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All of a sudden we are 3 months into 2018, and so I thought “Katie, why don’t you write a 2018 So Far post?” So guess what you’re getting today!So yes, here we are looking at 2018 So Far, and what a year 2018 is looking set to be! Shall we take a look back at the first three months of 2018?

2018 So Far Life With Ktkinnes

January! The month started with Sarah Knight liking and replying to a tweet of mine about her latest book, You Do You. I went bowling with Paul and Lucy and even though I lost both games (badly) I had a great time! Rachel was here for the first week of January, and that first week was busy with seeing family, taking down Christmas decorations, and I had a job interview with a company. Unfortunately I didn’t get that job, however the agency I joined back here were really helpful and had already put my name forward for another job, and so all I could do was wait patiently. I did sign up with another agency too, in the hopes of getting a job quickly. So that signing up was on the Wednesday of week 2, and on Thursday I was offered a position by the first agency – I was starting on Monday without an interview! It was only a 2-3 week temporary position but hey, it was better than nothing. That weekend I got hosting a BloggersTribe chat for the first time in ages, and I really have missed how hectic but brilliant they are. I really need to figure out a way to get more involved in the chats while I’m living with my parents.  Monday morning came around and I was awake early and ready for my first day. It went really well, and I felt I got on really well with the rest of the staff. I got home on the Monday night and was so excited to go back in to work. That day was made even better by the fact that Emilia Fox actually replied to one of my tweets! Tuesday I went in, and they asked me if I would be interested in staying on with them and training up to do more for them than just what I had started doing – of course I said yes! And I haven’t regretted it once. That was the week of the snow, and on the Friday we went out for Dad’s birthday. It was a really good meal, and a good night overall. The following week I had a great Weight Watchers class! I have now officially reached a 4 stone weight loss! That weekend one of my friends got engaged, and my friends in Glasgow had both a memorial service for a friend, and another friend’s 21st birthday. Monday I got chatting to Jason for the first time in ages and it was great, Tuesday I went to see The Greatest Showman, and then we were into February!

February seemed to fly by, and yet I can’t quite think of what all I got up to… I know I was working daily (well… almost daily but we’ll get there in a minute), I was at Weight Watchers every week, I saw a lot of my family, and the last two weeks were busy. I had a Saturday shopping with Mum, a Sunday at the Northern Ireland Blogger Brunch, and the past weekend was spent emptying my flat in Glasgow, as I’m sure you read about in Monday’s post. So Tuesday saw us unload the van, get my hair cut, try and organise the mess of my bedroom (although I think I made it worse), and have one of my grannies around for her dinner. Wednesday, I was looking forward to going back to work for a break! Although, with the Beast from the East, the decision was made at lunch time that we would be closing for the day – I got a half day!

March came and went, and while there was a lot going on there also wasn’t if that makes any sense. The Beast from the East was tormenting us all at the start of the month, and work kept finishing early. Snow every day became quite tiring, and it was a relief when we were finally able to get the car out of the drive! Mum and Dad’s anniversary came, and that weekend we had the family over from Scotland for the rugby weekend. Mother’s Day was also that weekend, and so really we were shattered when we went back to work! The following weekend started with a meal out to a local chinese restaurant that offers a low fat and reduced salt menu and it is actually delicious! I’ll need to make a journey there specifically to share it on here for you all. St Patrick’s Day saw the final of the Six Nations and we sat and watched all three matches and had Super Saturday in the house. Again the working week passed quickly, and before I knew it I was down in Fermanagh for a weekend with my cousin, all while Rachel came home for Easter. Finally, we were met with a short week at work, and on Good Friday we headed to the north coast for a day of walks, a picnic, and a delicious meal at the Neptune and Prawn! Saturday morning we got up and did a few things around the house, and then we got the bus into Belfast and had a pub crawl around the city centre, ending with another lovely meal in a tapas restaurant. So while March might not sound like it was busy, I honestly don’t feel like I’ve stopped over the last few weeks!

So now that you’re up to date, I suppose you’re asking yourselves how my New Year’s Resolutions are going! Shall we have a look?

2018 Goals


  1. Drink more water.
    Well I am drinking more water than I did last year, which is at least a step in the right direction, but I could be doing a lot better!
  2. Exercise at least once a week.
    Even if it’s just a walk, or making sure I reach my 10,000 steps at least once a week, then I think I can say yes to this so far!
  3. Lose 3½ stone in weight to reach my goal weight.
    Right well the first thing I need to say here is that 3 and a  half stone would be too much weight off according to my Weight Watchers Coach, so my goal has changed to me losing 2 and a half stone in the year. So far, I have managed a grand total of 9lbs off so far this year – so an average of 3lbs a month. Which doesn’t sound like much to be honest. I keep having small losses weeks, a week of maintaining, and even a week of a slight gain. But weightloss is never going to be super easy, and the key thing is I’m being healthy about it.
  4. Meditate or use my “Breathe” app daily.
    I have stopped using the app frequently, but I do make a point of even taking a minute each day to meditate briefly.
  5. Sleep 7 hours a night.
    Yup, there are one or two nights I haven’t managed to get the full 7 hours, but I have been sleeping a lot better this year than last year.


  1. Read 24 books
    Okay yeah this isn’t going to plan… so far I’m on 3 books. I need to work on this more!
  2. Create and work from a bullet journal.
    Well okay, this isn’t going too badly! I’m actually somewhat able to keep going with the bullet journal!
  3. Keep up old friendships
    I’m working on keeping this up as much as possible, honest!
  4. Find a hobby/class I enjoy.
    Yeah I haven’t done this yet… I do need to…
  5. Watch 52 films this year.
    Yay this one is going well! I’ve managed 19 films so far this year!


  1. Reach 650 blog followers, 10,000 Twitter followers, and 1,000 Instagram followers.
    Okay so I know blogging isn’t all about the stats, but so far I have 535 blog followers, 7579 Twitter followers, and 862 Instagram followers! I’m on track.
  2. Create and stick to a blogging schedule.
    Hahaha yup this failed. Can it work for the next three months?
  3. Work with more brands/companies/authors in the way of reviews and sponsored posts.
    I feel like I’ve managed this so far? At least, I’ve been getting more emails regarding collaborations!
  4. Figure out and grow my Pinterest.
    So my Pinterest account is growing, but I haven’t quite figured it out yet! Anyone any pointers?
  5. Go to blogger meet-ups and events.
    I’ve so far been to one meet-up/event… need to look into this a little more!

How have your goals for the year been going?

4 thoughts on “2018 So Far

  1. Anne (@basifpa_did)

    Aw this post was so sweet, although I’m so jealous of all your goals – you have so many!! I’m such a goalless wee peasant in comparison haha – and congrats on the progress you’re making, it must feel great! 🙂

  2. Marta

    I love your goal list. I really should do that my self an try to reach as many as I can. Thank you for the inspiration and wish you the best in reaching your goals

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