23 sleeps…

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The countdown is real and it is on – only 23 sleeps until Christmas! Today’s song is Santa Baby and while there are many versions I think it is safe to say that only the original will suffice. I found it interesting that there is no official music video available for this song.

It was quite hard to find a version that was considered acceptable for the blog without adding an age restriction considering we’re all aware of how sensual the song really is. But with just 23 sleeps until Christmas, I’m certainly not going to let the stress of finding a video ruin my Christmas spirit!

I didn’t post anything yesterday as a result of what turned out to be a wild night out on a pub crawl around Ashton Lane and nearby streets. Suffice to say I will not be drinking again this week… However, we did put up our Christmas decorations!

December 2015 Christmas decorations 23 sleeps until Christmas

23 Sleeps

Tonight’s song had me thinking about all the presents we used to ask for as kids. The one present I always wanted but never got was a Kitty Kitty Kitten. I never asked for it for my birthday because I knew my mum would never allow it so I always asked Santa. I’m sure you can imagine the upset for 5 years in a row when December 25th came and went with no sign of the Kitty Kitty Kitten. Now I understand why but I always believed Santa hadn’t considered me good enough throughout the year to receive the one present I really wanted. Our Santa lists were always typed up on the computer and an afternoon was put aside in November for Rachel and I to look through the Argos catalogue to make our lists. Until we were old enough to type ourselves, Mum or Dad would type them and then print them – the excuse being Santa wouldn’t be able to read our handwriting. When we lived in Forfar, all the children gave their letters to Santa as he rode through the town centre on the night the lights were put on. It all seemed so magical that he was actually so close! Then when we moved to Lisburn and found that Santa didn’t collect your letter the ‘normal’ way, Dad taught us how he used to send his letter up the chimney to Santa. So that started the new tradition – we burnt our letters the way Marry Poppins received her mail. However there was one year when Dad burnt both letters at the same time and Rachel and I were worried that Santa would muddle up the letters – I wanted a bike and Rachel wanted roller blades, Santa couldn’t get them mixed up! Strangely enough he got it right and we never again had that panic.

christmas decorated mailbox under tree 23 sleeps
Photo by E M on Pexels.com

Unfortunately now our Santa lists aren’t as exciting. Mum starts asking in mid October for us to start thinking and wants a brief list by November. From this different things are passed on to different members of the family and it means Mum isn’t running around like a headless chicken on Christmas Eve. It means that with just 23 sleeps until Christmas, I can’t actually remember what it is I’ve asked for for Christmas 2015!

shallow focus photography of red bauble 23 sleeps
Photo by Todd Trapani on Pexels.com

Part of me misses that magic side of everything – the innocence, the belief that there was a man out there who could make you anything you wanted for Christmas… If this were true then this year I would be asking Santa to make me thin, give me money and bring back the family members and friends who have died even just for Christmas Dinner so I could talk to them all again. But enough of the depressing stuff, I still have lectures to go to and a load of revision to do!

Have a good day whatever you are doing! And remember, with only 23 sleeps until Christmas, Santa has eyes everywhere. Stay good!

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