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A New Lunch Recipe

Hi hello goood morning lovely people! How are we all today, well refreshed after the weekend? I actually feel fantastic after a rather relaxing weekend. Well, I would feel even better if I hadn’t had to get out of bed and wash my hair this morning. But enough about me and my sleep. Today I wanted to share my latest lunch recipe with you all! Continue reading “A New Lunch Recipe”

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BloggersTribe Kindness Project

Happy Thursday everyone! How are you all today? I was so excited for this project to go live over on the BloggersTribe Facebook group, so I’m delighted to be able to share my contribution to the #BloggersTribeKindnessProject this morning.  Continue reading “BloggersTribe Kindness Project”

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The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie

Happy Monday everyone! Why is it happy? Because I’m off work! Yes, 5 full blissful days of no work, plenty of family time, too much sports on TV, and getting time to read. Rachel had brought back her copy of The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie for me to read, so of course I sat and read it in one day. But before we take a look at my thoughts on The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, who fancies a bit of a catch up? Continue reading “The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie”

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Halfway Through 2018

That was scary to type that title, I’m not going to lie… Hello again though! How are we all today? It’s the 12th of July, I’ve a day off work, actually I have several days off work, and I am looking forward to sharing this post with you today, How are we already halfway through 2018?! Also, just a quick word of thanks to everyone who has contacted me about guest posting – I’m slowly trying to work through it all and will get back to you with posting dates soon. If you aren’t looking to guest post with me, keep an eye out for the great work I’ll be showcasing over the next few weeks and/or months.  Continue reading “Halfway Through 2018”

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A Night At Lunn’s Jewellers

Happy Monday everyone! Or not so happy Monday to anyone currently cursing that alarm for going off… I’m actually kinda happy my alarm went this morning because it mean it’s a new post day! But today I want to give you a brief catch up on what’s been happening over the last week, as well as a look at my night at Lunn’s Jewellers! Continue reading “A Night At Lunn’s Jewellers”