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Friday Favourites: Megan

Oh wow are we actually achieving a Friday Favourite on a Friday? Must be coming up to the end of the month!

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50 Questions You’ve Never Been Asked Tag

What better way to try and get back into blogging than with a blogging tag? Today’s is the 50 Questions You’ve Never Been Asked Tag! I was tagged by the lovely Melissa, and you can read her’s here!  Similarly, if you don’t already follow Melissa you can read why you should now at this link –> Friday Favourites: Melissa.


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Friday Favourites: Katie

It sounds a bit silly but it feels like all I’ve done recently is write book reviews or My Dream (insert room here) posts, or I’ve taken a massive blogging break since starting work and that is killing me, and so when I sat down to write this week’s Friday Favourite (not on a Friday, again, sorry) it was actually a relief to be doing something slightly different. So shall we find out who this week’s favourite blogger is? Well okay it was kinda given away above but shh…

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4 Summer Color Palettes For Your Decor

Hey Lovelies, the summer season has arrived and with that comes new seasonal colours to expect for your decor. Let’s talk colours, from summer brights to soft pink and greys. Style? Take on the minimalist look or go bold with prints…yes prints! There are many different types of colours, looks and styles to take on in order to switch it up when it comes to your home this summer season.

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The Devil’s Poetry Book Review*

So I’m hoping by now that you’ve seen The Devil’s Poetry by Louise Cole popping up all over the place, but, if you haven’t, hopefully you’ll be able to find out a little more about this great new book that’s out on sale now!

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My Dream Bathroom

Back again! I’ve been having so much fun with these posts, to the point that I’ve struggled to write any other posts recently. Bringing you up to date, I mentioned in The Cost of Being a Student that I am planning to live alone for the next academic year. The flat hunt was crazy hectic towards the end of exams and then there was only one week here in Glasgow before I jumped back on the boat to Northern Ireland for some work experience and a new job! But more on that maybe later in the week.

After a week or so of flat hunting, I found myself dreaming of My Ideal Student Home and what it would look like. If you’ve missed the previous posts, I’ve so far designed My Dream Kitchen, My Dream Living Room, and My Dream Spare Room. I don’t even want to think about how much hypothetical money I have spent on this! But today we’re getting on with the penultimate room – the bathroom. Out of curiosity, should I write the plan of the hallway’s decoration? Or are you excited for me to stop writing these posts? Let me know below!

However, before I can stop, I’m excited to do these two or three rooms, and I’ll probably draw out the entire house/flat and put that in the final post. So onwards with the bathroom!

The last couple of posts, I’ve gone and stated my colour scheme first, however there is one item I need in my dream bathroom and I was just too excited to sort anything else before I found my paint, tiles, and floors. Can you guess what that is?

I have been dreaming of a bath every day since I got back to Glasgow for the exam season. The idea of soaking in a relaxing bathtub has me pining to be back home again already. That’s why I just had to pick my bath first. As Meredith Grey once said, “I just want a tub that is deep enough to cover my boobs and knees at the same time”! So I was immediately drawn to this bath from The Whirlpool Bathshop. I’ve always dreamt of having a whirlpool bathtub, and with this one being two meters long, I’d like to think it would be perfect to lie down in! It can also be customised to have more jets added, or mood lighting added too!

whirlpool bathrub
Carron Celsius Duo Whirlpool Bath 57.0061 from The Whirlpool Bathshop costing £5218.80

Doesn’t that just sound incredible? I would love to just soak for hours on end in there. Does this mean I have to figure out my colour scheme now? Okay, I won’t complain!

I couldn’t figure out if the surround was brown or black, but I’d like to opt for a white surround. There’s just something about a white bathroom that makes me happy. To go with it, I would opt for the Attingham Seagrass Tiles from Tops Tiles, and then I would go stereotypical blogger with your white marble floor tiles. One thing I would definitely have though is some under floor heating system going on. It may only be a student home but even students deserve warm feet!

bathroom colour scheme
Attingham™ Seagrass Tile at £45 per square meter,      and      Misty Fjord™ Polished 61×40.6 Tile £80.72 per square meter

With this colour scheme in mind, I’m tempted by a nautical theme in the bathroom… but while a bath is the most important part of a bathroom, I should probably put in a few other items.

I’ve always dreamt of a large, walk in shower, and so when I saw this one on B&Q’s website, I fell in love with it immediately! And while I appreciate it’s meant to be a single occupancy dream student flat, I loved the idea of the Titron Sirona high pressure ceiling fed chrome Thermostatic Digital Mixer Shower head thing (costing £452). The idea of a digitally controlled shower fascinates me – you can turn it on from an app on your phone to let it warm up, you can set the temperature, and even turn it off if a guest has taken too long in the shower and is using all your hot water! You can find it here.


I’m not overly concerned about what my toilet would actually be like, but I was browsing because I did want to do this post properly, and when I saw this I loved it. As a child, I always thought I would have one of those novelty toilet seats but now that I’m thinking about it I probably wouldn’t have one. To match, I would probably have the sink unit below too. Again, both have come from the B&Q website.

toilet and sink

So now that all the practical stuff in the bathroom is covered, I can get to the fun part of decorating a bathroom! Before I go any further though I did want to ask – do you match your towels to your bathroom or to your bedroom? Because that’s the current decision I have to make, do I colour co-ordinate the bathroom or have a specific colour for different bedrooms?

I think I’ll match them to the bathroom. That way, I can hang them on those towel drying heater things and they won’t clash. Oh, did I not mention I’d put one of those in as well as the underfloor heating? Sorry! I just feel it would be great to have them!

I love this bathmat from House of Fraser, and it would go perfectly in this bathroom. I’d probably own 4 (2 for the bath and 2 for the shower) so that I could wash one without worrying that there’s no mat there for the next shower or bath.

Luxury Hotel Collection Velvet Touch Reversible Bath Mat in duck egg costing £50.

To match the mats, I would get these 2 different sets of towels. I love having the massive bath sheets but I want to get the other sizes too so I can set them as a nice bundle on the beds. The ones on the left are from Dunelm, and the ones on the right are from

towels sets
Left hand side: Dorma Maiya Towel. Bundle costs £37.07 not including hand towel. Right hand side: Dorma Duck Egg Blue Tencel Towel. Bundle costs £38.68 not including hand towel.

And to save you reading more of my ramblings, I’ve created a collage of the final accessories I would have in the bathroom. Descriptions top to bottom, left to right.

Dorma Marble Tumbler £12. Elements Bamboo White Toilet Brush £14. Seagrass Toilet Roll Holder Basket £15. Simplehuman Mini 6 Litre Pedal Bin £13.60. Simplehuman Triple Shower Soap Pump £55.99. Elements Bamboo White Lotion Dispenser £10. Dorma Marble Soap Dish £10. Vertical Sparkle Edge Mirror £12.99-£14.99. Brabantia 35 Litre Laundry Bin in Mint and White £51.19 each. Bathroom Basics 3 Tier Corner Caddy £10.

What would your dream bathroom look like? Do you like mine?

Related: Are you looking to redecorate and change your skirting boards? Why not check out this Torus Skirting Boards from Skirting World?

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Friday Favourites: Sophie

Welcome back for another not-on-a-Friday Friday Favourite! You’re reading the thoughts of a now free for 4 months (possibly longer if I’ve failed) Katie! But enough about me – today I wanted to tell you why you should be following Sophie from Planet Whispers.



Sophie is one of my all-time favourite bloggers, and her blog header is something else all together. Seriously, even if you only go to her blog to see it then it’s worth it! Although you really should stay around and have a read of her posts, they’re so worth it!


As a 19 year old blogger, Sophie is a beauty, lifestyle and advice blogger who is in love with all things makeup and loves to share it with her ‘whisperers’. Again, I love these sorts of blogs that cover everything,  so when I first discovered her posts through Twitter I just fell in love.


My favourite post by Sophie would probably be Lost Friendships, in fact I feel like this was one of the first posts I read! I just loved how true everything she said was, and how easy it was to picture those lost friends while I read her words. Her penultimate paragraph is the one that struck me hardest, though, and I’ve actually saved it to a document of things to remind me it’s okay:


Losing friends is a huge part of life that nobody ever talks about but it happens to everyone. It hurts and that’s ok because letting go of anybody is hard. But you do have to let go. You can’t hold on forever. Moving on is simple, it’s what you leave behind that makes it difficult.


So if you’ve reached this far and still haven’t clicked onto Sophie’s blog, please do click one of the links below! Let’s give her some great stats to start the weekend with.


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