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My Opinion Matters

A couple of nights ago, I turned to Twitter to voice how happy I was after watching a certain film. As is always to be expected, a few others were quick to tell me that they hadn’t enjoyed it. I accepted this, knowing of course that we’re all different and that everyone likes different things -what a boring world we would live in if this wasn’t the case! The conversation continued and, quite quickly, I felt it was time for me to stop replying. Freedom of speech means we can all voice our opinions and that everyone has a right to their thoughts and opinions. However, the particular conversation I’m talking about left me feeling a little annoyed. 

The people taking part in the conversation didn’t seem to realise that, while they’re perfectly entitled to think what they think of this particular film, I was also entitled to my opinions too! They didn’t say I was wrong, in fact they didn’t say anything all that bad, but they left me regretting tweeting – an experience I’ve never had before! They were so wrapped up in what was so horrifically wrong with the film that I actually was left feeling rather down – the film had been ruined for me to be honest.

I could agree that there were aspects I would change if given the choice, but going as far as to comment on the skill of the actors involved? If you don’t like a specific actor and they’re in a film of a genre you aren’t a big fan of, here’s some advice – don’t watch it and expect to enjoy it. Plain and simple.

Another basic example of this is one that used to annoy me so much at school. Rachel and I never just had samwiches, a snack and a juice. We had a variety of savoury things, some fruit, and a bottle of water. To try and not become bored of lunch, we would try all different things. Our friends would look into our lunch boxes, wrinkle up their noses, and ask with disgust, “What’s that?!” This would annoy me so so much! Another girl used to always like to comment on how disgusting it looked. After years of this, I learnt to just reply that they could keep their opinions to the,selves as they weren’t being expected to eat it. The other night, that film was my lunchbox, and the people I was talking to were no better than my close-,minded friends who couldn’t use their imagination to have anything other than a cheese sandwich.

My opinion matters, not in the grand scheme of things, but in general we should feel comfortable saying whether or not we enjoyed something. So next time you’re talking about the latest song, movie, or TV show – remember that the people around you may have a different opinion, but it is still as valid as yours. Don’t make them regret ever saying something.

Sorry for the rants post, I just felt I should get that off my chest.