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Christmas Eve Dinner Ideas

Happy Wednesday once again everybody, and welcome to the last week of the lead up to Christmas! The countdown is well and truly on now, and stress levels are beginning to rise in many households. Hopefully today’s post of Christmas Eve Dinner Ideas will help relieve some of that stress!

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Mum’s Birthday 2019

Okay so I can’t lie – the only thing getting me through this morning is that this time next week is Christmas Eve! So happy Tuesday everyone! It’s another day closer to Christmas, and this one is always a special day in our house in the lead up to Christmas. Continue reading “Mum’s Birthday 2019”

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Messiah at Christmas Review

And once again, Monday is here! Although, it’s the last Monday morning of getting up for work in 2019. In fact, the last Monday getting up for work in this decade! That’s slightly scary now I think about it… But today I wanted to share with you my experience of the Messiah at Christmas show at Belfast’s Waterfront Hall. Continue reading “Messiah at Christmas Review”

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Giving Back at Christmas 2019

Wow it’s actually the end of week 2 of blogmas, and here we are on day 15 already! I’m absolutely shattered after last night, but I’ll go more into that tomorrow hopefully – unless I collapse on the sofa this afternoon and in the end I’ll have to re-jig my entire planning for this month.  Sounds fun, right? Continue reading “Giving Back at Christmas 2019”

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The Christmas Trap Movie Review

Happy Saturday morning one and all! Can you believe we’re here on the 14th December already? I can’t.  And on top of getting so far into blogmas, I have a night out again tonight that I simply cannot wait for! But first, I wanted to talk to you about The Christmas Trap (or Christmas in the Heartland). Continue reading “The Christmas Trap Movie Review”

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A Christmas Would You Rather 2019

Good morning on this lovely Friday 13th! I am choosing to completely steer clear of all talk about certain results being announced today… and instead we’re turning to another fun blogmas post to take our minds off it all! Continue reading “A Christmas Would You Rather 2019”

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Christmas In Belfast 2019

Wow… I just realised that this time 2 weeks Christmas will be over again for yet another year.  And that this time 3 weeks will be the new year.  Scary, isn’t it? But for now, I thought why not share what’s going on this Christmas in Belfast with you all? Continue reading “Christmas In Belfast 2019”

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My Dream Decorations 2019

Only two weeks to go! Happy Wednesday everyone, and welcome to the 11th day of Blogmas 2019. Today I’m sharing my dream Christmas decorations with you, and I have to admit I just had far too much fun scrolling through decoration websites and Pinterest deciding how I would decorate my house after I won the lottery. Continue reading “My Dream Decorations 2019”

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My December Bullet Journal

Happy Tuesday! How’re you feeling this morning? Are you as happy as me to be awake? You see, it’s almost time to open my next day on the advent calendars, and then I get to spend a little time on my bullet journal, especially with it not being a hair washing day! Continue reading “My December Bullet Journal”

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Christmas Movie Watch Along – Home Alone

And it’s Monday once again. How are we all this fine morning? I’m awake and getting ready to head into work, my head still full of Saturday night’s Christmas work party – a good time! But it’s Monday and I’m ready for another week in the office.  Including today, there are only 2 more Mondays in the office before the new year, and for that reason I plan on making today a good day! Continue reading “Christmas Movie Watch Along – Home Alone”