2017: The Year I Achieved

2017: The Year I Achieved Life With Ktkinnes
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Here we are. It’s the last day of 2017, and what a year it was. It may have flown by, and I know for many reasons it could’ve been better, but today has arrived and it’s time to take a look back at all the events of the year.

As you may be aware, I started setting myself monthly goals back in 2016 in an attempt to make myself more answerable to me. At the end of 2016, I then went on to set myself some goals for the upcoming year. So while I want to take today to look back at everything I’ve done throughout 2017, you’ll have to call back tomorrow for my goals for 2018! That might take a while to get used to typing…

The year seems to have been a good one in my mind. January started with me waking up in a friend’s house, in a small Scottish town I had never been to before, Sherlock was on to welcome in the New Year (I still need to see the last episode… even though it’s now a full year later…), and I was happy. I spent a week back home in Northern Ireland with my family, before travelling back to Glasgow to officially start the new university year – this was going to be my year. I walked (kinda stormed…) out of the GRLPOWR group and joined Jordanne in running Bloggers Tribe, one of the best decisions I made. I had a friend over for dinner one night, went out for dinner the next, started two new courses in university, another friend came round for coffee, and we went for a night out that weekend – one which resulted in me putting my foot down on a plastic cup and falling on my bum in front of a room full of strangers. The following week was a quieter one, but still fun all the same. I went to classes, stayed on top of things, and spent some time around the flat. We went to the cinema to see LaLa Land, I went to the gym for the first time in ages, and finished my Friday rather drunk on a mini pub crawl around the west end of Glasgow. Finally, the weekend came and we had a birthday party. Drinks, dancing, and lots of fun was had. Well, except for the part where 12 out of 16 of us didn’t get into the local LGBTQ+ club simply for being straight but that’s an argument for another time. The month ended with an incredible day with the ever amazing Jordanne, and her little guy, just in and out of shops around Glasgow.

Along came February, and the first weekend saw me spend Friday night having casual drinks with friends and just talking. The next day saw the start of the Six Nations Rugby and so we trekked to the pub to watch the opening match over a pint. Sunday was then spent recovering and giving my liver a bit of a rest. After that, I had a quieter week before having a job interview (which I unfortunately didn’t get) and heading to Dundee to spend time with family. Arriving back home, I then had a week of getting more work done – it seemed to be never ending! However, at the end of the week, I got to relax and went to Jordanne’s for the weekend – SO MUCH FUN!!! We did a bit of shopping, watched multiple movies, planned lots of exciting things for Bloggers Tribe, played and played and played with Leon, and just genuinely couldn’t have had a better weekend. I had a couple of quieter days, focusing on my blog and Bloggers Tribe, before flying home for a surprise visit to the parents – any excuse to see the animals to be honest. When I was home, I visited family, went for walks, had a lovely meal out, played with Maisie and Baron, and -best of all- had a bath! You’ve no idea how much I miss baths when I’m in Glasgow. I finally travelled back to Glasgow on Monday, and then spent the last day of the month travelling up to Dundee again!

March was busy as heck, especially considering I didn’t start the month in Glasgow. I woke up on the 1st of March really early to travel to Aberdeen with my family for Rachel’s university interview. I the spent the next day with Jordanne, and then the weekend was spent socialising between drinks in the flat, a friend’s 21st birthday party, and then I hosted a murder mystery night on the Sunday! Now that was a fun night, with an awful lot of cooking. The following week saw me have lunch with Jordanne and the little guy, more drinks in the flat with friends (and a very drunk emotional night), a trip to the union to watch rugby, and a day of blogging. After all that, we had a friend come visit from the states so we had a group reunion on the Tuesday night for steaks and a bit of fun, followed by Rachel arriving over on the Wednesday. She had another interview on the Thursday so we travelled to Paisley, before flying home that night. The next day we were off to Lanzarote! You can read all about that here. Before long, we were headed back to the UK – Rachel to Belfast, and me to Glasgow. I then had a test on the 21st, dinner with Jordanne on the 23rd, and then on the 29th I travelled down to Southampton for Mary’s 21st birthday.

April was a little bit of a confusing month, and it was the second in a row that I hadn’t woken up in my own bed. I started it waking up in Mary’s house in Southampton, Mary was very hungover and Nuala and I were feeling quite fresh. So we had a quiet day then headed out for food mid afternoon. I went to Mass with Mary’s family (there’s a first time for everything!), and actually quite enjoyed the service, before we went for a carvery in the afternoon and then to her uncle’s that night. I headed back to Glasgow on the 3rd and was back in Northern Ireland before 8:30am on the 4th – man was I tired! My time at home was spent seeing family, doing the odd bit of revision, going shopping, and just generally enjoying the Easter break as best I could. Oh, and I saw Beauty and the Beast for the 3rd time… But I came back to Glasgow on the 21st and spent so much time revising that I really didn’t do much that month. Two exams out of the 5 had been completed by the time May came, and I felt like they went okay – at least better than last year’s! The flat hunting properly started , and I arranged viewings etc but it was hard to do when your mobile has no signal and your landline calls are quite expensive.

As for May, I actually can’t remember what all I got up to. In the time between my final 3 exams, I was doing a lot of flat hunting (unsuccessful until towards the end of the month), revising, and watching Nashville. I felt okay about the exams, but then I always do feel like they’ve gone okay. At one stage during all this, I met up with Jordanne for a day of shopping so that was a nice break! Once exams finished, I got catching up with friends again and having a bit more fun. In fact, the day I finished, we spent the afternoon in the park relaxing, along with a nice walk around the west end of Glasgow. The next day was our big flat clean and it felt so good to finally have some order returned! Although this didn’t last long as I’m sure you can imagine. We had our group meal in Topolabamba (absolutely fantastic food, basically Mexican tapas, and really good cocktails to cut the spice!), and then we went for an after dinner drink. Following that, we had a party at a friend’s flat to celebrate our freedom! The next day, we fought off hangovers when I cooked lunch for a couple of friends. The week then became a mix of packing, sleeping, watching Netflix, and tidying. By Thursday I was dying of boredom in the flat. I headed out with Paul for a treasure hunt around Glasgow City centre and ended up walking over 16km over the course of the day. It was so much fun, and there are so many more trails all around the place – check out the website to see if there’s one near you! It was so much fun, and the weather was almost too summery for it as we roasted to death in the sun, but the only downside was I managed to shred the skin from my feet so I couldn’t walk. So the next morning I got up nice and early for Leeds with Jordanne, Carey and John. I won’t go into detail here because you can read all about it here. But we had a great 4 days away in Leeds with Slam Dunk Festival on the Sunday. When we got home on  Monday night I just collapsed into bed. Tuesday was manic with packing and tidying, and there were several near breakdowns over how much stuff I have and how many spiders have taken up residence in my bedroom. Alcohol was very much needed on Tuesday night so I went for drinks with Nuala and Cassy before getting up on the final day of the month to put most of my stuff into storage. To end the day, I went to the cinema with Jordanne and Carey to see Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 2. It was brilliant! Baby Groot is adorable and I want one. Enough said.

June started with me travelling back here to Northern Ireland and getting ready to start a relaxing summer holiday.  How wrong was I? I signed up to Weight Watchers within a few days of getting home, and was getting nervous for my first meeting.  On the Monday, I was seeing family, unpacking, and just generally getting ready for a relaxing summer when my mum phoned to say she knew of a job opening if I went to the local recruitment agency that day to sign up. That afternoon I was told I had the job and was starting on Monday morning! The next day I was up early for my first weight watchers meeting. The rest of the day was spent running errands and I can’t really remember it, but the end of the week saw me getting some work experience in a local secondary school and I loved it!  Since then, I’ve been working during the weeks full time, and weekends have involved a lot of blogging and family time. I went to the Nashville World Tour when they came to Belfast, have had a few barbeques,  been out for a few meals, booked a flight back to Glasgow so I can see people for 24 hours, took Rachel to the cinema for a secret screening of The House, and finished off the month out for dinner and then on to the theatre to see Not Dead Enough – a crime thriller based on the book by James Patterson.

July was a bit of a blur, what with working full time in the office. It was rather hectic to say the least. I was going to Weight Watchers every week, and was loving having a bit of routine back in my life! However that routine was making it difficult for me to actually get blogging half the time. Rachel was interrailing, I was working, shopping, sleeping, and just praying that I’d make it to the 27th July to head off on holiday! However, weekends were spent with family, and I did manage a break across the water for less than 24 hours to catch up with some friends! You can find out more about my Turkish holiday here.

August was a strange month. Once again, I welcomed in a new month in a bed that wasn’t mine.  We were on holiday in Turkey, and that was a strange holiday. I got half way through writing that post when we got home, but you can find the link above.  While in Turkey, we shopped, sunbathed, swam, and just tried to relax for a while.  While we were away, Rachel stayed home and had quite a bit of hassle between one granny being ill, the other being around quite frequently, and Baron’s health went downhill very quickly.  So we were speaking to her every other day to keep up with her and what was going on back in Northern Ireland. We took a day trip to Rhodes, where we explored the old town, and I managed to burn through some of the euros I had been saving for Paris… whoops! The holiday was a good break, especially with working full time this summer.  However, we got back in the early hours of Friday 11th August, and had to have Baron put down that day.  Mum and I came back to a very busy week in work, and there was so much needing done that we both ended up working all the extra hours we physically could before collapsing into our seats in front of the tv each night. We were back less than a week when Rachel’s A Level results came in and on 1st September she moved to her new flat in Edinburgh Napier. So between 17th August and the end of the month, we were all busy trying to get her ready to move, and get me ready to move too. Oh! Another thing I forgot that happened – the night we got back from Rhodes, I got a message from the girl I was meant to be sharing a flat with to say the flat had fallen through and I needed to find somewhere else to live. Let’s just say I was rather annoyed and leave it at that. Thankfully, I found a flat fairly quickly, and am now living alone in a 2 bedroom place – just what I’d hoped for at the start! Also, with no longer going back to university (hence the new tagline) I was looking at full time jobs, and will be starting a new course in the college in February, only if I don’t completely fall in love with my new job! Everything was changing and I was so excited to see where this new chapter would take me! Even if the financial side of it all is still terrifying me…

September marked a new start for me. On the very first day of the month, the 4 of us piled into the 2 cars a bit like the Hillbillies and set off for Scotland – one car to Glasgow, and the other to Edinburgh. I got moving into my new little flat, had an early birthday night with Jordanne, and began to panic about how this would all come together. The next day, we moved stuff in and the flat began to feel a little more homely. However, I didn’t have long to get used to it before I headed to Dundee to catch up with the Scottish half of the family! Following this, I had mum and dad staying for 4 days to help me get moved in. They left on the Thursday, and by Saturday I was ready for my birthday! It was great! A little odd not seeing any family, but Jordanne and I went to see Blood Brothers, and we had a great night.  And the next day? Oh yeah, we flew to Paris for a mini break to Disneyland Paris! Loved every minute of it! When we got back to the UK, I had Rachel over for the weekend as her birthday is the 18th September, and by the 19th I was exhausted. However, the job hunt was ongoing in the background of all this! On the 23rd, I had Mary, Nuala and Jason over for a mini flat warming, and then the rest of the month passed pretty quietly (except for a few interviews), but I think it was certainly needed! All I can say is the job hunting paid off – I had a job!

October started off brilliantly. I ran out of gas, and my gas supplier couldn’t figure out what was going on. After 4 hours on the phone, they finally gave me a solution to try, but I had to wait a good few hours before I could try it. In the meantime, I got a phone call from one of the recruitment agencies I had spoken to – I had a job! Didn’t even have to interview. What started off as a bad day didn’t turn out too bad in the end! A few days later, and I was boarding the plane with Jordanne to go to Ibiza for a week! You can read more about our travels via the link above, but I can tell you I had an amazing time, and it was perfect being back in my favourite country! When we got back from Ibiza, there was a lot happening. I went to the SmashBurger Glasgow VIP event and a Body Shop VIP event with Jordanne, we went to the Glasgow Good Food event, I started working, I had family over for the weekend, and I finally got to see friends and have a catch up!

November was hectic to say the least! I started the month by spending the night at Mary and Nuala’s after watching The Apprentice and having a much craved Chinese takeaway! I was out celebrating Lucy’s birthday, and got to see Lucy (obviously as it was her birthday…), Paul, Hannah and Josie! We had a good catch up, a lovely dinner out, a few drinks in Hillhead Bookclub, and then managed to stay up really late to chat and put up my airbed! I spent the night there, before leaving soon after breakfast. A quick journey home before a quick turn around to get up to Rachel in Edinburgh on time for lunch. Unfortunately, the traffic had other ideas. Roadworks meant a diversion into the Asda car park, and after 45 minutes of the car not moving, I parked up and walked to her. We had lunch and went to go back for the car, only for the traffic to not have moved since I left it! We tried again for half an hour, then decided we’d just go into town. This idea kind of fell apart when we realised the bus would also be stuck in that traffic. So back we went, and we just sat in the car until we finally got the car out of the car park at about 5. Did I mention I drove into the carpark just after 1 o’clock? That night we went to see Murder On The Orient Express (great film! Go see it if you haven’t already!) and out for a few drinks with her friends. Bonfire night, I stayed in and just collapsed on the sofa – I was shattered! Another week of work came, and then that weekend I went to Brown’s Hair Salon in Dumfries! It was a brilliant day! Sunday was yet another day of cooking, cleaning, and trying to keep on top of everything else. Monday came around again, and this week I was feeling less tired and more ready to take everything on. The week passed without much happening, but Friday night saw me curl up on the sofa to watch Children in Need on the BBC. I was about to turn the TV on when I got a twitter notification to say I had won a giveaway I’d entered! The prize? A download of The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs! Friday was looking brilliant! So I watched Children in Need and played The Sims, and finally went to bed around 2am. Saturday say my first lie in in ages! I actually slept until after 9! And yes, that is now a lie in for me. I then spent the day blogging, and on Sunday I went to see the lights being turned on at the Loch Lomond Christmas Market. Once again, Monday morning came all too soon. However, when Friday came I ran out the door of the office and drove to Edinburgh again! Rachel and I were going to the rugby on Saturday to see Scotland play Australia! Now, we went expecting Scotland to lose, and the atmosphere was brilliant! And for it being my first time at a proper rugby match, I was so excited! Sunday then saw me trying to clean, cook, and prepare for the upcoming week.

December came along, and I was ready to get home for Christmas. The first weekend saw me finishing decorating for Christmas, and I did my usual shopping and cleaning. Blogmas took a lot of my time, trying to organise everything. A busy week of work followed, and after I handed in my resignation at work, I was ready to go home. Jordanne and I had our Christmas night in with a lot of drinks and a rather tasty dinner, and the rest of the weekend was spent cleaning and packing. On the Monday morning, I did my final few things, met Jordanne for coffee, went to Mary and Nuala’s for their Christmas Pot Luck Dinner, and then headed from Glasgow to Cairnryan to get my 3:30am boat back to Northern Ireland. The boat journey passed without any issues, and I drove back to Lisburn, arriving around 6:30am. The only problem was, Lisburn had more snow than I was expecting so I couldn’t just drive into the street and let myself in to the house. Instead, I drove to Mum’s office and hid there to surprise her. I saw family, went to the shops with my granny, and tried to sleep in the afternoon. That evening, we went for drinks when mum got out of work. Rachel got home the next day, and unsurprisingly we spent the rest of the week shopping for Mum’s birthday presents. For her birthday, we treated her to a lie in, an afternoon at her mum’s, and a meal out at one of our favourite Indian restaurants. The next week was then spent preparing for Christmas, and we finished it off by a family trip to see Paddington 2 – loved it! Christmas was brilliant, and we spent a lot of time with different parts of the family, and so it was actually quite nice to relax for a couple of days between Christmas and New Year.

As I said earlier, I’ll take the time to look at my goals for the year tomorrow, but today I’d like to look at my December goals.

  • Reach a total weight loss of 56lbs – I came so close to achieving this… I ended up with a total weight loss of 55lbs. And while I’m delighted with what I’ve achieved, I am disappointed I didn’t reach that final stage.
  • Read one book – Yeah this didn’t happen… I was too tired constantly to be honest!
  • Successfully take part in Blogmas – Well today marks the 32nd day in a row of me posting here on Life With Ktkinnes! So I think we can tick this one off!
  • Find a new job for January – Okay so this hasn’t happened yet, but I’m not giving up hope.

How was your December? And how was your 2017 in general? Why not share some of your own personal achievements down below in the comments?

Before I go, I wanted to wish you a Happy New Year! Remember to call back tomorrow to see my goals for the upcoming year!

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    So proud of all you’ve achieved my special chick. Keep going I’m positive that this time next year you’ll be writing another happy post xxxx

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