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    9 Frequently Asked Questions on BPD

    Happy Wednesday! Can anyone else not quite believe we’re into the last week of January? It’s been a long month, and doesn’t look set to change any time soon. Between cold weather, dark nights, and constant lockdowns that never seem to end, it’s been hard. But the end is in sight, and so to end the month, I wanted to share an important guest post with you all. Payton has kindly submitted a guest post all about BPD, or Borderline Personality Disorder.

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    Gender Neutral Valentine’s Gifts Guide 2020 | AD

    Yes, Valentine’s Day is just under a month away! Now, I know myself that my Twitter timeline has been filled with “gift guides for her” and gift guides “for him”. But why limit yourself to just for him or her? There are some awesome gifts out there for everyone regardless, so today I wanted to share my gender neutral Valentine’s gifts with you. Please note, this post contains affiliate links and a sponsored link. For more information, please read my disclaimer and privacy policy.

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    Privacy Policy

    Who Is Life With Ktkinnes My website address is: https://lifewithktkinnes.comTo learn more about me, Katie, please see my About Me page. If you have any questions regarding the Life With Ktkinnes privacy policy, please contact me via email at lifewithktkinnes@outlook.com.

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    Sunshine Blogger Award Tag Take 2

    Hi there! I would say “happy new post day” but I’m just not feeling that if you get me. Not that the world’s ending, but even after my mini rant to 2021 last week thing’s haven’t improved that much. Well, I suppose some things did, but others didn’t. However, I’m not going to sit here and whine at you. Instead, I’ve been nominated to take part in the Sunshine Blogger Award Tag again!

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    January 2021 and Happy New Year

    And so a new year begins! I’d normally be spouting something cheerful or positive about the fact that we’re saying goodbye to another year. But I think we’re all in agreement that between yesterday and today there’s very little difference. However, as we welcome in January 2021, I can’t help but be a little hopeful.