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I hate Wednesdays. There, I said it. They aren’t that different from my Mondays to be honest, but for some reason Wednesday feels worse.


For some reason, I never get my hair washing schedule right and so my alarm clock starts yelling at me in Spanish from 6:30am – I like giving myself a warning, and the song reminds me of Ibiza. The flat is freezing, and I hate the fact that I’m awake. My eyes open, and I’m reminded that once again my room is a mess and needs tidied. But today’s not the day for sorting that.


Showered and cold, I shuffle back to my room wearing the slippers that need to be washed but never get a chance to wash because I wear them daily. Is there time to curl up under the duvet again for 10 minutes? Or is that a bad idea – it’s not going to get any easier regardless of the time!
If I’m being prepared, I’ve laid out clothes for today. Most of the time though I have to scramble around for anything other than yesterday’s clothes. Rush through the skin care routine, start drying my hair, and have either Spotify or Sky Go on beside me. Couldn’t get through without them.
Then it’s time for breakfast. A chance for a nice cup of tea or coffee, depending on how long it’s taken me to get ready! Otherwise, I’m out the door and away to a lecture on the top floor of an awfully tall building. It’s boring as anything, and an hour later I trek back to the flat. Now I’ve a break. I can do dishes, tidy, anything really. But I’ve to leave again before 11. Then we have forensics. This is actually kinda cool, and I love learning something completely different. However, I’ve to then practically run to the next building and up 14 flights of stairs to the next lecture – physics. I hate physics with a passion. Don’t ask me why I’m studying it. I attempt to take notes and learn something until 1 o’clock but by then I’m shattered.

Home for lunch, I either grab a meal deal from Tesco, or pray I was nice to myself and prepared lunch the night before. Normally, I just grab whatever I have handy in the flat. Eat quickly, leave the laptop on my desk charging, find the programming notebook, and try to take even a 5 minute nap to get me through the next 3 hours of my life.

For some reason, I decided to take a programming course this year and I suck at it, to put it mildly. I hate it. The next three hours drag and I look like a complete idiot sitting there beside all these really smart computer people. they all know what they’re doing, and I’m just there clicking things and hoping for the best. By the time the clock hits 5pm, I feel like I’ve been shot at and hit.


I finally get back to the flat and clear whatever notifications I have on my phone, before starting to consider dinner. And don’t expect me to go to any socials – by 8pm I’m ready for my bed, and it’s time to sit and write a few blog posts.


It mightn’t sound like a bad day, but it’s just exhausting and all I want to do is skip over it. Do you have any days you hate or don’t like?



  • radishsociety

    Oh gosh – you’ve captured to sentiment ‘of exhausted’ for sure! Yikes! Hope your Wednesdays get better!

  • Abigail Huggan

    I’ve always hated Wednesdays! At the moment my week pretty much starts on a Wednesday because I have my first lecture at nine on a Wednesday so I always have to get up at half six

  • Jordan Kaylie

    I hate Wednesdays. Between school and two jobs I don’t really get a break or weekend. However, Wednesdays feel like my Monday because Thursday-Sunday I can sleep in at least. Wednesdays are just aa drag.

    Jordan K.

  • Jordanne | Thelifeofaglasgowgirl

    I’m not a fan of Wednesdays either! They just feel too… in the middle! Haha I hate them because it’s half way through, leons starting to get annoyed with nursery and this whole not being able to sleep thing seems worse on a Wednesday… like why!!!!!

    Jordanne ||

  • Emma

    This is exactly how I feel about Tuesdays. I like Wednesdays purely because that means that Tuesday is over and the following day is Friday Eve!


  • Millies Moments

    Wow, I really enjoyed reading this! I look forward to your future posts:D Maybe you might like some of the things I write about on my blog.. feel free to have a look!

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