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A Little Catch Up

Well here we are again on a Wednesday and I’ll firstly start by saying, I may be quieter on social media over the weekend, as this is the weekend Rachel and I go to Lanzarote to celebrate her 18th birthday! Tonight she’s flying to Glasgow and we’re going out for dinner. Tomorrow she has an interview at the University of West Scotland which is only about 20-30 minutes away from here so she’s staying the night and then going to get a taxi across tomorrow morning. We’re going to then meet at Glasgow Airport and fly back to Belfast for the night, before flying to Lanzarote in the morning!


I honestly can’t wait. It hasn’t even been a year since I was last in the sun but I’ve been dying to get somewhere warm and sunny and this is perfect timing! We’re all inclusive at our hotel, and we’ve never been all inclusive anywhere before so I’m excited to find out what it’s like. So there’ll hopefully be a post about it probably this time next week! We’re only away 3 nights, but believe me when I say it’s needed.


So today’s post is more of a catch up post than anything else. I haven’t just rambled to you all in a while, so sorry if you’re not in the mood for a ramble but here one is! So grab a cuppa and settle in.
Coffee time

Last week I think I hit a brick wall with everything. Yes, I was blogging, yes I was still seeing friends, and yes I was continuing with university work, but I just was feeling so disconnected from everything that I just couldn’t keep going. So Friday night came, we had a friend over, and he and I got drunk until finally at 3 in the morning I ended up crying and talking to him about everything that’s been wrong with me over the last while. It’s scary how much that actually helped. Well, it probably would’ve helped more if I’d then got some sleep but I didn’t do too badly on Saturday considering the lack of sleep. However, Friday reminded me that I’ve actually learnt a lot and come quite far over the last few years here in Glasgow, and that’s what I need to focus on.


The main thing I learnt recently is I’m not a career-driven person. I mean, sure I’ve always known I’m not exactly motivated by the thought of getting up each day and blasting through everything. But the last few weeks have proven to me that while I do want to be a teacher, and I do want some sort of career, I want a family more. And that’s okay. I can’t remember where I read it recently, but there was an article online that basically said you couldn’t be a feminist if you wanted to be a stay at home mum. And while I completely disagree with that statement, I also found myself deciding that actually that’s the job I most want in the world.


So before I leave you all and head off to pack for my holiday, I just want to remind you all that having a brilliant job that pays well isn’t the be all and end all. Maybe your dream job doesn’t pay at all. That’s cool, as long as you own that dream and don’t put anyone else down for wanting different things in life. Live and let live.