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My Secret Santa

Hey okay I get it – Christmas is over and you don’t want to hear any more about it until at least 1st November 2017. But this year, my secret santa present from Nuala is truly awesome!

I didn’t get telling you about it earlier in the season, but I did open it on 4th December and immediately got excited. Often, I find myself wanting to post but having no idea what to write about, and at these times I tend to ask my friends for advice. This year, Nuala presented me with The 52 Lists Project: A Year Of Weekly Journaling Inspiration by Moorea Seal. 

Me being me, I left it until 2nd January to have a proper look and read through it and it’s actually got me so excited! Each week, there are new lists and “Take Action” sections to get you thinking about you and your life. Think of it as a weekly challenge! So, while I’m still trying to figure out my new Blogging routine of 2017, I was wondering if you would like me to share them weekly as I do them?

My intentions would be to start each list on the Monday and have it finished by Wednesday in order to take action according to the list. Then I could write up a post and include it in Sunday’s Summary to keep you updated! What do you think?

Whether or not I share each week with you is entirely your choice, however I will let you know now that either way, I will be doing this throughout the year and won’t be looking ahead at the next week’s topic.

But yes, please do let me know what your opinion is!

Ktkinnes xx