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What Katie Did…

…last weekend! Hello, welcome back, and I hope you enjoy today’s post.  Can you believe that we are already over half way through October? Because I really can’t. And what I definitely can’t believe is that it’s almost the weekend again! Continue reading “What Katie Did…”

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Rachel’s Birthday 2019

With being away for the weekend, it suddenly dawned on me that I never shared with you what I’d got Rachel for her 21st birthday! The week of her actual birthday was mental, so I didn’t manage to post anything, and all of a sudden it’s almost a month later. Crazy how time flies.
Continue reading “Rachel’s Birthday 2019”

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The Coming Weekend

Happy Thursday everyone, boy are we in for another busy weekend! You know what, I actually am looking forward to 2020 now – maybe then we’ll have a properly quiet weekend. Now I know that’s not fair, we’ve had the odd quiet weekend, but it just feels like it’s been constant now since probably July. Continue reading “The Coming Weekend”

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October Reading

Happy Tuesday everyone! You know, it doesn’t feel like it’s been 5 days since I was last sitting down to write to you all, more like just 5 minutes! But it’s a new week, and we’re getting further and further into autumn.  In fact, it was bliss at the weekend to feel the chill in the air and see the colours of the leaves. Continue reading “October Reading”

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Rhythm and Rhyme 2019

I can’t believe we are actually so close to the weekend once again! It’s Thursday once more, and now that choir is over, I’m kind of beginning to lose track of the days.  Is that ridiculous? I mean it’s not even been a week since our concert! Continue reading “Rhythm and Rhyme 2019”