The Missing Mojo

I’ve been spending more and more time thinking at the minute. And yes, thinking’ great, it’s natural, but what do we do when the thoughts in our head just won’t go away? Take this for example…


Even Stars

Okay so firstly I want to say sorry this hasn’t gone up at its usual time of 9am, but I actually didn’t get writing this until after 11am… How was everyone’s weekend? Get up to anything exciting? Apologies in advance for any language in this post that may offend, I’m just taking the time to ramble and rant and think things through. Read More

Last night’s chat

Ahhhh!!! So last night was my first ever time hosting a Twitter Chat and yes I may be biased but I think that went extremely well! Never mind that though, it’s also Friday so the day just keeps getting better and better! So today’s post will be a little different – I’ve picked my favourite answers and will be listing them here alongside the questions and the person’s twitter handle so you can give them a follow and maybe have a nosy at their links! Think of it as a Follow Friday type post.


Question 1 – Starting with an easy question – what’s your favourite Disney film and why?

  • “Beauty and the Beast! I just love the story and relate to belle so much!A quiet girl who loves to read and sing! – Chloe (@chloebeeslife –
  • “It’s always been and always will be Dumbo, the struggle of the adorable silent elephant who was a little different” – Utterly Feral (@utterly_feral –
  • “Mulan. The soundtrack is cracking and she is a hero for anyone who thinks they’re a fuck up.” – Lauren Aitchison (@thetartandevil –
  • “Pocahontas cos of the songs, nature and beautiful scenery in film!” – Sarah (@SarahIslesy –


Question 2 – Who is that one character you love to hate and why?

  • “Ursula is the ultimate baddie, she’s awesome and her songs are incredible” – Teri-may (@AcupofTblog –
  • “Gaston!He’s awful but he’s a bit of a legend, let’s be honest!” – Sally (@little_budget –
  • “I love to hate Scar – who can’t resist Jeremy Irons’ lovely British accent in the Lion King” – Nicola Hughes (@mummytodex –
  • “Ursula! I love her sassiness. Same with Hades, I feel like I’m basically Hades in a human form!” – Charlie Sinclair (@ablogbycharlie –


Question 3 – What’s that one Disney song you can’t help but sing along to?

  • “What do you mean ONE song?! I sing along to EVERY Disney song” – Lisa (@Following_Lisa –
  • “When Will My Life Begin – Tangled 🙂 it’s my cleaning song” – Kirsty Morgan (@kirstyCprincess –
  • “Sometimes dramatically singing along to the slow and sad ones is all I need” – Lisa (@Following_Lisa –
  • “Zero to Hero. The Hercules soundtrack is so underrated. I love that the muses are all WOC” – Lauren Aitchison  (@thetartandevil –


Question 4 – Have you ever been to Disneyland? What was your favourite part if you have been?

  • “YES!!! I’m proud to say it and being little it was like a dream! Got all of the characters autographs too” – Ashley (@ashmcc87 –
  • “I went to Disneyland Paris for my 21st Birthday this Summer and it was MAGICAL!” – Kayleigh Elizabeth (@hiyakayleigh –
  • “Nope! I’m not sure I want to go if I’m honest because as much as it looks magical I don’t love theme parks” – Erin Grace (@everythingxerin –
  • “Going during Christmas is amazing and magical. I went after my Thanksgiving last time and it was THE BEST.” – Wendy Banner (@fashionblogger –


Question 5 – If you could be any Disney character who would you be and why?

  • “I would probably be Cinderella as she got her happy ever after, after everything!” – Kimberley Jessica (@kimmcpherson_ –
  • “I would want to be Mia from Princess Diaries. Like, when is my Gran gonna randomly tell me I’m a princess?” – Kayleigh Elizabeth (@hiyakayleigh –
  • BELLE because there is no reason why you wouldn’t want to be her” – Shannon Valentine (@shanvalentine_ –
  • “I used to want to be a princess but now I like the idea of being a villain! Cruella, maleficent or the evil queen” – Robyn (@midnightandlace –


So that was my first experience of hosting a chat and I had the most fantastic time! Hope you all have a lovely weekend whatever you get up to!


Ktkinnes xx