14 sleeps?!?

Okay when did it get this close to Christmas?? It’s only 14 sleeps until Christmas!

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23 sleeps…

The countdown is real and it is on – only 23 sleeps until Christmas! Today’s song is Santa Baby and while there are many versions I think it is safe to say that only the original will suffice. I found it interesting that there is no official music video available for this song. It was quite hard to find a version that was considered acceptable for the blog without adding an age restriction considering we’re all aware of how sensual the song really is.

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24 sleeps…

boy in brown hoodie and his pet sitting beside a christmas tree

Yes it’s that time of the year again – there are only 24 sleeps until the most wonderful time of the year! I thought I would share this delightful video with you all that I found online the other day. I just couldn’t stop smiling through it. While we all have our favourite songs and their corresponding singers, it’s this time of year where we all look to our Christmas playlists that take us back to our childhood memories of Santa and the magic surrounding this special time of the year.

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