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2020 So Far: Part 3

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Does it not seem insane to you all that there’s just 2 months left of 2020? well, 2 months and 2 days. In light of this realisation, plus the fact we haven’t had it yet, today is the day we look back at 2020 So Far in Part 3! This post contains affiliate links.

It’s another new day, I’m back from my break, and my brain is well and truly focused on November/December content. In fact, I’m already trying to think ahead to January 2021 so that I don’t suffer the burnout that hit at the start of this year! But before I get ahead of myself, shall we look at the third quarter of 2020?

Monthly Round-Up

July 2020

Granny’s birthday was a picnic, then Mum went car browsing, and we had drinks and dinner at The Speckled Hen. A few family members came over from Scotland for a few days, we had our Sunday lunch back at The Speckled Hen. Monday and Tuesday were my first days back to work since 24th March, followed by dinner at Granny’s. Originally, that Thursday was the highlight of the month. I finally got my hair cut! And not only that, but I spent the afternoon with Paul and Lucy! That Saturday we headed up to the north coast for a couple of nights away in a hotel in Ballycastle – it was beautiful! We had plenty of walks along the coast, a few drinks in the sun, and just got our heads cleared. Maisey went in on following the Friday for an operation to remove the lump on her side, and really was not a happy cat when we got her home. That weekend, we made our first return to the rugby club for Quins on the Green! My car was in for its second service, and as we waited for the call to say we could collect my car, Dad got a call from his friend who’s been teaching me guitar, asking if we wanted to come around for coffee. Naturally we said yes and hopped in the car, and stayed there until it was time to collect my car again. Oh! I can’t remember what day, but I made my first ever affiliate sale in July!

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August 2020

August started with NINE of my Blogmas Ebooks [AD] being sold! We took a walk through Stranmillis that first weekend, and I attended the Pick Me Up Picnic. Once work was finished for yet another week, Dad and I took Wednesday to go food shopping and get some things done around the house, then Thursday saw us go for another walk. Saturday we finally had glorious weather again, so I was able to follow the rules of my Home Holiday post! Sunday we went to Belfast Harlequins Rugby Club for Sunday lunch! The following week was more work (well, for two days), and then preparing for the barbecue I have been waiting for since lockdown was finally lifted enough to allow it to happen! So on Saturday evening we headed out to the hall for a night of food, drink, and music. The following week, Rachel came home for a family wedding, so we went for a spray tan, and had a good evening at our cousin’s wedding. The last week of August saw me in work for just 2 days for what is hopefully the last time this year!

September 2020

Well the month started with Mum and Dad over in Edinburgh to visit Rachel. That was also the week I worked full time – the first time since the week of St Patrick’s day back in March which is kinda scary! But that week saw me out for dinner at my granny’s, working full time, baking some Christmas goodies so I could get a Blogmas post written, and just generally working on either my blog or my guitar. The following week saw me celebrate my birthday, over which I had a quarter-life crisis that I finally think I am over, and we tried a new restaurant in a nearby town, before finishing the week with a walk along the beach down in Newcastle, County Down. After that, the following week I went down for a day trip to Fermanagh to visit my cousin – except it turned into an overnight stay which was really nice! I got to spend time with her and her 6 month old baby for a change, and can’t wait until restrictions lift again enough for me to go back down. Friday was then Rachel’s birthday. So while she celebrated in Edinburgh, we had a barbecue in the back garden and had a drink for her. Saturday we were finally allowed to go watch some live sport at the local rugby club. We were socially distanced from everyone else, got to watch our team win, and even managed to catch some last-of-the-summer rays of sun! All before heading up to the north coast again on Sunday for more walks along the beach. The last full week of September saw me mainly just in work or working on my laptop, and again we spent Saturday at the local rugby club for another match.

My Resolutions


  1. Less soda/fizzy drinks
    Yup! With having taken January as my month of no fizzy drinks, I’ve become a lot more aware of how often I drink them. In fact, once I came off that month of no fizzy drinks, yes my intake of tonic water increased, but the Diet Coke (my biggest weakness) dropped to maybe 1 or 2 at the weekend, or 1 mid-week. Again, predominantly as a mixer! But then lockdown began to lift and I found myself drinking more Diet Coke again… I might need to take a month of no fizzy drinks again just to kickstart this goal!
  2. Drink more water
    Again, yup! After spending the first 3 months drinking 2 litres of water a day in work, I then seriously upped my water intake over the next 3 months. I’ll admit, my water intake dropped a bit during July, but I got on top of it again in August and September and boy did my skin thank me for it!
  3. Drink less coffee
    February’s goal was to cut out coffee, and we managed that until day 9. But since then, I’ve reduced to 1 a day, and with being off work, I managed to cut down even more. So I count this as on track!
  4. Start walking more
    Well this wasn’t going so well, until the half lockdown was imposed (I say half because we were still allowed out). That one form of exercise a day became the thing keeping me sane – well that and the Joe Wicks PE With Joe classes he was running on YouTube for kids. Those things were exhausting! But then I started the 90 Day Body Plan and I sort of cut out the walks again… whoops… but at least I’m now exercising – right? And a walk even once a week is better than nothing at all.
  5. Eat healthier
    Definitely more on track with this now that I’ve been following the 90 Day Body Plan! I slipped a bit, but I kept to the main rules of it. So I take that as I am eating better.
  6. Track my habits
    Well this was going well until the beginning of May… then I sort of forgot my bullet journal existed… so I got back on track in June, and feel so much better for it!
  7. Meditate more
    Yup! Every night so far, and even some mornings. I’ve not reached the stage of doing it at other times of the day, mainly because I can end up really sleepy or emotional afterwards.
  8. Get more sleep
    Not so sure if this is on track.  Some nights I sleep 10 hours, others I’m lucky to get maybe 4. But I certainly made an effort during lockdown to get myself caught up on sleep. And then when I returned to work, I made a point of sleeping a minimum of 5 hours a night, which is still better than the 4!


  1. Finish the year with a clear credit card
    Working hard on this goal! Furlough kind of hit my savings, and I had to put my car’s service on the card, but I am working hard at this.
  2. Have more savings (Help to buy ISA!)
    Again, furlough disagreed with this resolution. But I have my Help To Buy ISA and even if I haven’t paid anything in since June, it’s still a step in the right direction.
  3. Be financially stable
    Lol no… but there’s time to fix this… right?
  4. Spend less on others – I realise this sounds wrong, but I tend to go overboard with presents every now and again, so I need to try and stop this.
    Yes! I have got on top of this. Now I’m planning for Christmas and won’t be going over budget. I refuse to.

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  1. Read 18 books
    I’ve officially done it!! Girl Stop Apologising (Rachel Hollis), Between The Stops (Sandi Toksvig), Me (Elton John), Hypnosis (Jon Biddle), Tusker (Dougie Arnold), F**k No! (Sarah Knight), A Storm of Swords (George R R Martin), Warlight (Michael Ondaatje), Calm (Fearne Cotton), A Feast For Crows (George R R Martin), Creativity Brewing (Kevin Barrick), A Murder Is Announced (Agatha Christie), Girlfriend In A Coma (Douglas Coupland), Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race (Reni Eddo-Lodge), 1984 (George Orwell), The Art of Being Normal (Lisa Williamson), A Dance with Dragons (George R R Martin), and Reflections of My Youth (Mahesh Mali). I swear, #StayHome was good for my reading goals!
  2. Use my phone less
    So in January I was averaging 2 hours 40 minutes a day on my phone. February saw that change to 3 hours 10 minutes per day on average, and March was not being recorded because that’s unfair. Maybe 2020 wasn’t the year to decided to cut down on using my phone. Let’s just say it was seriously high during lockdown! But I’m gradually bringing it back down again each week.
  3. Journal daily
    As I said earlier, this was going so well until May and then it just sort of fell apart. But I’ve been back on track, and here’s hoping we can stick to it!
  4. Improve at Guitar
    Well with having no lessons since before lockdown was called, I’ve really slowed up with my progress. But I’ve taught myself a couple of new songs so surely that’s on track? I’m not sure if lessons will ever come back now at this stage, but I am still trying to learn.
  5. Keep my room tidy
    Yeah we fail at this one every time. But it is part of my weekend routine to do a proper tidy and clean on a Saturday or Sunday morning depending on what the weekend plans are. So as long as I stay on top of it then that’s something.
  6. Be more self confident
    Can we judge this one? I don’t think I’ve become more self confident over the last few months, but we can work on that. I certainly wasn’t at all confident when I was asked to sing and play guitar at that barbecue in August… I failed miserably at that one!
  7. Make decisions
    Okay this one is a yes. I no longer constantly just go with whatever. Well, some of the time…
  8. Travel more
    Eh not so much. Travelling more doesn’t exactly go well with saving money, and the delightful COVID-19 kinda put paid to all my travelling trips so… anyone any tips on travelling more while saving then please send them my way. Right now all I want is to travel to Scotland for a while to visit everyone over there. Although if I won the lottery this week then you can bet I’d be on the first plane out of this country.


  1. Reach 10,500 followers on Twitter
    Achieved! I actually reached over 11,000 before the end of June which is just incredible!
  2. Reach 800 blog followers
    Yes! I reached this back in May.
  3. Post weekly
    Managed this so far, apart from February. And in July I actually managed two posts a week! And they all went up on time!
  4. Remember to promote my blog posts!
    Since getting back to Instagram, and learning about Pinterest, my views have rocketed! I’m still promoting on both Twitter and Facebook, so the fact that August saw my highest monthly views in about 3 years, I’m just amazed.

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So there we have it! 2020 So Far Part 3. Who knows what the last few weeks of 2020 will bring, but I’m excited to find out. Are you?


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