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Friday Favourites: Lucy

Yup, here we have another Friday Favourite on a day that isn’t a Friday – we’re getting caught up here!


Today’s favourite is the truly lovely Lucy. Now, Lucy isn’t actually a blogger I followed and then got to know. We have mutual friends and actually met in person before following each other! So safe to say Lucy’s a friend both on and off line.


Lucy is a fellow student at the University of Glasgow, also from Northern Ireland, and her blog is all about her life and experiences as she navigates her way through student-ville. Studying English Literature and Language, as well as Digital Media & Information Studies, Lucy is able to combine her degree and her passion for blogging into one big part of her life, and I’m incredible jealous of her for that reason!


Always bubbly and firendly, I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen Lucy without a smile on her face. When she’s passionate about something, she lets you know it, which I feel comes across in her blogs as much as it does in real life! Although, I’m not going to lie, her dislike of vegetables interests me – I wish I could’ve turned 21 and still had a dislike of them!


I’ll be honest here and say there are quite a few of Lucy’s posts that I love – they’re the posts I go to when I want to read, and they’re so incredibly well written that I’m slightly envious of her talent. One of these posts was all about Photos, and another favourite would have to be Scottish Adventure #2. Both, in my mind, reflect who Lucy is, and I would really appreciate it if you’s go follow her blog!