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Silent Witness

We’re now a few weeks into Silent Witness being back on our screens for the whopping 21st season, and damn am I glad to see it back.  Continue reading “Silent Witness”

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Life With Me

Ahhhh here we go. Another week is starting, and with it comes another week of posting! Today’s post is a little update about life with me – what I’ve been up to, how everything’s going, and just general life. So grab a cuppa – or something stronger if you wish – and curl up to have a chat! Continue reading “Life With Me”

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Deliciously Primitive Book Review*

Today marks the first official book review of 2018! It seems to have taken a while to actually post one. Well, to be honest Deliciously Primitive is actually the second book I’ve read so far in 2018, but I didn’t want to bombard you with reviews so book one will wait until next month. Continue reading “Deliciously Primitive Book Review*”

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Healthy Office Lunch Ideas

One thing I hated while working full time was trying to think up healthy office lunches. It seemed to take forever to think of something that would be tasty but not use too many of my Weight Watchers smart points. So today I wanted to share my top 5 healthy office lunches – enough for a week of meal planning!  Continue reading “Healthy Office Lunch Ideas”