2017: Half Way Through

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Now that we’re officially over half way through the year, I thought it would be a good idea to have a look back at my goals for 2017! But first, let’s take a look back at the last 3 months and what I’ve been up to.

April was a little bit of a confusing month, and it was the second in a row that I hadn’t woken up in my own bed. I started it waking up in Mary’s house in Southampton, Mary was very hungover and Nuala and I were feeling quite fresh. So we had a quiet day then headed out for food mid afternoon. I went to Mass with Mary’s family (there’s a first time for everything!), and actually quite enjoyed the service, before we went for a carvery in the afternoon and then to her uncle’s that night. I headed back to Glasgow on the 3rd and was back in Northern Ireland before 8:30am on the 4th – man was I tired! My time at home was spent seeing family, doing the odd bit of revision, going shopping, and just generally enjoying the Easter break as best I could. Oh, and I saw Beauty and the Beast for the 3rd time… But I came back to Glasgow on the 21st and spent so much time revising that I really didn’t do much that month. Two exams out of the 5 had been completed by the time May came, and I felt like they went okay – at least better than last year’s! The flat hunting properly started , and I arranged viewings etc but it was hard to do when your mobile has no signal and your landline calls are quite expensive.

As for May, I actually can’t remember what all I got up to. In the time between my final 3 exams, I was doing a lot of flat hunting (unsuccessful until towards the end of the month), revising, and watching Nashville. I felt okay about the exams, but then I always do feel like they’ve gone okay. At one stage during all this, I met up with Jordanne for a day of shopping so that was a nice break! Once exams finished, I got catching up with friends again and having a bit more fun. In fact, the day I finished, we spent the afternoon in the park relaxing, along with a nice walk around the west end of Glasgow. The next day was our big flat clean and it felt so good to finally have some order returned! Although this didn’t last long as I’m sure you can imagine. We had our group meal in Topolabamba (absolutely fantastic food, basically Mexican tapas, and really good cocktails to cut the spice!), and then we went for an after dinner drink. Following that, we had a party at a friend’s flat to celebrate our freedom! The next day, we fought off hangovers when I cooked lunch for a couple of friends. The week then became a mix of packing, sleeping, watching Netflix, and tidying. By Thursday I was dying of boredom in the flat. I headed out with Paul for a treasure hunt around Glasgow City centre and ended up walking over 16km over the course of the day. It was so much fun, and there are so many more trails all around the place – check out the website to see if there’s one near you! It was so much fun, and the weather was almost too summery for it as we roasted to death in the sun, but the only downside was I managed to shred the skin from my feet so I couldn’t walk. So the next morning I got up nice and early for Leeds with Jordanne, Carey and John. I won’t go into detail here because you can read all about it here. But we had a great 4 days away in Leeds with Slam Dunk Festival on the Sunday. When we got home on  Monday night I just collapsed into bed. Tuesday was manic with packing and tidying, and there were several near breakdowns over how much stuff I have and how many spiders have taken up residence in my bedroom. Alcohol was very much needed on Tuesday night so I went for drinks with Nuala and Cassy before getting up on the final day of the month to put most of my stuff into storage. To end the day, I went to the cinema with Jordanne and Carey to see Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 2. It was brilliant! Baby Groot is adorable and I want one. Enough said.

June started with me travelling back here to Northern Ireland and getting ready to start a relaxing summer holiday.  How wrong was I? I signed up to Weight Watchers within a few days of getting home, and was getting nervous for my first meeting.  On the Monday, I was seeing family, unpacking, and just generally getting ready for a relaxing summer when my mum phoned to say she knew of a job opening if I went to the local recruitment agency that day to sign up. That afternoon I was told I had the job and was starting on Monday morning! The next day I was up early for my first weight watchers meeting. The rest of the day was spent running errands and I can’t really remember it, but the end of the week saw me getting some work experience in a local secondary school and I loved it!  Since then, I’ve been working during the weeks full time, and weekends have involved a lot of blogging and family time. I went to the Nashville World Tour when they came to Belfast, have had a few barbeques,  been out for a few meals, booked a flight back to Glasgow so I can see people for 24 hours, took Rachel to the cinema for a secret screening of The House, and finished off the month out for dinner and then on to the theatre to see Not Dead Enough – a crime thriller based on the book by James Patterson.

So through the busy last few months, shall we have a look at how my goals have been going?


  1. Lose 2 stone in weight. That’s 28 pounds across 12 months. 2 and a half a month roughly. Perfectly doable.
    Okay, so you might remember that I decided I wasn’t going to look at the figures, and that if I’m happy then that’s all that matters. However, as I mentioned above, I joined Weight Watchers at the start of June and within 3 weeks I have managed to lose 11lbs! I’m actually so happy seeing the (small) differences that those 11lbs have made, and I can’t wait to see how far I can get by Christmas.
  2. Save money.
    I’m not sure how well saving is going, between being home over Easter (saving money) and then it being exam time so not much socialising, I should’ve saved. However, when we did do things, it always cost money, and I did spend a week of doing exciting stuff with Jordanne in my last week in Glasgow. So while I probably saved some money, I also spent quite a bit at other times. However, now that I have my job, I’m able to save some money for my holiday!
  3. Become more confident.
    Can I judge this? I don’t know. But for the first time in forever (anyone else singing? Cos I sure am now!) I am beginning to feel okay again. Plus, I can now get 3 days out of a hair wash! That’s made me so happy.
  4. Read 12 books.
    We’re now half way through the year, so for me to be on track I need to have read 6 books by now. My count rate so far? I’ve read 9! You can find their reviews by clicking on any of the titles: You Are A Badass, The Mirror, The Twelfth Day Of July, Where She Went, Melancholy Mind , Happy: 50 Mindfulness and Relaxation Exercises To Boost Your Mood Every Day (no review written), Me Before You, Letters To Eloise, and The Devil’s Poetry.  Nine books in 6 months isn’t bad! Now all I need to do is make sure I read at least 1 book before I head away on holiday.


  1. Post 2 times a week.
    I have been trying to stick to a rough schedule, however recently I have been awful at getting these blog posts written. Sorry!
  2. Try and keep to a schedule of posts.
    Again, I have been able to stick to this plan most of the time but I missed a few in January and quite a few in February. March has been the best month so far for sticking to my ideal schedule! Although I genuinely think June has been my worst month to date.
  3. Reach 350 followers by the end of the year.
    Well, the last we checked in on how this goal was going, I had 364 WordPress followers, 8 email followers, and 104 Bloglovin’ followers!
    Now? Well now I have 411 WordPress followers, 8 email followers, and 131 Bloglovin’ followers!
  4. Interact with more blogs and their authors!
    Bloggers Tribe has introduced me to some amazing new bloggers and their work, and I love interacting with everyone!


  1. Pass this year and get into 3rd year.
    Whoops… well this one crashed and burned. Who knows where life is taking me?
  2. Keep on top of work.
    Since it’s now the summer, I can say I definitely tried my best with this one!
  3. Ask questions if I’m confused or need help.
    Well I didn’t do this, but I honestly didn’t think I needed the help… Ah well!


  1. Visit one new country.
    Well, if you remember from my post back in April, I talked about how Rachel and I were just back from Lanzarote, and Mum and Dad had just booked for the 3 of us to go to Turkey! Well, I know it’s a while away but I am so excited.
  2. Meet up with Francesca!
    Haven’t managed this yet… we’ve both been so busy with university and everything else that’s been going on, but I’m sure we can meet up sometime soon!
  3. Go on more adventures or days out
    So I think we can definitely say I’ve visited new places, gone on days out, and just generally made the most of the last 6 months. Between Kirkcaldy, Aberdeen, Dundee, Cumbernauld, Lanzarote, and now Southampton, I’ve certainly been travelling around the place a lot considering I’m a full time student and living on a student loan. And all that was just in the first 3 months! Since then, I’ve been to Portsmouth and Leeds.

So that’s you up to date! How has everyone else’s year been so far? I want to hear how your goals are going!

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  • Holly

    So proud of you Katie and 11 pounds is absolutely fantastic . Keep aiming high and i am pretty sure you’ll achieve all the goals you have wrote with no problem at all. Much love babe xxx

  • ktkinnes

    Thanks Holly! Actually since I wrote this post a week ago (and forgot to update it!) I’ve lost a total of 16 pounds! 💖

  • Becka

    Thanks so much for sharing this post! You have done amazing to already be smashing your goals! You should be so chuffed with yourself. Amazing!

    Becka 💖

  • ktkinnes

    Haha that’s not a bad thing though, as long as you’re happy and enjoying life it doesn’t matter if you’ve little to show for it! Thanks for the comment 💖xx

  • Kt

    I think we roughly have the same goals! Aha!
    Also I would love to meet you and Jordanne so so bad! Two of my absolute favourite bloggers!
    And an absolute well done for the now 16 pounds lost! I’m on a weight loss journey myself so I know how hard it can be! Proud of you girl 💛

  • anoceanglimmer

    Sounds like you’ve had a cracking past couple of months lovely! Very action packed, congrats on the weight loss, that must be an amazing feeling! Definitely keep up with it babe! The past couple of months have been quite busy for me, I can’t even remember what I’ve done… What I do know is this year is going too fast!?


  • abbeylouisarose

    Sounds like you’re really making progress through a lot of your goals! You have a lot to feel proud of! Your weight loss so far has been fantastic, and I’m so impressed at the number of books you’ve read! Huge congrats on smashing your follower goal as well, keep working hard and I’m sure you’ll have achieved even more great things by the end of 2017!

    Abbey 💋

  • sianreed93

    I wish I’d have gone to Slam Dunk! I applaud you if you can stick to a blogging schedule; I have tried and failed on more than one occasion!

    Sian x

  • withanoceanviewblog

    Well done Katie, you are amazing, congrats on the weightloss you are doing amazingly, I don’t know how I’d cope with what you’ve been up to I would get a bit dizzy, also so jealous you’ve seen Guardians of the Galaxy 2, I’m desperate to see Baby Groot. x

  • Tarnya

    It sounds like you’ve been super duper busy! And I love all that the goals you’ve reached and the ones you’ve set yourself! It makes me want to set myself more!

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