dream kitchen is whether I would want to go sort of full country cottage kitchen, or white modern and shiny. As a bit of a compromise, I therefore think my ideal kitchen would have wooden doors on the cupboards and drawers, with cast iron handles. I was looking around online and found that John Lewis have a fitted kitchen planning tool, so that’s what I used to find out what my worktops etc would look like and cost.


kitchen worktops john lewis
U-Shaped worktops using the Richmond door style in the light oak colour, with cast iron know and shell handles, and ambrosia white granite surfaces. Units and doors come to £8255.


Okay I’m not going to lie, I actually fell a little bit in love with that kitchen planner tool – so many options to choose from! So now that we’ve established that, I would have to say that I need need need to have lino on the ground. I would love to have wood or tiles or stone, but the amount of things I drop this just would be impractical. So again, I would probably match the colour of the lino to the ambrosia white granite worktops, or get it to tone in with the walls – which would probably be Dulux Kitchen Mint Macaroon Matt Emulsion seen below.

wall colours
DULUX KITCHEN MINT MACAROON MATT EMULSION PAINT 2.5L costing £22.93 per tin from B&Q. Prices shown are price at time of writing


Another dream of mine would be to go back to a gas cooker. And I would probably have this on the worktops, with a separate upright oven to one side. So really the oven in the picture above isn’t quite right. However, I would have the gas hob where that oven is, and put an upright, high up oven at the end of the counters. An electric fan oven would be perfect, with a gas hob. Having had 3 years of the electric hobs at university, I’m ready to get back to quick and easy cooking! Another thing I would love is one of those free standing fridge-freezers that are side by side instead of one on top of the other. I think what I’m thinking of is sometimes described as an American Fridge Freezer? One with the water dispenser in the front, mainly because I just don’t like the taste of the tap water here in Glasgow. Now, if they could design one that provided sparkling water that would be the dream! But for now I would settle with this one from Currys:

fridge freezer
Samsung RSG5UUMH American-style fridge freezer – Manhattan silver. Price at time of writing this post £1149.99


In my kitchen, I would like to have a nice little fold in and out breakfast bar. We used to have one when we were younger, and Rachel and I would’ve eaten at it for breakfast or our early dinner – that’s how young we were. I would love something like this breakfast bar shown below but in the same light oak as the counters. The shelving would be pretty useful for storing herbs and spices, and maybe even have a few of the herb plants that you can buy! There’s nothing better than growing your own, so that would be my plan. I’d also probably have my cookbooks and a few photos on those shelves. Cue all the cute Pinterest diys!

breakfast bar
Brent Foldaway Breakfast Bar found on Currently unavailable so unsure of the price.


I already have a pretty good coffee machine, however my dream coffee machine is one of those ones you can either link to your phone or set on a timer to make coffee for the minute you wake up. This one (see below) from would be absolutely perfect because it uses actual coffee beans instead of the ground stuff you can buy in shops. How much easier would mornings be waking up to the smell of coffee wafting through the flat? And alongside this, I would love to have a bread making machine like this one from Lakeland that I could set up at night and wake up to fresh bread. Might need some homemade jam to go with this but these two and a microwave are definite must haves!

coffee machine

coffee machine
Smarter Coffee from selling at £179.99
bread maker
LAKELAND WHITE COMPACT 1LB DAILY LOAF BREAD MAKER. Priced at £64.99 and makes a 500g loaf


I think all my utensils would have to be black, white, or silver, including the kettle. My pots and pans and things would be kept hidden away in the cupboards but I would love to keep some cute Pinterest worthy things out on display, along with the little ‘tea’, ‘coffee’, ‘sugar’, ‘rice’ etc pots sitting on the side. One thing I would definitely have is one of those family planner calendars. I may be living on my own, but I would use the different columns for university, social, what’s going on at home, and then bills or important dates to do with the flat.


What would you have in your dream kitchen? Or do you already have your dream kitchen? Let me know!


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Day 14 – My Dreams

Why are my dreams important and what are they? Well… For as long as I can remember, I’ve dreamt of being a mum and being a teacher. I’m currently working on getting into teaching – I’m studying physics at university in the hope of doing a PGCE or a PDGE as it’s known here in Scotland. I’m emailing schools, asking to do work shadowing for the month of June after my exams have all ended, as the more experience I have the more likely I am to be accepted for a course.


Being a mum may be slightly more difficult/complicated but I’ll figure it out somehow.


One of the longest running dreams of mine was finally reached in May this year. For as long as I can remember, I’ve dreamed of going to Disneyland – didn’t matter to me whether it was Paris or in the USA. At the age of 20, I finally got to go and actually I’m so happy I was older when I first went. I had the energy to keep going. I watched the parades and was tall enough that it didn’t matter if the adults with their children blocked my view. I could go on all the rides I wanted to, and could sit and wait for my friends if they were on a ride I didn’t want to go on. No one could tell me not to buy too many soft toys, and when I watched the night time show, I felt the shivers down my spine. It was an incredible experience and one which will be with me for many years to come.



Ktkinnes xx

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The Grey’s Anatomy Tag

Ah-ha! Okay so I saw this tag ages ago now, and I just knew I needed to do it. I adore Grey’s Anatomy, and Tag posts are some of my favourite ones to write, so to take part in a Grey’s Anatomy Tag is perfect! So without further delay, shall we get started? Here we go with my Grey’s Anatomy Tag post! Continue reading “The Grey’s Anatomy Tag”

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The Mystery Blogger Award Tag

And I am back! Did you miss me? A whole week without seeing my new posts.. wow. I’ve really not been top of my game recently. And it is for that reason that today I come back to you with a Mystery Blogger Award Tag! I love these tags as you all well know, so to be finally catching up on those posts I’ve been tagged in is great! Continue reading “The Mystery Blogger Award Tag”

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Dream Decorations


Wow okay today marks me being almost half way through my 33 posting days in a row, and I’m not going to pretend that it’s been easy. And that was before I realised that I still have to write 16 of those 33!


But it’s Saturday morning, I’m still cosied up in my bed, and I do not plan on getting up for at least another hour – no matter what needs done! So while I’m staying here, should we look at today’s movie? I’ll have to be honest and say I haven’t been watching these since I got home, but I will play catch up soon! I’m due a sleepless night some time soon.


One thing I can say, however, is that this is my all time favourite Christmas film and I’ve already watched it 3 times in December alone!


Not guessed it yet? Well, take a look at the trailer below!


If you have not copied Hugh Grant’s iconic dance moves from this film before then I want to know how you’ve lasted so long without having a go!


So if you haven’t already guessed – today’s post is all about the decorations I would buy if money were no object and if I could decorate my dream house. I was listening to Christmas music, and having a moment of pure Christmas spirit, when I found myself daydreaming about my dream house at Christmas. I’m very aware I have never described my dream house to you (only my ideal student flat), but trust me when I say that it would be incredible at Christmas.


To start with, I would love a white pebble-dashed house with a red front door and a stained-glass window above it in the shape of a semi-circle. It would also have a large door size window beside it to allow light into the hallway. So to decorate the outside, I would put up a light up snowman something like the one below (found here) beside the front door. Another simple thing that can’t be ignored at Christmas is the wreath on the door. Now, I am actually very fussy about my wreaths so I’d probably go for one like this.


Now, I would love a big hallway that I could put a tree in. I don’t mind whether or not it’s a real tree, but the one in my hallway would be a very traditional one. Think warm-white led lights, gold and red baubles, pine cones, some fake snow, and a fairy sitting on the top of it, and the tree would be on a white, glittery, circular sheet to give a snowy effect.  Under here, I would store presents to give to friends and extended family so that as they left after visiting, I could hand them their presents on the way out. I’d then replace them with any presents I received. The rest of the hall would be decorated with a string of fairy lights around the top of the room that I could hook Christmas cards over! Although, thinking about this, I would probably have to hole-punch the cards and hang them from ribbon (again, gold and red to match the theme) so that they weren’t a fire risk and so they could be read slightly easier. Any pictures in the hallway, and the large mirror I would have up, would have a sprig of mistletoe or holly above them just to add a bit more festivity to the area. The hall table under the large mirror would have a nativity set sitting on it, and there would be tinsel intertwined around the legs of the table.

In the living room, the bigger of the two and therefore the one kept mainly for hosting, would have a tree in the window. This tree would have all the other colours of baubles on it, multicoloured fairy lights, and a star resting on top. Of course, this one would also have the candy canes, chocolates, and crackers on it too. I can’t even begin to list the variety of novelty decorations I would love on it but basically anything that didn’t count as a ‘classic’ or traditional decoration would be on this tree. Here, I would keep some fake presents just for decoration, as well as any presents for unexpected callers. Did someone mention unwanted presents? It’s not regifting, it’s recycling! The fireplace would have a long garland draped over it, and a bowl of my homemade potpourri in the middle. Of course, what fireplace would be complete at Christmas without stockings hanging from it? Little snowglobes and other ornaments would sit on the tables. I’ve included a few links at the bottom to the room decorations shown below.


In the smaller, cosier living room, I would have my Disney tree. Now. My parents, when they first got married, collected a lot of Disney Christmas decorations  and I have always looked at them longingly. I am well aware that Rachel and I are going to have to split them when the time comes to divvy up our parents’ things, but in my dream home, and on this tree in particular, I would have every hanging Disney decoration ever invented. Again, this tree would be covered in multicoloured fairy lights, but underneath it would be all sorts of Christmas toys and teddies. In both this room and the previous one, I would have fairy lights strung around the room to hang cards from. This would also be the room where I would proudly display all my advent calendars! A girl can never have too many, can she? And since money is no object, you can bet I would have as many different calendars as I can possibly put up. However, I would have one refillable calendar that I would put an activity or task in so that each day I could aim to do something either for someone else or Christmassy. Again, I would have a garland and stockings on the fireplace in here, and more little ornaments resting on coffee tables, but I would also have mistletoe and holly hanging from the bookcase in the corner.


My study, well technically it’s just a mini library but shush, would have a small tree sitting on the desk, and just little ornaments dotted around the place. I’d have Christmassy throws on the seats, and Christmas cushions on the window seat that I would of course have. The dining room would have a Christmas tablecloth over the table, and festive cushions on the seats. There would be more fairy lights around the ceiling, and lots of little candles everywhere in both these rooms. I would have a yule log centrepiece with a long advent candle in it. The placemats and coasters would all be Christmas themed, and there would be more little ornaments dotted around the place. In the kitchen, all the crockery would be replaced with Christmas themed crockery. Cutlery would all be either plain silver or have red plastic handles. Again, there would be a festive tablecloth, and Christmas tea-towels around the room. I’d have little baubles dangling from the cupboard handles, festive smelling washing up liquid, and Christmas cookie jars would replace the standard utensil jars on the counter.


In the bathrooms, I would have Christmas toilet roll, and festive hand towels to match the festive soaps. I would definitely have the Santa toilet sets that you can now find in all the random shops and online, and in any bathroom with a shower curtain, I would replace the curtain with a Christmas one! Is there anything else you can do to decorate a bathroom? Each bedroom would have a mini Christmas tree, either on the windowsill or on the dressing tables. Of course, there would be festive bedding and curtains to match, and fairy lights around the ceiling again. Finally, outside I would have a snow machine, creating my dream of a white Christmas daily.


How would you decorate your dream house? I feel like I’ve missed so much but I genuinely can’t think of anything else right now!

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My Ideal Living Room

I’m back again! I’ve been continuing the flat hunt and am getting more and more picky as time goes on and I hate myself for it. So I thought, why not get it written down what my dream living room would be in this Ideal Student House I keep thinking about.


The last one I wrote up was My Dream Kitchen and I was having so much fun with it that I decided to move on into the next room in the house. Now, ideally, I would have a 2 bedroom flat with a kitchen, a living room, and a dining room, but I know this is extremely unrealistic unless I was to get a 3 bed place. Which is not going to fit within the ideal rent range! So for the purpose of this post, I’m going to combine my dining room with my living room.


Now before I get too far into looking at furniture for the room, I should really set out my rough colour scheme – then I can look at all the awesome cutesy furniture and rugs etc! So basically, I want carpet. I miss carpet. I need to be able to walk into my living room in my bare feet and feel the soft squishy carpet between my toes! Now, since it would be a student flat and I plan on having people round for group meals etc, it would need to be a heavy duty carpet, and one that isn’t going to show all the dirt of the day, or the spilt drinks that would inevitably happen. While my head is saying browns and beiges, my heart is leaning towards a cream or ivory carpet, and I’d just ban shoes in the room I think. So, having decided on this, I headed over to Carpet Right and chose their Hever Castle Saxony Carpet in Ivory as seen below.

Hever Castle Saxony Carpet from CarpetRight in the shade Ivory. Priced £39.99 per square meter.

As for the walls, I need something bright and fun. Too long have I put up with the dull off-white patchy walls of student halls and the student flat. I know they’re great for matching your own belongings to but if I were to have my own flat that I could decorate myself, the walls in my living room slash dining area would have to be the wallpaper, shown below, from B&Q but (and hear me out because I know this isn’t ‘normal’) but I think I would paint the skirting boards and windowsill this gold effect metallic emulsion paint from B&Q’s colours feature wall range. and I would probably have just white doors and door frames. Or the off-white thing that my dad always insists on buying every time we tell him to repaint their walls. So yeah, the colours below are the ones I think I would pick. But I think (and you can tell me when you see them below) the gold paint would go well with the wallpaper, what do you think?

wallpaper and paint
Wallpaper is Graham and Brown Boutique Ivory and Gold Twist Metallic Effect Wallpaper (costing £20 per role) and the paint is Colours Feature Wall Gold Effect Metallic Emulsion (£11.73 per 1L pot)

Now that that’s sorted, I can have a bit of fun furnishing the place! I lot of the stuff I have at the minute is red and I actually quite like some of it, so to be honest I’d keep a lot of it.


Getting the boring stuff out of the way first, let’s look at the dining room part of the room. I tried looking at all those fancy sets that you see in the high end catalogues – those just weren’t right. And then I thought ‘hey, you could get a glass table!’ but that was a no too – think of the finger marks and rings from glasses set down without a coaster! No thanks. So in the end I found this and thought what’s wrong with the standard pine extendable dining table? I went hunting online and discovered the Debenhams Pine ‘Whistler’ extending dining table and 6 chairs and thought it would look great in my dream home! I can already picture it covered with my Christmas tablecloth… but that’s me just getting ahead of myself.

dining table
Debenhams Pine ‘Whistler’ extending dining table and 6 chairs, costing £1200 for the set.

Of course, a dining set like this deserves some gorgeous crockery and something even more gorgeous to store it in! I have always had a thing for dresser units or sideboards for displaying nice crockery and ornaments, so when I saw this 3 door glass display unit from Home Essentials I just fell in love. This is something I would need in my ideal flat. The best part? I could store my books and DVDs on the shelves, and the crockery in the cupboards with all the placemats etc.

Stowe Ready Assembled 3 Door Glass Display Unit, priced at £399

So accessories for the dining section would include the odds and ends down below. I know these aren’t the most interesting, or living room based, but I got started on the hunt of dining room things and got carried away.

Denby Pack of 4 gold ‘Monsoon Lucille’ placemats costing £17 for 4. Matching coasters available costing £9 for 4.
special crockery
Topkapi 43-piece dinner set for 6 people, gold decorated, Victoria TK-990 from £89.90 for the set.
table feature
LSA International G1161-11-283 11cm Polka Vase, Gold from . £15 for the vase.
Premier 52×90 inch Linen Look Oblong Tablecloth, Red costing £11.25 from

I was going to include my wine glasses and the likes, but I figured we should move on with the actual living room stuff! So moving on and keeping within the theme, I think I would like 2 really comfy sofas (a corner sofa and a 2 seater) and I’m going to cover them in cushions and a warm throw to make them as cosy as possible. I’d also love to put an armchair in there too! I’ve put them all down below for your opinions. The three are all from Debenhams and details are below the photo!


sofas and chair
Debenhams Large brushed cotton ‘Jackson’ corner sofa in grey (£3900), Debenhams 2 seater natural grain leather ‘Jackson’ sofa in grey (£2100), and Debenhams Natural grain leather ‘Jackson’ loveseat in grey (£1600).
cushions and throws
Top Row: A-Express® Burgundy (XL – 225cm x 254cm) Warm Soft Fleece Sofa Cover Bed Blanket Throw from amazon costing £16.99, Debenhams RJR.John Rocha Cream ‘Mongolian’ cushion £50, Debenhams Montgomery Red ‘Meadow’ cushion cover £23 Bottom Row: RJR.John Rocha Natural flocked cushion £30, Montgomery Ruby ‘Marisa’ cushion cover £23, McAlister Textiles Textured Metallic Red Chenille Cushion – 43x43cm 17 Inch w/ Duck Feather Filler from amazon costing £20.72

Haha I don’t even want to know how much this dream flat is costing me so far, but I’m not done yet! I would need little end tables to put lamps on and the landline phone. I actually discovered that Debenhams have the same style for end tables, coffee table and a tv unit!

end tables, coffee table and tv unit
Debenhams Pine ‘Whistler’ lamp table with drawer costs £200 per table. Debenhams Pine ‘Whistler’ coffee table with 2 drawers costing £400. Debenhams Pine ‘Whistler’ TV unit costing £350.

Now, I have just 2 more items of furniture I would keep in this room. The first would be a narrow bookcase from Ikea that I would put under the window and cover with cushions and blankets and soft toys so that it looks all cosy like a mini reading corner. I would probably also put in a few bean bags for when I have more people around, just so there are plenty of seats, plus who doesn’t love sitting in a bean bag, covered in a blanket, and reading when the rain is pouring down outside.

Bookcase BILLY Brown ash veneer, article number: 103.233.49. Priced at £45
I’d also probably put photos and other odds and ends in there too, not just books. But it’s always just been one of those things I’ve wanted. The second piece of furniture I would love to have in my dream living room if money were no object, is an upright piano. I miss playing piano so much, just the feel of sitting down and pouring your heart and soul into the music. So while I would love to someday have a grand piano displayed in front of a floor to ceiling window, in my dream student living room I would settle for just an upright piano like the one below from McLaren’s Pianos.

Irmler P116, finished in Cherry Satin and costing £4647.

So now that I’ve had a look at all my furniture, I should probably sign off and let you all get on with your lives! So just to finish, in order to preserve the carpet, I would probably have a shoe rack just inside the room and a range of different slippers and socks in the different compartments – think of something similar to a bowling alley where you check your shoes in and collect them on the way out!


So if you’ve made it this far, I’d love to hear your thoughts! I know I’ve written a lot and it can be hard to visualise so I drew a to-scale plan of the room just to see it all in place. Would you swap anything around?

My to scale plan of how I would arrange the room

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My Ideal Student Home

So recently I discovered Pinterest and have slowly been figuring it out! Still not quite there but I’m working on it and hopefully another few weeks will see me actually understanding what it is I’m meant to be doing.


But it got me thinking once again about what I want my own little place to be like while I’m still finding my feet in the world. I wrote a post a while back all about how I’m ready to live on my own and have the place just how I want it (found here). I’ve been thinking more and more about it recently, to the point I even sent Jordanne a link to a place I’d fallen in love with, and I got excited thinking about all the different things I can try out. So I’ve decided to turn it into a mini series for this month at least. With each week, I’ll post about how I would decorate each room and anything different I would do. However before I even get there I need to tell you about my ideal student home for the next academic year!



In my mind, I imagine myself in either a flat or a small bungalow or house. Again, this all depends on location and price and what’s actually available for me to move in to. I would prefer a biggish kitchen, especially considering the size of our current kitchen! Not too big that it would do a family, but not that small that I’m cluttering the place up. Off the kitchen, I would have a room that I could use as a dining room for if I had people over, or for if I chose to treat myself sometime. While I would prefer these to be two separate rooms, open plan is fine by me! As long as I can hide the mess of my Christmas dinner when the time comes, I don’t mind. In a separate room, I would like my living room. Again, it doesn’t have to be all that big! But just big enough that I could have friends around for a movie night or a catch up.

This is where things differ slightly. If in a small house, I would love to have 2 bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs. One bedroom would (obviously) be mine. The bathroom would definitely have a bath in it! Of course, (quoting Meredith Grey here) “I just want a tub that is deep enough to cover my boobs and knees at the same time.” but at this stage I would happily accept any bathtub that is offered – I miss my baths! Finally, the second bedroom would be a guest room slash study, but I’ll go into how that would work when I come to that room in its own post.

So the above is all for my ideal student house. Let’s face it though, unless I can commit to some serious travel time, I’m more likely to be staying in a flat. In which case, read below to find out what I would most like!

Two bedroom flat with separate kitchen
Again, either a reasonably sized kitchen, or an open plan kitchen-dining area. If I had to sacrifice my dining area, I would like a good sized kitchen that’s big enough to put a table for 4 people in – just so that I could have people over for dinner and not be sitting in the living room. So yes. Either an open plan kitchen-dining room with a separate living room, or a bigger kitchen and a living room I can split to have a dining table in. Again, I would love to have a two bedroom flat, if money allowed it. Depending on the kitchen situation, I would either make one of the bedrooms a livingroom/study room, or have it as a guest bedroom slash study. Again, a bath, double-glazing, and a decent kitchen are must-haves!

Two bedroom flat with open plan kitchen-living room

If you were designing your ideal home while living as a student, what would you have it look like? Are your plans the same as mine? If only finding a flat was as easy as it is on The Sims!



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My Favourite Place On Earth

Trying to bring something happy back to my blog, I wanted to talk to you about one of my favourite places on earth – Ibiza Sol Beach House, Santa Eulalia.


My friends who read this blog are probably laughing. I talk about Ibiza so frequently, and you’ll probably find so many posts about it if you use the search feature at the bottom of my blog. In fact, I first started blogging just a few weeks before our first journey there back in 2014. Back then, that version of the hotel is probably my favourite place on earth. It was redecorated and changed so much before the 2015 season, and while I love the new place, the old one is the one I dream about when I remember the happiest place I’ve been in years.


I remember stepping off the bus the first time and looking at this yellow and orange hotel in the back end of nowhere. I remember my excitement at the first holiday ever without my granny. The heat and the sun, the tress that surrounded the place, and the peacefulness that just oozed from the building. We lugged our cases up the steps, past the security guard, and into the lobby. Honestly? It was like we’d walked back into the 70s or something. The average age of the guests we could see was probably around 60. It was my first time in an adults only hotel and already I was a little nervous. We went straight down for lunch in the pool bar – a narrow little thing with about 20 tables and covered by a canvas. The menus covered everything from a snack to a light lunch to a full blown dinner if that’s what you wanted, all for less than 15 euro. The staff seemed friendly enough, but we were annoyed by the number of smokers around. I don’t care how they word it in the aw books, but to me ‘inside’ is anything with a roof over your head.


It rained that first day, up until about 4 o’clock in the afternoon. Eventually, Rachel and I decided to ignore the weather and jump into the pool. It was so strange not having other kids in playing, and most of the adults stuck to the shallow end, so we were free to play about and do handstands and the likes as much as we wanted. Our shrieks drew some attention from the staff, who would look over at us and laugh when they saw us messing around. Even the older couples lying in the sun sat up and stared at where this new noise was coming from. We were having a ball and couldn’t wait for the rest of the holiday.



The food that night was pretty good. We were shown to a nice little table inside the restaurant and were handed a wine list. Here began my love for Campo Viejo, even if it was warm the first night we had it! Mum being Mum, caused a scene and embarrassed me and Rachel by giving off to one of the waiters that the wine was warm and insisted on an ice bucket. They never again served us warm white wine… Dinner was lovely, and it was exciting to know that we could have as much or as little as we wanted. That night, we saw the first show and fell in love with the place even more!


I won’t bore you with a full blow by blow of what we did each day. Instead, this is the review that I wrote when we got back.


Brilliant holiday! Fantastic hotel in a fantastic location. After a 2 week stay, I was sorry to leave the hotel and all the lovely staff. Been home for 2 weeks now and already booked to go back next summer whilst still considering going again at the end of August if possible! With beautiful views and a spotless pool area, this is definitely a place I would recommend to anyone wanting a quieter Ibiza stay. The town of Santa Eulalia is only a 15 minute walk away in the heat of the afternoon and hosts a wide range of shops, restaurants, cafes and things to do.

Whilst the hotel was sold to us as ‘on the beach’, it isn’t. However, it is right on the coastline which offers some spectacular views if you care to take a stroll along the paths right beside the hotel. The pool area and bar were kept clean and there was always a lifeguard at hand to deal with anything. Despite the warnings against saving sunbeds, everyone does it and so to get the same place every day you may need to be down before breakfast. However, there are more than enough beds for everyone and it was never difficult to find 4 together for my family.

Entertainment for the night is advertised from around 1 o’clock outside the entertainment lounge and was quite good considering the range of ages of the guests. If the entertainment isn’t to your liking, the piano bar and terrace area are brilliant places to go for an after dinner chat and the staff are always willing to chat and help in any way they can. Without them, the holiday wouldn’t have been as much of a success so a quick thanks to José, José Luis, Alvaro, Angel and Tony for making this such a memorable holiday!

Being half board, we thought we may venture out into the town for evening meals. This turned out to be unnecessary as the food was of excellent standards. With enough for everyone at all times, there were no queues and everyone was always very welcoming and happy to help in whatever way they could. For those leaving the hotel before the restaurant opens, reception is happy to take your name and room number and ensure you get access to your full breakfast just slightly earlier than normal.

Don’t worry about paying for a sea view room though as most rooms overlook the sea! We asked for a high up room and found ourselves on the 6th floor overlooking the sea out towards Es Canar, a beautiful view considering we were expecting to not get a sea view!

A few minor complaints unfortunately but nothing that would put us off returning! The maid service came around early in the mornings and there were a few times we were leaving the room at 8:30 to go for breakfast to find the maid right outside our door. On the other hand, they were fantastic at being thorough and we never found any faults with their work so thank you! The rooms and balconies are quite small but adequate for all the time we spent in them. The hotel shop has a lot in it but you’d better be quick if you’re wanting to buy anything as it closes at 1 o’clock each day and doesn’t reopen until the next morning.

Overall, this is a fantastic hotel and I can’t wait to return! I hope this helps you decide this is the hotel for you. People of all ages can find something to love about Sol Ibiza regardless of what you enjoy. Can’t wait to return next year

I still struggle to explain why I love that place so much. It sounds cliche and overused, but that place was one of the few I’ve felt 100% safe and comfortable. It was the first holiday I enjoyed and didn’t want to leave. The staff and people we met there feel like family, and saying goodbye to them for the last time back in July 2016 was the most painful thing I’ve done. People can laugh at me all they want, but I do plan on going back sometime. I plan on returning and seeing the faces smiling back at me as I order a mojito at the bar, and make fun of José Luis for being grumpy and stomping around the place because he had to finish his break a couple of minutes earlier. When someone asks me what I would do if money were no object, my answer is simple – buy the hotel from the owners, restore its former glory of being somewhere affordable and good for everyone, bring back the staff who quit or were fired because they didn’t agree with the management’s “modern” views, and take all my family and friends there for a month. I’d spend every weekend there. Finish class at 1pm on a Friday, get to the airport, fly across to Ibiza, and get to the hotel on time for an evening meal back in the restaurant. I’d spend the night propping up the bar and chatting to anyone and everyone as they came back from their evening walks, or enjoyed the evening’s entertainment. I’d go to Es Canar when the bar closed, and sit on the beach talking to my friends until dawn, before heading back to the hotel for breakfast. Saturday and Sunday would be spent by the pool, or walking down to the town centre and nosying in the shops. All before a final dinner on Sunday night, and a flight back to Glasgow – getting me home on time for my 9am lecture on Monday.
Do you have a place that you’ll always be happy no matter what, or a dream that you know is unrealistic yet you hold on to it anyway? How do you cope knowing that what you really want to do is something that will never happen unless you win the lottery?