2017 So Far!

2017 So Far! Life With Ktkinnes
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Hello everyone! How’s everyone feeling this Monday morning? I’m heading back up to Glasgow today after a weekend in Southampton, and with it being a new month and the start of a new week, I thought why not have a brief look back at the goals I set myself at the end of 2016. A bit of a check-up if you’ll allow it!

The year seems to have been a good one in my mind. January started with me waking up in a friend’s house, in a small Scottish town I had never been to before, Sherlock was on to welcome in the new year (I still need to see the last episode… even though it’s now April…), and I was happy. I spent a week back home in Northern Ireland with my family, before travelling back to Glasgow to officially start the new university year – this was going to be my year. I walked (kinda stormed…) out of the GRLPOWR group and joined Jordanne in running Bloggers Tribe, one of the best decisions I’ve made in the last 6 months. I had a friend over for dinner one night, went out for dinner the next, started two new courses in university, another friend came round for coffee, and we went for a night out that weekend – one which resulted in me putting my foot down on a plastic cup and falling on my bum in front of a room full of strangers. The following week was a quieter one, but still fun all the same. I went to classes, stayed on top of things, and spent some time around the flat. We went to the cinema to see LaLa Land, I went to the gym for the first time in ages, and finished my Friday rather drunk on a mini pub crawl around the west end of Glasgow. Finally, the weekend came and we had a birthday party. Drinks, dancing, and lots of fun was had. Well, except for the part where 12 out of 16 of us didn’t get into the local LGBTQ+ club simply for being straight but that’s an argument for another time. The month ended with an incredible day with the ever amazing Jordanne, and her little guy, just in and out of shops around Glasgow.

Along came February, and the first weekend saw me spend Friday night having casual drinks with friends and just talking. The next day saw the start of the Six Nations Rugby and so we trekked to the pub to watch the opening match over a pint. Sunday was then spent recovering and giving my liver a bit of a rest. After that, I had a quieter week before having a job interview (which I unfortunately didn’t get) and heading to Dundee to spend time with family. Arriving back home, I then had a week of getting more work done – it seemed to be never ending! However, at the end of the week, I got to relax and went to Jordanne’s for the weekend – SO MUCH FUN!!! We did a bit of shopping, watched multiple movies, planned lots of exciting things for Bloggers Tribe, played and played and played with Leon, and just genuinely couldn’t have had a better weekend. I had a couple of quieter days, focusing on my blog and Bloggers Tribe, before flying home for a surprise visit to the parents – any excuse to see the animals to be honest. When I was home, I visited family, went for walks, had a lovely meal out, played with Maisie and Baron, and -best of all- had a bath! You’ve no idea how much I miss baths when I’m in Glasgow. I finally travelled back to Glasgow on Monday, and then spent the last day of the month travelling up to Dundee again!

March has been busy as heck, especially considering I didn’t start the month in Glasgow. I woke up on the 1st of March really early to travel to Aberdeen with my family for Rachel’s university interview. I the spent the next day with Jordanne, and then the weekend was spent socialising between drinks in the flat, a friend’s 21st birthday party, and then I hosted a murder mystery night on the Sunday! Now that was a fun night, with an awful lot of cooking. The following week saw me have lunch with Jordanne and the little guy, more drinks in the flat with friends (and a very drunk emotional night), a trip to the union to watch rugby, and a day of blogging. After all that, we had a friend come visit from the states so we had a group reunion on the Tuesday night for steaks and a bit of fun, followed by Rachel arriving over on the Wednesday. She had another interview on the Thursday so we travelled to Paisley, before flying home that night. The next day we were off to Lanzarote! You can read all about that here. Before long, we were headed back to the UK – Rachel to Belfast, and me to Glasgow. I then had a test on the 21st, dinner with Jordanne on the 23rd, and then on the 29th I travelled down to Southampton for Mary’s 21st birthday, and I’ll be on a flight back to Glasgow in a couple of hours.

So throughout all that, I have been trying to work hard on my goals for the year. If you remember them, I split them into smaller categories to make them slightly easier to focus on.


  1. Lose 2 stone in weight. That’s 28 pounds across 12 months. 2 and a half a month roughly. Perfectly doable.
    I’m not sure if you remember but I’ve decided to not focus on the numbers when it comes to weight loss. As long as I feel comfortable and healthy then I’m happy and isn’t that the main thing?
  2. Save money.
    I’m not sure how well saving is going, but the Lent Challenge we did within the flat has seriously helped as we’re not snacking and not getting takeaways and such. However, you can see for yourselves I’ve been going out for dinner and drinks quite a bit.
  3. Become more confident.
    Can I judge this? I don’t know. But for the first time in forever (anyone else singing? Cos I sure am now!) I felt comfortable walking around in shorts on holiday! I can’t remember the last time I felt comfortable enough in myself to wear shorts.
  4. Read 12 books.
    Well considering we’re only a quarter of the way into the year, for me to be on track I need to have read 3 books by now. My count rate so far? I’ve read 5! You can find their reviews by clicking on any of the titles: You Are A Badass, The Mirror, The Twelfth Day Of July, Where She Went, and Melancholy Mind. Not bad for only 3 months, am I right?


  1. Post 2 times a week.
    The only week this hasn’t happened was the first week in February and that actually is really annoying me that I haven’t been able to stick to this plan/goal.
  2. Try and keep to a schedule of posts.
    Again, I have been able to stick to this plan most of the time but I missed a few in January and quite a few in February. March has been the best month so far for sticking to my ideal schedule!
  3. Reach 350 followers by the end of the year.
    Well, the last I checked I had 364 WordPress followers, 8 email followers, and 104 Bloglovin’ followers! So I’ve to try and set another goal! Not sure what to set it for, but we’ll come to that in a while.
  4. Interact with more blogs and their authors!
    Bloggers Tribe has introduced me to some amazing new bloggers and their work, and I love interacting with everyone!


  1. Pass this year and get into 3rd year.
    Well it seems to have been going well! But won’t be able to talk about this one until the check in in October… Wish me luck!
  2. Keep on top of work.
    I’ve been managing to stay on top of everything, even if it has meant a few sleepless nights!
  3. Ask questions if I’m confused or need help.
    Well I haven’t needed to ask questions yet… but exams are close so let’s see how this goes!


  1. Visit one new country.
    Does it count if I’ve been to a country before but don’t remember it? Because we went to Lanzarote when I was either 6 or 7 years old so have no memory of the island whatsoever. And if you don’t count that, we’ve booked to go to Turkey for two weeks in the summer!
  2. Meet up with Francesca!
    Haven’t managed this yet… we’ve both been so busy with university and everything else that’s been going on, but I’m sure we can meet up sometime soon!
  3. Go on more adventures or days out
    So I think we can definitely say I’ve visited new places, gone on days out, and just generally made the most of the last 3 months. Between Kirkcaldy, Aberdeen, Dundee, Cumbernauld, Lanzarote, and now Southampton, I’ve certainly been travelling around the place a lot considering I’m a full time student and living on a student loan.

So that’s where I currently am on each of these goals for the year! How are yours going?


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