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Month 8

AAAHHHHH!!!! Okay so I completely vanished for a while – I haven’t really had the energy to post for quite a while. That’s not me saying to watch out for my usual routine to be back in place (as I’m currently in Turkey) but I am aware of it and will do my best to be back on track in September.
But wow here we are again! July was so long and yet it wasn’t, because here we are sitting on August 1st waiting to see what the new month will bring.
July was rather hectic to say the least. With working full time, and going to weight watchers every week, I’m loving having a bit of routine back in my life! However this routine is making it difficult for me to actually get blogging half the time. Rachel was interrailing, I was working, shopping, sleeping, and just praying that I’d make it to the 27th July to head off on holiday! Throughout the month of July, until we came away, I managed to lose 8lbs so I’m quite pleased with that too! In the middle of the month I made a quick getaway to Glasgow for a night of freedom. Now that’s there’s just a month left of being home I’m beginning to get excited to see everyone again!
Keeping it short and sweet this month, let’s jump straight into looking at how I got on with my July goals…

  1. Continue working on my weight loss with Weight Watchers.
  2. Read 1 book.
  3. Figure out September’s Life
  4. Blog at least once a week.

Well as I said above, I lost another 8lbs this month! I actually think I’ve lost more but I don’t have my weight loss tracker away with me.

I managed to read 2 books this month – Bullied For Being Me, and After You. A review of each of these will go live when I’m home! This brings my total to 11! I can’t wait to reach my goal of 12!

I’ve somewhat figured out my return to Glasgow – I’m going to get a job when I get back, and will be starting a child care course in college in February! So that’s at least something!

As for the blogging? Well I think you all know how well that went… it just makes me sad that this time last year I was posting 3 times a day!

So now that last month is over, it’s time to look ahead to August. This month I want to

  1. Read at least 2 books!
  2. Lose 4lbs
  3. Make the most of being home!

How about you, any goals for August? 
Me? I’m away for a swim! Speak soon xx