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My Dream Kitchen

Haha okay so my plan had been to have had this mini series running through April but I kind of got distracted with revision and life and everything that’s been going on around the place, so we’re finally getting round to it. Before we begin, all these pictures have been taken straight from the websites selling the items, just a little disclaimer.

Some of you may have read my post about what I’m looking for in an ideal student home (which can be found here –> My Ideal Student Home) and in it I explained how the kitchen is my favourite part of a house. It’s like the heart of a home. The kitchen is the one place I have to keep clean and tidy. I need enough room to be able to have several courses on the go at once, and still have enough room that I don’t feel over crowded or in a state. So my ideal kitchen. This post is kind of like a wishlist, kind of a ramble.

So, as I said above, my ideal kitchen would be pretty big. Yes, I’m aware I am a student on a student budget but that doesn’t mean I can’t dream, does it? Contrary to most bloggers, I don’t dream of marble worktops – I struggle to make sure it’s clean! However I do love white cupboards and drawers, no matter how difficult it is to keep these clean. My main decision for my dream kitchen is whether I would want to go sort of full country cottage kitchen, or white modern and shiny. As a bit of a compromise, I therefore think my ideal kitchen would have wooden doors on the cupboards and drawers, with cast iron handles. I was looking around online and found that John Lewis have a fitted kitchen planning tool, so that’s what I used to find out what my worktops etc would look like and cost.

kitchen worktops john lewis
U-Shaped worktops using the Richmond door style in the light oak colour, with cast iron know and shell handles, and ambrosia white granite surfaces. Units and doors come to £8255.

Okay I’m not going to lie, I actually fell a little bit in love with that kitchen planner tool – so many options to choose from! So now that we’ve established that, I would have to say that I need need need to have lino on the ground. I would love to have wood or tiles or stone, but the amount of things I drop this just would be impractical. So again, I would probably match the colour of the lino to the ambrosia white granite worktops, or get it to tone in with the walls – which would probably be Dulux Kitchen Mint Macaroon Matt Emulsion seen below.

wall colours
DULUX KITCHEN MINT MACAROON MATT EMULSION PAINT 2.5L costing £22.93 per tin from B&Q. Prices shown are price at time of writing

Another dream of mine would be to go back to a gas cooker. And I would probably have this on the worktops, with a separate upright oven to one side. So really the oven in the picture above isn’t quite right. However, I would have the gas hob where that oven is, and put an upright, high up oven at the end of the counters. An electric fan oven would be perfect, with a gas hob. Having had 3 years of the electric hobs at university, I’m ready to get back to quick and easy cooking! Another thing I would love is one of those free standing fridge-freezers that are side by side instead of one on top of the other. I think what I’m thinking of is sometimes described as an American Fridge Freezer? One with the water dispenser in the front, mainly because I just don’t like the taste of the tap water here in Glasgow. Now, if they could design one that provided sparkling water that would be the dream! But for now I would settle with this one from Currys:

fridge freezer
Samsung RSG5UUMH American-style fridge freezer – Manhattan silver. Price at time of writing this post £1149.99

In my kitchen, I would like to have a nice little fold in and out breakfast bar. We used to have one when we were younger, and Rachel and I would’ve eaten at it for breakfast or our early dinner – that’s how young we were. I would love something like this breakfast bar shown below but in the same light oak as the counters. The shelving would be pretty useful for storing herbs and spices, and maybe even have a few of the herb plants that you can buy! There’s nothing better than growing your own, so that would be my plan. I’d also probably have my cookbooks and a few photos on those shelves. Cue all the cute Pinterest diys!

breakfast bar
Brent Foldaway Breakfast Bar found on Currently unavailable so unsure of the price.

I already have a pretty good coffee machine, however my dream coffee machine is one of those ones you can either link to your phone or set on a timer to make coffee for the minute you wake up. This one (see below) from would be absolutely perfect because it uses actual coffee beans instead of the ground stuff you can buy in shops. How much easier would mornings be waking up to the smell of coffee wafting through the flat? And alongside this, I would love to have a bread making machine like this one from Lakeland that I could set up at night and wake up to fresh bread. Might need some homemade jam to go with this but these two and a microwave are definite must haves!

coffee machine
coffee machine
Smarter Coffee from selling at £179.99
bread maker
LAKELAND WHITE COMPACT 1LB DAILY LOAF BREAD MAKER. Priced at £64.99 and makes a 500g loaf

I think all my utensils would have to be black, white, or silver, including the kettle. My pots and pans and things would be kept hidden away in the cupboards but I would love to keep some cute Pinterest worthy things out on display, along with the little ‘tea’, ‘coffee’, ‘sugar’, ‘rice’ etc pots sitting on the side. One thing I would definitely have is one of those family planner calendars. I may be living on my own, but I would use the different columns for university, social, what’s going on at home, and then bills or important dates to do with the flat.

What would you have in your dream kitchen? Or do you already have your dream kitchen? Let me know!

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Friday Favourites: Tarnya

Hello and Happy Friday again! Can you actually believe we’re at the end of April? I know I can’t.


Today’s Friday Favourite goes out to Tarnya from Sweet Allure. I first became aware of Tarnya when I spotted her gorgeous prints floating around Twitter and I knew I just had to have all of it! Only problem is I have nowhere to display it in the flat so I have to wait… But that’s not the point. Anyway, after this, I found myself reading more and more of Tarnya’s posts and I have to say I’m actually somewhat addicted to them – diving on them the minute I see a new post is live!


So what do you know about Tarnya? She’s originally from Nottingham but currently lives in Sheffield where by day she works as a video games tester (dream job, am I right?). Tarnya started blogging as a creative outlet, not expecting herself to last more than a month. Yet, here we are a year and a half later and I am honestly so glad she didn’t stop! As with quite a few bloggers I follow, Tarnya started off blogging about one topic- beauty – but has since spread out to more of a lifestyle blogger, talking about anything that peaks her interest. One of the main reasons I love Tarnya is because she tries to post three times a week – no sooner have I read one, another appears to keep me coming back again and again for more!

One of my all time favourite posts of Tarnya’s is Anxiety: Me, Myself and a Little Thing Called Anxiety. It’s such an open, honest post about her experience with anxiety and how she was diagnosed.

I never thought much of it, it was normal to have a million thoughts going through my head at any one moment. Those moments of sheer panic before entering a room with a huge crowd of people. Or answering a phone call, any phone call, even from people I know.

I enjoy (really the wrong word here but I can’t think of the right word) reading other peoples’ experiences as it helps spread to other people just what some people go through on a daily basis. I seriously doubt this was an easy post for Tarnya to write, and I think that’s what makes it so moving to read. It’s real life, it’s not just someone’s thoughts or an idea .

If you haven’t already chatted to Tarnya, or don’t already follow her on her social media sites, check out her links below! You could find yourself with a new blogging bff:


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Remember to come back next week for another installment in my 2017 Friday Favourites series. I’m loving getting the opportunity to spread just some of the bloggers I love keeping up with, and I also love finding new people to follow! So if you’ve any recommendations for me to read as well then please do leave some links in the comments below!



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Why Speaking About Sex With Your Partner Is Important

Honey, can we talk about sex


Being open and honest with your partner is important, especially when it comes to sex. It’s one of the main things which connects two lovers the most, so speaking about it is just a must and keeping quiet would just be tragic. 


Speaking about sex is something that should be done with utter confidence. There’s nothing more beautiful than two people opening up about a subject which is so personal. Also, taking the time to understand that part of someone which is so intimate works wonders in a relationship.

Although it may feel a little nerve racking, there’s nothing wrong with asking for what you want in bed. If anything, it’s attractive. A relationship is built up on honesty, trust, love and friendship, so speaking about the one thing that brings you the closest should feel really positive. You don’t want to be playing a guessing game forever.

Once sex becomes a topic of conversation, idea’s and requests may be thrown around, some of which you may feel a little uncomfortable with, and that’s okay. You don’t have to do every single thing that’s suggested, it’s just nice to listen to each others interests and understand what you’re both in to… and hey, if you’re turned on, who knows what you might try!

Having your partner know that you’re there to listen is a huge comfort, as well as having them listen to you.  Once truthful conversations are introduced to a relationship, it instantly strengthens what you have and gives the reassurance that you’re able to speak openly to one other about anything. It’s amazing what can happen if you just open your mouth!… no pun intended.

As people we’re all different and enjoy different things, hence it’s okay to speak up. You might love something your partner does, but might want it done in a slightly different way or at another angle. Whatever it is, it’s fine to say! You may worry about offending the other person, but you shouldn’t. The only reason you’d be bringing this up in the first place would be to make sure that you’re making them feel great, which is simply because you love them. More soft, more hard, a bit left, a bit right. It’s okay to ask for what you want.

If you’re finding it a little difficult to bring up your sex life at a random point, why not try throwing ideas around when you in midst of it all? If you’re both turned on it may be easier for the both of you? Just an idea!

Sex is a chance to connect on a much higher level, so being open and honest while exploring eachothers bodies can only help you to connect even deeper. 


Rosie Signature


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A Natter

Hello one and all! What did you think of Sunday’s guest post, written by Theo? If you haven’t read it yet, you definitely should!


I’ve been very absent over the last few weeks, however I’m now back and in exam mode so watch out – there may be more posts than normal now! In fact, my first exam is at 2pm today and I really just want to get it over with. While I moan and grumble about mornings, I much prefer to get the exam out of the way, have a relaxing lunch, and start back into the studying in the afternoon.


I felt like talking to you all today, but don’t really know what it is I want to talk about. There are book reviews I need to write, tags I need to do that I’ve been tagged in, I watched quite a few different films and tv series while I was home, and yet I can’t bring myself to write about any of them. Strange, isn’t it?


 In all honest, I’ve no idea what I’m doing writing this post. My first exam in in 14 hours and 11 minutes now (or 2pm on Monday 24th April) and I’m scared. 
I went to all the lectures, I did all the continual assessment, heck I even set myself “homework” each week of practice questions. I’ve been revising, I’ve done all the past papers I possibly can, and I know my notes almost off by heart. So why am I nervous?

These exams are the ones I messed up badly last year. Heck, I got H2 as my grade in this maths paper last year; I didn’t even know that grade existed! So today is more than just getting a pass. It’s proving to myself that I was right to come back to university and give it another go. It’s proving I’m not a waste of space, I’m not a failure. 

So cross your fingers for me, touch a rabbit’s foot, touch wood, say a prayer, whatever. Just wish me luck today please.

Ktkinnes xx

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A Moment

So we have this thing called life right?
But what is life other than what we make it?
See, we get so caught up in this void of trying to live in the moment and plan for the future at the same time….
But what is a moment?
A collection of vivid visuals and audios and feelings captured in a few seconds by the brain?
Or is it longer?
See we move at such a fast pace that sometime we feel like we’re missing everything
Even as I’m writing this i can tell it’s moving from topic to topic
But I’m not going to stop it.
I’ll tell you and it’s simple really.
Because this is my moment.
Every fast paced thought, every touch of this keyboard, every tap tap tap my phone makes while i write this is my moment.
As focused as I am on this do i feel like im missing out on some part of my Life?
Or feel like cold be doing something more productive for my future?
Not at all to be honest.
Take a step back and you’ll realize that every little decision you make, action you take, and word you say, all count in some way no matter how insignificant, towards your future.
Whether it be bad or good is all up to you.
But never be afraid that your missing out on life or worry that you’re not doing enough.
Because this is your moment.
So make the most of it






This has been a guest post written by Theo from The Curl Prince. If you’ve enjoyed reading this, or would like to find Theo elsewhere, his links can be found below.


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Friday Favourite: Mel

Hello and welcome back for another Friday Favourite! It’s Good Friday and so let’s make today a good Friday for Mel.

Mel’s blogging career started with a lot of questions as to whether or not it was the right thing for her to do, and honestly I am so glad she decided to start, otherwise I would never have had the pleasure of talking to her! Aged 28 and from Newcastle, Mel is a self-confessed lover of Harry Potter, gin, and the band Queen – 3 of my favourite things! Her blog, Little Miss Mel, is divided into 4 categories – Beauty, Life, Style, and Places, and I love how easy it is to find exactly what you’re looking for on her blog!

Mel’s Instagram feed is honestly #goals. If you don’t already follow her there, you should click the link below and check it out – would definitely recommend! Aside from being an awesome blogger, instagramer and everything else, Mel is so lovely to talk to and I’m so happy whenever I see her pop up in my messages or on my timeline.

Of her more recent posts, What Is A Bikini Body Anyway? is my absolute favourite. As you may have guessed from the title, Mel discusses the media’s portrayal of the perfect bikini body, and she reflects on why this is damaging to women of any age worldwide.

We aren’t the problem, media and society are. We are all different and that should be embraced rather than something to make us feel bad. Our bodies are all different, we are all going through different things in our lives.

I’ve quoted the above directly from her post, as I simply couldn’t agree more with it. Since when did anyone else have the right to judge us based solely on numbers on scales, or those little numbers stitched onto the labels of our clothes?

Another post of Mel’s that I loved reading was The Autumn Tag. I love tags, they give us as followers a chance to get to know the person sitting at the desk, typing the posts we read. Since Autumn is my favourite season, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post and found myself saying “Me too!” to a lot of her thoughts. Also, the photos are amazing.

So, as always, if you don’t already follow Mel, feel free to click on the links below and check her out for yourself!

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Want To Write For Me?

I’m making 2017 the year I share the love, and as part of that I would love to help promote your blogs on mine! For this reason, I’m asking – have you ever wanted to guest post but haven’t had the chance? Or do you just love guest posting on other people’s blogs? Well here’s your chance!


During my exams, and then continuing throughout the year if possible, I am inviting you to write a guest post for here on Life With Ktkinnes. If you’re a regular, then you know that I write about anything and everything! If you aren’t a regular, now you know I write about anything and everything, too. So posts of any kind are welcome!


If you’d like to talk to me about this, or get involved, then drop me a message either on Twitter or Instagram, or email me at – I would honestly love to hear from you!



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Chicken Jalousie

It was pointed out to me recently that I haven’t written any recipe posts here in a while and I would like to apologise for that! Between writing other posts, and writing recipes for Bloggers Tribe, I seem to have neglected you all for too long! So here’s one of my all time favourite recipes for any time of the year.

Continue reading “Chicken Jalousie”