5 things I learnt at university

5 things I learnt at university Life With Ktkinnes
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As I’m finished my second year, I thought I would give you some advice on things I learnt at university. Two years out of a possibly 4 year degree, you’d like to think I’d learnt more than just 5 things. You would be right, but here’s the five that were important to me.

  1. Sleep is really important if you don’t want to spend your entire time in bed sick. I don’t mean it’s okay to skip uni to catch up on sleep though!
  2. Not everyone comes to university knowing how to cook and clean. Someone told me off in halls for bleaching the sink because they didn’t ‘want to eat off plates that have been in a bleached sink’. Sorry darling but ask your mother how she cleaned your kitchen sink at home.
  3. If you have a small problem with someone, speak to them about it. I know 2 people who didn’t get on at all for the first semester and so after Christmas they sat down to talk about what was annoying them. They ended up best friends by the end of the second semester.
  4. Try everything at least once. Clubs and societies are a great laugh and there are so many to choose from! Why limit yourself to only 3 from the start?
  5. There’s nothing wrong with leaving a club early and getting the good food from the kebab shop on your way home. You’ll certainly feel more alive the next day!

So there you have it. I could’ve continued, but I’ll save that for another day.
Ktkinnes xx

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