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Hello again and good morning to you! I never thought it’d be possible but we’re approaching the end of one of the longest, busiest months of the year, and here I am on day 28 of daily blogging!


Have you had a good Christmas? Feels like ages since we had a proper chat. Well, I say that, you know I mean it’s been ages since I had a good natter at you all. It’s been a long year, and yet it passed so so quickly. And it’s nice to be sitting down to type up a post knowing there’s no specific theme or idea for this one. We’re all now at the stage when we’re thinking about the year – what we’ve achieved, any regrets, those we’ve said goodbye to, and who we’ve welcomed into our lives.


I won’t bore you with that today though! Today I just wanted a little chat with you all. Really, it’s me figuring things out for the upcoming year. But again, I don’t want to bore you with that tonight.


We caught up on Coronation Street tonight, followed by the Boxing Day episode of Outnumbered. It seemed so strange looking at the faces of the children when they’re now all grown up. I didn’t exactly grow up alongside them, but I still remember the first time I watched an episode and thought to myself “wow, they remind me of my cousins”. The three children – two boys followed by a girl. The oldest child trying oh so hard to have a ‘normal’ life, the middle child who was a little ‘out there’, and then the young daughter who questioned everything and had a spooky tendency to know exactly what had happened without her being there. Sue and Pete struggling through the trials of parenthood often had me wondering exactly how I would raise my children, if I was ever lucky enough to have any. Even now I’m sitting in bed asking myself these questions! Maybe in a few years I’ll be able to look back at this post and laugh at my naivety.


One thing the last few days have reminded me is that it’s important to appreciate the people in your life. Maybe not every minute of every day, but to remember them and remind them that you do care about them and or or are there for them. We all know that 2016 has been a horrible year in many ways. David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Terry Wogan… the list continues on and on, even up to Carrie Fisher’s death announced just last night. While the majority of us can’t claim any personal link to these deaths, they affected us in some way or another. While we might not have been blessed knowing them personally, their work touched us and helped form us into who we are today. Not looking at the media, there are personal, family deaths that come to mind. Not directly related to me but still a part of my family, one relative died this year just two months off his 100th birthday. How did I find out? Twitter. My cousin tweeted about his passing and no one had thought to tell me. It’s strange what hurts. But instead of being sad, I’m trying to take the good of each person who died and reflect it in my life. Whether it’s how they treated those around them, or just simply their life motto, I’m adding it to myself in 2017 so I can always carry a part of them with me.


I’m currently looking around my room, looking for anything to help me lighten the mood of this post, as it got quite heavy very suddenly! I’ll try and make tomorrow’s slightly less heavy. However, I will leave you now – I can hear Mum and Dad moving around downstairs and no doubt they’ll be wanting to go out soon.


I hope you have a lovely day whatever you get up to!



Ktkinnes xx

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