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My Bedroom at Christmas

You know what? I think I’m beginning to get back into the groove of blogging daily… but anyway… Welcome! To blogmas day 2! The day we take a look at the craziness I created in my bedroom yesterday. Yes, it’s my bedroom at Christmas!

Now, today is only 2nd December, and already my Christmas spirit is really coming along.  You’d think that the prospect of work tomorrow would weaken it a little, but today we’re celebrating my granny’s birthday, which always marks the start of my festive season properly.

But before I can share my bedroom at Christmas with you all, I wanted to share today’s song.  I really do wish it could be Christmas every day, because then I could have a Christmassy bedroom all the time! But then we’d just lose the novelty of it all.  Like, for someone who loves Christmas, I point blank refuse to decorate before the first of December.  So before we take a look at my bedroom at Christmas, here’s today’s song! Please do feel free to keep it playing while I take you on a tour of my bedroom.

Now you’ve got that playing, and while I make a mad dash around trying to get ready to go out, welcome to my bedroom at Christmas! I’ve included a little description under each photo.

Some mistletoe above the photo and a Christmas headband I’ve my mirror!
My Christmas bedding, a garland over the bed, and some festive cushions for the cat to sleep on
My Merry Christmas garland!
My bedside table, counting down to Christmas, and my tea light holder!
My Christmas canvas, just to have something on that hook
A rather messy desk… but Christmassy nonetheless!
My Scentsy scent and wax melt!
A festive touch to my desk 🎄
Not in my room, but in the hallway just outside 💖
Hallway windowsill with some festive fun 💖
Did someone say advent calendar?
Finally a singing pup on the cat tree

Now that you’ve been for a look through my bedroom at Christmas, share with me below how you decorate your room for the festive season! And don’t forget, I’ll be back the same time tomorrow with a whole new post for you to read and (hopefully) enjoy, so click that follow button on the right to get an email when it goes live!



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3 thoughts on “My Bedroom at Christmas

  1. Thanks Sophie! I never used to decorate my room, then with going to uni it was one of the few rooms I could decorate, so now it’s a bit of a Christmas tradition!

  2. Love it!! We’ve said we’re going to do the bedroom next year. It’s only two of us so we don’t go mad generally but I love the idea of a festive duvet set!
    Am loving the songs… you should make a Spotify playlist!!

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