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Back to Porridge

Literally, I am back to making and eating porridge. Not exactly the most interesting first line of a post but just thought I would share that with you all.


Today classes start back in uni and for the first time in ages I am in from 9am until 5pm. Not looking forward to it at all, especially the way my sleeping pattern has been going! But, I will soldier on as I always do. With a new semester, and a new year too, comes a new routine to try and make this year’s exams go in my favour. As usual, I spent Sunday cleaning, tidying and planning. I always try to make a meal plan at the start of the week so I know what to buy without wasting too much money. To be honest, I over spent this week. Looking at my shopping I have no idea what I bought that lead to it costing so much! Although, the most expensive food item I bought was a small roast chicken that I cooked yesterday and have portioned up for the rest of the week. It just all adds up!


I’m not sure how well it will work, but I’m going to try and cook as much of my dinners and lunches in advance this semester. This way, all I’ll have to do is lift them out of the fridge or freezer and get on with it, instead of wasting time cooking! My new schedule has me in bed by 11pm each night (hopefully) and awake again at 7am to allow time to shower and have a relaxed start. And now that I’m getting up at the same time as Jason, I’ll have company for breakfast! It’s actually surprising how much that changes my day. With the change in my timetable, I now have 15 classes a week. Not many really! With two of those classes being labs, that means I am in university for 19 hours a week, leaving another 21 hours for independent study, and then socialising, blogging, sleeping, shopping, cooking and cleaning will be done in the remaining time. Wait, that doesn’t make sense… there’s a reason I keep messing up my maths!

24 hours in a day. Take 8 for sleep, roughly 2 for meal times in total, an average of 4 hours of classes a day… that gives us what, 10 hours left. Take out another 5 hours of the day for independent study… what on earth have I been doing the last few years to make me feel there’s no time in the day??


Anyway, the main point of this post was to introduce Week 2 of the 52 Lists Project that I first mentioned here. Nuala was my Secret Santa (or not so secret this year it seems) and she bought me this incredible journal! Each week, there’s a new topic to make a list based on, followed by a Take Action section.This week is: List your favourite Characters from books, movies etc. I’m actually quite excited to see who I can come up with!

In the Take Action box, we’re instructed to find a common personality trait between our favourite characters. We’re then asked to take note of the character trait we admire the most, and work towards it this week.


My mind is already swamped with some of my favourite characters and why I love them, so this should be an exciting one! Are any of you going to join me? Even if you don’t want to do the challenge, let me know some of your favourite characters!


I’ll be back on Wednesday with another new post for you all, so keep an eye out for that arriving in around 9am!


Have a great week everyone!


Ktkinnes xxx