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Wow!! I never guessed last year that I would ever reach 50 followers so thank you all for constantly coming back and reading my ramblings!

As some of you may have read, yesterday was my birthday – hence the lack of a post last night, sorry. A few too many glasses of wine followed by Amaretto and so a very sleepy Katie collapsed into a warm and comfy bed. Unfortunately I woke up a few hours later feeling ill.

Granny B brought me the cake above, while Aunty Judy sent me these delightful pjs pictured below:

I had a brilliant day and an excellent meal at Del Torro in Lisburn.

Today was a different story unfortunately. For the last week I have been arguing with DPD Ireland about the delivery of 2 books for Rachel. She needed a few books for English AS and so I offered to use my Amazon prime account to order them for the next day. She agreed and I got the confirmation email saying they would arrive Thursday 3rd September between 4 and 5pm. When they didn’t show up, I decided to leave it as with living in Northern Ireland we are used to things not arriving on time. When it reached Monday evening and the books still hadn’t arrived, I phoned the company. I knew they deliver 7 days a week so I couldn’t understand where my order was. They of course apologised and promised it would be here the next day. Well this continued with me being told “we aren’t sure of a time but please wait in for our delivery” to the point that last night I told them I was fed up, told them to forget about the parcel and asked for information about making complaints about their company. This seemed to work as it arrived at 8am this morning!

I then spent the day at Tom’s doing more of a clear out. We found some great pictures that I never knew existed.

I was such a cute baby if I do say so myself…. That’s me with Mum, Stella and Sylvia (Stella’s twin sister), there were more but I’m keeping them hidden for Rachel’s birthday.

I know I should sleep, I’ve got an early start on Saturday but I want to sleep past 5am so am trying to stay awake, may finish either 24 or season 11 of Grey’s Anatomy. I finally brought myself to watch Derek’s last episode – I had stopped an episode before it because I didn’t want to see it. Between Lexie and Mark and George and Izzie and all the other characters, never mind Cristina leaving, I didn’t think Shonda Rhimes could crush me anymore but oh did she prove me wrong. I cried like I haven’t cried before at Grey’s. Watch it. Suffer the same heartache and yet see why we return for more. It’s a great series and one that I would recommend to anyone and everyone.

Goodnight! And once again, thank you so much for reading and following! Think we can reach 60 by the New Year?
Ktkinnes xxx

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