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That’s the only word to describe how I feel right now. Exhausted. Shattered. Knackered. Pooped. Just down right tired. But I am continuing my routine of blogging while on the ferry between Belfast and Cairnryan, so hello once again to all my old readers, and hello to anyone new to join us today!  Continue reading “Exhausted”

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Let’s Strip It Back

How often do we see people on Twitter and other social media platforms tell us “if you don’t know what to blog about, don’t bother blogging”? Well, last night I had a bit of that dilemma before deciding to say stuff it and write this post you are now reading. Continue reading “Let’s Strip It Back”

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My Weekend – A Catch Up

Hiya everyone! It’s Monday again, and I wanted to share my weekend with you all. I actually can’t remember when I last did a sort of summary/chatty post about my week or weekend, and with this weekend being my first time attending a bloggers’ event in Northern Ireland I thought there wouldn’t be a better time. Continue reading “My Weekend – A Catch Up”

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Alone on Valentine’s Day?

Okay so the title of this post actually sounds a lot more sad than I thought it would when I first titled it… except I never went back and changed the title. I came in and added a little forethought about how sad the title is when really this isn’t a sad post!  Continue reading “Alone on Valentine’s Day?”

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The Mystery Blogger Award Tag

And I am back! Did you miss me? A whole week without seeing my new posts.. wow. I’ve really not been top of my game recently. And it is for that reason that today I come back to you with a Mystery Blogger Award Tag! I love these tags as you all well know, so to be finally catching up on those posts I’ve been tagged in is great! Continue reading “The Mystery Blogger Award Tag”