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Catch Up

You know what? It’s time we had a proper catch up. Let’s sit and talk, and be real here for a second. So grab a glass of your favourite whatever, or top up that cereal bowl, whatever. But settle down and enjoy this little catch up. Continue reading “Catch Up”

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Ed Sheeran and Edinburgh

Well it may have taken a week, but I amĀ finally somewhat catching up on sleep after my weekend in Scotland for Ed Sheeran and Edinburgh! How are you all this Monday morning? If you’re anything like me, that snooze button was looking pretty damn attractive a few minutes ago.

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Sunshine Blogger Tag

Eeeek… I may have missed a day or two of posting… whoops. But back to business. What better way to end the week than with a little blogger tag? I’ll admit, this week has kind of flown by, but with Monday’s post never going live, and Wednesday’s only going live yesterday, I don’t feel a complete failure in my return to blogging. So today I bring you the Sunshine Blogger Tag!

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June 2018

Aaaaand we’re back! Welcome back to all my old friends, and hello to anyone new that has joined us recently. It’s the first of June, It’s a Friday morning, and while I am currently sitting waiting to get on board the StenaLine boat to Cairnryan, I thought what better way to kick back into my blogging than to have a little catch up post with a giveaway at the end? Keep reading to take part! Continue reading “June 2018”