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Another Monday draws to a close, it hasn’t been too unsuccessful! Maths tutorial this morning I actually made friends with people! That may sound pathetic but I find it really difficult to make friends and so this was quite a big achievement. Also that fact that I even made it to that 9am lecture was a success! I didn’t get to sleep until after midnight last night due to yet more creepy criminal minds episodes.

It felt good to be in a tutorial where talking and working in groups was advised. Last year we were expected to sit in silence and listen to the tutor go through questions and how to do them. This year we can still ask for help on how to do questions but they strongly advise working in groups to go through each question first. 

Fundamentals of Education was good. I love the subject. Somehow I always leave the lectures with a smile on my face and it means I’m ready for whatever Physics decides to throw at me that day. Today in fundamentals, we were learning about Sparta and the education system in 6BC. It was interesting and I felt like I was actually learning something. A potential essay question perhaps? Who knows! Will have to see how I feel about the Athens part of the course next week.

This of course lead to Physics and today was especially boring. I think they forget that a prerequisite for Physics 2 is Maths 1 in which we learnt the difference between whole numbers, natural numbers, complex numbers and imaginary numbers – yes there is such a thing apparently! All those times your high school teacher said something like “You can’t find the square root of a negative number!” He/she was wrong – go look it up! Well today was a dull lecture but instead of doing something practical I played on my phone.

Home for lunch and I can safely say the eating healthy plan is screwed. However I did counter it by going to box fit! 45 minutes of hell and I know I’m going to be in a lot of pain tomorrow morning but it was great and right now I feel optimistic about life. Optimistic and ready to sleep! Kind of hoping that there’s something I can do tonight that isn’t notes or watch tv because this is becoming repetitive. However if I write notes today it gives me more time tomorrow… I don’t know, we’ll figure it out after my shower.

Hope you all have a productive day!
Ktkinnes xxx

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