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Last night’s chat

Ahhhh!!! So last night was my first ever time hosting a Twitter Chat and yes I may be biased but I think that went extremely well! Never mind that though, it’s also Friday so the day just keeps getting better and better! So today’s post will be a little different – I’ve picked my favourite answers and will be listing them here alongside the questions and the person’s twitter handle so you can give them a follow and maybe have a nosy at their links! Think of it as a Follow Friday type post.


Question 1 – Starting with an easy question – what’s your favourite Disney film and why?

  • “Beauty and the Beast! I just love the story and relate to belle so much!A quiet girl who loves to read and sing! – Chloe (@chloebeeslife –
  • “It’s always been and always will be Dumbo, the struggle of the adorable silent elephant who was a little different” – Utterly Feral (@utterly_feral –
  • “Mulan. The soundtrack is cracking and she is a hero for anyone who thinks they’re a fuck up.” – Lauren Aitchison (@thetartandevil –
  • “Pocahontas cos of the songs, nature and beautiful scenery in film!” – Sarah (@SarahIslesy –


Question 2 – Who is that one character you love to hate and why?

  • “Ursula is the ultimate baddie, she’s awesome and her songs are incredible” – Teri-may (@AcupofTblog –
  • “Gaston!He’s awful but he’s a bit of a legend, let’s be honest!” – Sally (@little_budget –
  • “I love to hate Scar – who can’t resist Jeremy Irons’ lovely British accent in the Lion King” – Nicola Hughes (@mummytodex –
  • “Ursula! I love her sassiness. Same with Hades, I feel like I’m basically Hades in a human form!” – Charlie Sinclair (@ablogbycharlie –


Question 3 – What’s that one Disney song you can’t help but sing along to?

  • “What do you mean ONE song?! I sing along to EVERY Disney song” – Lisa (@Following_Lisa –
  • “When Will My Life Begin – Tangled ūüôā it’s my cleaning song” – Kirsty Morgan (@kirstyCprincess –¬†
  • “Sometimes dramatically singing along to the slow and sad ones is all I need” – Lisa¬†(@Following_Lisa –
  • “Zero to Hero. The Hercules soundtrack is so underrated. I love that the muses are all WOC” – Lauren Aitchison¬† (@thetartandevil –


Question 4 – Have you ever been to Disneyland? What was your favourite part if you have been?

  • “YES!!! I’m proud to say it and being little it was like a dream! Got all of the characters autographs too” – Ashley (@ashmcc87 –
  • “I went to Disneyland Paris for my 21st Birthday this Summer and it was MAGICAL!” – Kayleigh Elizabeth (@hiyakayleigh –
  • “Nope! I’m not sure I want to go if I’m honest because as much as it looks magical I don’t love theme parks” – Erin Grace (@everythingxerin –
  • “Going during Christmas is amazing and magical. I went after my Thanksgiving last time and it was THE BEST.” – Wendy Banner (@fashionblogger –


Question 5 – If you could be any Disney character who would you be and why?

  • “I would probably be Cinderella as she got her happy ever after, after everything!” – Kimberley Jessica (@kimmcpherson_ –
  • “I would want to be Mia from Princess Diaries. Like, when is my Gran gonna randomly tell me I’m a princess?” –¬†Kayleigh Elizabeth (@hiyakayleigh –
  • BELLE because there is no reason why you wouldn’t want to be her” – Shannon Valentine (@shanvalentine_ –
  • “I used to want to be a princess but now I like the idea of being a villain! Cruella, maleficent or the evil queen” – Robyn (@midnightandlace –


So that was my first experience of hosting a chat and I had the most fantastic time! Hope you all have a lovely weekend whatever you get up to!


Ktkinnes xx

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An hour of my thoughts

So today’s post is again a little different. How many of you go to your lectures? Yeah, I know, it’s a bit of a struggle. But I thought today I’d let you sit in on my Physics lecture I had on Tuesday. I was going to talk you through all the scientific stuff but instead, here’s basically what went through my head for the duration of this lecture!


12:05 – stupid SRC election people coming in telling us to vote…

12:09 I swear this lecturer reminds me of a welsh guy who used to teach in my primary school… We’re going over all the stuff we did last day – Simple Harmonic Motion with Damping. For a physics lecture you’d be surprised at the number of words and letters on the board as opposed to numbers.

12:12 – he’s now writing on the board… I wasn’t prepared to have to write things on paper as well as on the laptop! It’s okay, he’s included it on the next slide, phew!

12:14 I can see our scanner… Does anyone else’s uni have them scan the bar-code on their student ID to take attendance? It’s genuinely the highlight of these lectures.

12:16 so I’ve actually learnt something I didn’t know before today! The ‘real’ and ‘imaginary’ parts of the equation can be solved. I mean I should’ve known that but I suppose I never really noticed it was that kind of an equation before (slide 5). Complex numbers aren’t my strong point.

12:18 Yay I’ve been scanned in! We have to attend a minimum of 50% of our lectures (reduced from last year) to get credit for the course.

12:20 Whoever is sitting at the back really needs to get up and close the door… People talking outside are too loud for me to hear the lecturer

12:26 I am decidedly hungry. Coco Pops aren’t as filling as you’d expect. Considering I only ate them 2 hours ago, I shouldn’t be hungry again. Only another 30 minutes of the lecture!

12:29 Decided I like and respect this lecturer. He comes in in his casual baggy trousers that probably haven’t seen an iron in a while, his polo shirts from varying designers (and yet still looking casual) and what can only be described as beige slip-on trainers with no laces or velcro or whatever. I think if I was a lecturer, I’d probably be like him – casual and comfy instead of worrying about looking amazing daily.

12:33 Yeah I’m not wearing this jumper again unless there’s a top under it. It’s one of my favourite jumpers but it’s so itchy I just can’t cope! It’s making it hard to concentrate.

12:35 I’m not really sure why he just talked us through the units of gamma but at the same time i’m sure it’s useful. I’ll remember that one.

12:39 Just caved and checked Twitter. I think I may have an addiction. Send help.

12:41 I could play the sims… I shouldn’t but I could. The people sitting beside me keep looking at my laptop to see what I’m writing. Yes I know I’m not typing notes but I am paying attention unlike you and your whispering in whatever language you’re talking.

12:45 These seats are incredibly uncomfortable. You’d think if they want us to sit for 50 minutes in the one position, they’d make the seats more comfortable. And he just divided stuff by 2 to ‘make it simpler’ but in my opinion is was easier to leave it as it was… Maybe that’s where I lost marks last year – I didn’t simplify to their level?

12:51 He has 4 minutes left…. Almost free! Although we only got half way through the powerpoint… not so good. Ah well, there’s always next time. My attendance record this year (so far) probably looks fab… That’s exciting.

12:53 Come on… finish up for the day. Please. Like this is interesting but I can go home for lunch and maybe a nap…

12:54 yas he finished!

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My anti-anti-bucket list

And once again we find ourselves looking at a Wednesday morning. Only 3 more hours until we’re officially half way through the working week! The more I think about it, the more I’m ready for the weekend again. With another night out again tonight (and many advance apologies to my snapchat friends) I’m not looking forward to tomorrow morning. 


Anyway, enough about today, and on to today’s post! Anyone who read all of last week’s posts – and if you didn’t, why not? – will know that last week I guest posted on Jade’s blog over at with the topic of My Anti-Bucket list, a list of things I hope not to do in my lifetime. So today, a week later, I thought I would share my bucket list with you! Sounds interesting, right?


  1. Become a teacher. It’s all I’ve wanted to do for as long as I can remember and it’s so close but yet so far!
  2. Go to a Christmas Market on the continent. I don’t overly mind which one, but I’ve heard the Christmas Markets on the mainland of Europe are fantastic and so, being obsessed with the festive season, I really want to go!
  3. Have a holiday home in Ibiza. Yes, my love of Ibiza has spread even to here. When asked why I love it so much, I still can’t give an exact answer. But surely that’s a good thing? If you’ve never been, I definitely recommend Santa Eulalia. Just saying.
  4. Visit Florida. Not really sure why this one either but it seems like a nice place to go!
  5. Go ice skating in New York. Yes, I’ve been to the Big Apple, but I didn’t get to go ice skating. I did, however, go shopping on 5th Avenue but that wasn’t ever on the bucket list.
  6. See Ed Sheeran in concert. I was heartbroken that I couldn’t get tickets for him in Glasgow but was able to get Rachel and a friend tickets for in Belfast while I was stuck in lectures in Glasgow.
  7. Go to Disneyland in America. Having been to the Parisian one, I’m now set on going in the states.
  8. Visit the Harry Potter studios. What Potter fan our age doesn’t want to go??
  9. Go to South Africa to see the penguins. When I told my sister this she looked at me in disbelief but yes there are times of the year when penguins are at the southern-most tip of South Africa!
  10. Visit London’s Winter Wonderland. It sounds magical and it’s Christmassy so who wouldn’t want to go?
  11. Get my tattoo. Have you not heard about my tattoo? The one I want is a turtle but I’ll have to show you it.


What would be on your list?


Ktkinnes xx

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Your Closet

Happy National Coming Out Day to anyone and everyone! I didn’t actually know this was a thing until I attended a Coming Out Campaign run by University of Glasgow’s LGBTQ+ Society back on Wednesday 28th September. During this event, we discussed why we have a national coming out day, whether there’s a need for it, and what our opinions of it in general were.

Rainbow flag

Now, I’m not going to lie, this post has been actually quite difficult for me to write. I’m out to my friends, that’s not a problem at all. I’m out to my sister and four of my cousins. But coming out to family is always going to be a struggle, so I’ll talk a little about that in a while. Another slight struggle when writing this was knowing what to actually include and what not to include. I’ve been very careful to not include names of people when talking about what was said during the talk, I’m trying really hard not to misgender anyone, and, finally, I didn’t want this to be a post that people not of the LGBTQ+ society would just scroll past and completely disregard.


When I sat down to write this post, I actually felt like a ‘proper’ blogger for a few minutes – I was researching, gathering images, videos and the likes, and trying to think about the best way to get my message across to so many of you without offending anyone or making anyone feel uncomfortable.


So, for anyone who doesn’t actually know what coming out is, it’s when one person tells another person their sexual orientation or gender identity – something not a lot of people find themselves having to do on a regular basis. However, those of us who do come out, find ourselves coming out multiple times in our lifetime as we choose to tell different people at different times. There’s no one way to go about it, and how you do it or why can change each and every time.¬†Firstly, I wanted to share this video with you. It’s American, as so many of these things are, but then who else leads with equality and the likes when it comes to LGBTQ+ rights?

Starting out back in October 1987, actually 29 years to the day, around 500,000 marched for LGB Rights in Washington D.C. As a result, a number of LGBTQ+ organisations were founded.  Since then, every year there has been a National Coming Out Day and there have been themes to go alongside it, the main aim continues to  be to promote a safe world for LGBTQ individuals to live truthfully and openly.


During our talk at LGBTQ+ on the 28th, we discussed whether or not there’s still a need for this national day as some people feel there is so much more equality now than there was back when they started celebrating National Coming Out Day. Ironically enough, it was a group of white, heterosexual men who came to this conclusion. We however felt we had to disagree. While there are definitely more rights and there’s more equality compared to back in 1987, there is still so much needing to be done to help people all over the world. Just because the Western World is beginning to become more accepting, doesn’t mean the rest of the world is accepting. Another point raised was that it’s unfortunate that not only do we have to ‘come out’ to people but the fact that it’s considered important enough to have a national day specifically for coming out. Someone reminded us that coming out is something a lot of us feel the need to do as societal norms have everyone just assuming that girl likes boy and boy likes girl is it. End of story. They felt maybe it was time people stopped coming out and focused instead on changing the way people think of relationships and gender in general. However, I personally feel like that would take way too long to even consider right now and so am happy to tell anyone that yes, in the future, I would love to settle down with another female and maybe have some kids. But I’m getting off topic for now, we’ll come back to this in a few minutes.


We discussed the pros and cons of coming out, including some people’s¬†stories on how they came out. Obviously the pros include feeling comfortable in yourself, being able to openly introduce your partner (or lack of) without having to answer all the questions, there’s so much support, and finding more people as like-minded as you. Trust me, I’ve never been so happy to be part of GULGBTQ+ as it means there are so many people I would never have met otherwise. However, we have to consider that it’s not always safe for people to come out. They may be scared of people’s reactions, a lot of people have to worry about how their family are going to react. Even here in the U.K., homophobic hate crimes rose by more than 20% between 2014 and 2015. That’s scary considering our government has apparently got the highest number of ‘out’ MPs in the world. A few people admitted to being told “it’s just a phase”, and the usual comment about bisexual people was referred to as well when I was talking to someone before the quiz – “no one likes both, you’re either gay or straight”. Overall, we all were reminded of the not so positive sides to coming out.


I’d tried for a long time to make sense of things in my own head. The way the girls around me talked about boys, that was how I felt about girls. I can remember reading in a magazine at a young age that those feelings were just ‘friendly crushes’ and they’d go away but they didn’t and for a long time I felt like there was something wrong with me. I felt different. I knew I didn’t feel or think the same way as the other girls around me but I wasn’t quite sure what it was. I even tried forcing myself to like a boy at one stage – that ended up a mess and only now can I laugh at how stupid I was to even think it would work. It took me a long time to come out to people. I tried at an earlier stage and it wasn’t a good response and so I ignored it and just hid from the truth for a while. Two years later, I was 17 years old and had had one of the worst days in a while at school. I went to an all girls school, and so if anyone wanted to make a comment about how much time one girl was spending with her best friend, the common comment was ‘what are you, a lesbian or something?’ I knew it was just a joke but it was said one too many times to me and eventually I just had to tell someone. So, walking to the train, I ended up breaking down in tears to my sister and telling her on a busy main road as everyone around us headed home from school. Rachel was absolutely fine, she hugged me and told me it didn’t matter who I liked and that it would all be okay, however her instant reaction was ‘You can’t tell Mum and Dad’. We both knew our parents are slightly homophobic, and that’s before you even consider the rest of the family. What else do you expect, growing up in Northern Ireland where it’s still illegal to have an abortion or for two people of the same sex to get married? After that, I started to feel slightly more comfortable telling some people. I’d already worked out who would be okay to tell and who wouldn’t. The girls I got the train with were so supportive and happily helped me through some tough stages, other friends weren’t as accepting, spouting religious verses and the likes.


Coming to university was a wake up call. During fresher’s week, I was scared to be 100% honest as here were people who seemed to like me – I didn’t want to give them a reason not to like me! So when we went to the traffic light party (run by the LGBTQ+ society) I had a bit of a panic. The offered colours were green for single, orange for it’s complicated, red for in a relationship, and purple for LGBTQ+. I desperately wanted that purple paint but was afraid to ask for it and so ended up just asking for a mix of all 4 colours as so many other people were doing. A few nights later, I made friends with someone who was happy to be out, we had the same group of friends, and so I began to consider coming out. The week after fresher’s, I was with Nuala and 2 other friends in a friend’s bedroom and we were all talking away about past relationships and current relationships, and one thing lead to another and I came out to the three of them – cue the common question of “do lesbians really scissor and does it actually feel good?”. Over the next few months, I gradually came out to different people, just depending on the situation and the way conversations were going. One of my favourite times was when Jason and Pablo were in my room and eventually Pablo just said ‘Jason and I have been wondering and there’s no easy way to ask this but are you straight? Cos you’ve been saying things and we don’t know if we’re reading this right’.

This time last year, roughly, I came out to my younger cousin. Wish he’d had the decency to do the same with me, as later in the year he came out to everyone as bisexual simply by putting on Facebook that he was in a relationship with another boy. Ah well, we can’t have everything! When I saw him again at Christmas, I came out to his younger siblings too. I’d previously come out to my older cousin who is closest in age to me, and she told me that she’s bi, and one of my other older cousins is asexual – we’re a great mix, aren’t we? The main problem was when my parents found out.


Unfortunately, I didn’t get to be the one to tell them. Rachel was having dinner with them one evening when Mum asked had I a boyfriend yet, and Rachel simply answered no, as she had done so many times in the past. Mum then asked was I even interested in boys, and Rachel was stuck. Neither of us can lie to save our lives, but she didn’t want to drop me in it. So what did she say? She told them I’m bi. Great. Thanks, Rachel. Now I’ve to somehow correct that at some stage. But I got a phone call from Rachel who was apologising over and over. She told me that Mum was crying about how she’d never have any grandchildren and that it wasn’t right and all this other stuff. Dad, however, apparently was fine. I was so scared, knowing I had my usual Saturday morning phone call coming the next day. Mum phoned, and we both tried to avoid the topic. I finally caved and went to talk to her, only to be told she didn’t want to discuss it. Her words were something to the effect of she didn’t want to know, I wasn’t to talk to her about any of that ‘stuff’ and she was going to pretend she didn’t know. I’d be lying if I said that didn’t hurt, but at the same time it was better than I had expected. So now, we have a kind of unspoken rule that¬†neither of us will talk about it. If I tell her I’m out on a Wednesday night and she asks what I’m doing, I try and remember to lie to her (sorry) and don’t tell her I’m at LGBTQ+, it’s easier than having another argument. Hopefully some day I’ll be able to talk to her about that aspect of my life, as it is sometimes a struggle not being able to talk to my mum about the people I like, or ask for advice on what to wear for a date, or even just tell her about the amazing people I meet each week.


Back in March (or was it May?) I wrote here about the upcoming Farewell Dinner with LGBTQ+. I told Mum it was a night out with the Disney society, and she was fine. Until I wrote about it on my blog, and created a Facebook page for my blog. Then family saw it. I got a phone call from Mum within an hour of it going up telling me that certain family members had been reading my posts and were asking her questions. I was told in no uncertain terms to take my blog off Facebook and not let family see ‘that horrible stuff’ I was involved in. Then, a few weeks ago, I linked my blog to my instagram account. Again, I forgot family were on there, and I was once again asked to take it down.


So to end this post, and I’m sorry for the length of it, I never intended it to be this long, ¬†I just wanted to remind you all, everyone has a hard time trying to figure out who they are. Some of us have the added stress of whether or not we’ll be accepted for liking who we like. After the incidents with Mum, I came to the conclusion that it shouldn’t matter to her or anyone else, but I understand that it’s not easy for everyone. So yes. Sorry for my long, rambling post, hopefully you’ve learnt something, and you don’t hate me! Just to finish, I’ve included a video that we watched on the 28th. Give it a watch and let me know your thoughts.



Ktkinnes xx


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Whether you’re currently stressed, or you’re relaxed and ready to take on the week, stress is something that comes for us all at some point and likes to play havoc with our lives – mentally and physically.


Right now, while writing this, I feel a tiny bit stressed. I know I have 6 posts to write up today and this is the first of those, so I want to do the best I can with each of them. It’s not like I can just write them, schedule them, and forget about them again! But overall, I’m not too stressed at the minute. If I stop and think about hosting the GRLPOWR chat on Thursday, then yes I will be quite stressed but we’re trying not to think about that right now. My questions are written up and all I can do now is hope you all come join in.


Normally, I get stressed over very trivial things. They may seem trivial to you, or even to me now while I’m reasonably relaxed, but in those moments I get so wound up about the tiniest things. For example, and one my friends won’t let me forget for a long time, we barbecued for 24 people and it reached a stage I just wanted food. Dad sent through the freshly cooked sausages and a few minutes later no one had moved but it was one of those situations where family were waiting to let friends go first and friends were waiting to let family go first, and I just didn’t want to be the first to go. So I waited a few minutes and then went through and told everyone that sausages were ready and they should go get them. Except I may have been rather forceful in how I said it… whoops… Ah well, it meant I could eat!


I get stressed if I’m running late for something, if I’m travelling, if I’m organising things, and if people don’t do what they were meant to do when they were meant to do it. Normal things like exams stress me out. I got so worked up when I had to go to my first LGBTQ+ event on my own last year that I ended up crying in Nuala’s room before going. Loud noises, big crowds, tight enclosed spaces… Wow I get stressed over quite a lot!


I try not to let these things affect my day-to-day life but sometimes it does get the better of me, and I end up a quivering mess feeling paranoid and struggling to breathe normally. Either that, or I just get angry and/or cry. If you remember back in August during my resits? I was so stressed I cried for 3 hours without stopping – not great! Normally during exams I get stressed because I feel I know nothing so spend all day inside revising and doing nothing else, and then when it comes to bedtime I can’t sleep because I feel guilty for not being up and revising. So I get up and continue revision, and start the next day exhausted. And so the new day brings about revision with very little going in due to the lack of sleep and so the endless cycle begins.


However, I know I have at least 3 people who can calm me down when I reach that level of stress. Nuala is great at supporting you and being there for you when you need her, even if the rest of the time she doesn’t give off that impression. The number of times I’ve been stressed and ended up going straight to Nuala to help me calm down and gain some perspective. Jason is also pretty good at calming me down, simply because of the number of times he’s had to in the past! The third actually isn’t in the flat (and this is nothing against Mary – she’s great but I haven’t gone to her when I’m properly stressed yet. But yes, Pablo ¬†(again, he asked for this name on the blog so you won’t know him) has a calming quality that I am drawn to when stressed. I don’t know what it is but he would actually be my first point of call if he wasn’t so flipping busy all the time.


So, as you may have noticed, those three are all based in Scotland and it very much depends on if they’re around for me to talk to, so what do I do to destress without them? Well, any form of exercise is good. Even if it’s just a walk, getting into a completely different state of mind is good. Either a hot shower or bath also helps, especially if I can play my music as loud as I want and sing along. Of course, I frequently turn to blogging when I’m stressed – I suppose that makes you a part of my ‘who calms me’ part! Reading, knitting, colouring, anything creative just distracts me and I eventually feel better. Surprisingly, watching TV and films doesn’t actually help me unwind – I do them, but they don’t give me that feeling of clarity that the others do. Funny, considering how much time they take out of my day.


How about you? What stresses you out and how do you deal with it? Let me know!


Ktkinnes xx

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Sunday Summary

It’s back! Have you missed it? I can’t decide if I did or not. However, it’s a Sunday morning and here we are, ready to take a look back at the last 7 days. How have you been? Haven’t asked you in a while, how rude of me. I’m actually looking forward to sharing the last few days with you so without further adieu, here’s Sunday’s Summary!


Sunday¬† was a little bit of a lazy day. Well, not lazy as I had so much university work to do… But I stayed in my pyjamas all day and got to be a bit of a slob. I finished up around 7ish and an old friend from first year showed up unexpectedly while Mary was cooking dinner for the two of us, so it was quite nice to have a bit of a chat. Actually, I’ve just remembered I want to ask Mary for her recipe for that chicken… Knew this was helpful!

On¬†Monday, I had my two lectures and my first lab session of the year! Except it wasn’t really a lab. Instead, we discussed estimating things and deriving equations and used a cool app called Kahoot to answer multiple choice questions on the board. We then had to partner up and sign up to our experiments and our literature reports for later in the year. This was the nervous part for me – I know no one in my labs and was so worried about having to find a partner and talk to someone completely new. I hovered by the sign up sheets until a good three quarters of the room had left before approaching 4 girls and a guy standing in a group – there was bound to be someone without a partner! Thankfully, the guy (Will) told me he didn’t have a partner and so now we’re together for the experiments! We’re starting with probably not the best experiment but then at least I’ve done it all before! Next week however is Matlab so please wish me luck with it. It’s a horrible coding course we have to take… Not looking forward to that.

Tuesday came and once again I made it to my lectures, and came home to an empty flat. I phoned home on Tuesday for a bit of a chat, and had a chat with my aunt in Dundee too, and so I passed the time that way. Again, I mainly spent the day writing notes up and making sure I understood what was going on. Of course, I remembered to take part in the GRLPOWR chat on Twitter and it basically ended up being a Christmas chat – at least the bits I saw! Oh, that’s another thing. I woke up with fresher’s flu on Monday and so by Tuesday honestly thought I was dying. Yes, I’m quite a bad sufferer of man-flu. A simple cold was killing me. But I attempted an early night on Tuesday as a result.

Ah¬†Wednesday… The highlight of my week. If you have me on snapchat, then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about and I’d like to apologise for my rambling so much about going to bed instead of actually getting up and going to bed. But we’ll get to that point in a minute. I woke up on Wednesday feeling slightly better and was happy to go to class. I came back, did some work, and then made a chilli. Except there were 5 portions of chilli… I don’t know if I’ve just reduced my portion sizes or what as I purposefully only bought enough meat to make 2 portions so I’m not sure how that developed into 5? Anyway. I then got ready to go to LGBTQ+ which was having it’s official Launch Night event to raise money for the year. Drinks were ¬£1 for a single and ¬£2 for doubles, beers and ciders. There were also raffle tickets on sale so naturally I spent ¬£10 on tickets and didn’t win anything. Some of my old friends from last year showed up and it was a great night, resulting in me going to Polo – the LGBTQ+ club in Glasgow City Centre. Suffice to say I spent a small fortune on drinks overall, made it home just after 3am, and was still snapchat vlogging at 4am… Sorry! No wonder I was so hungover on Thursday…

Thursday¬†morning was painful. I woke up and spent the first hour trying not to throw up, before throwing on whatever clothes I could find and going to my lectures. Warm lecture theatres, lots of people, and being hungover was not a fantastic combination but I survived! Came home, went to have a bit of a nap but couldn’t due to noise, and so just got on with some work. Mary and I got Chinese as she had been out with the football girls and was feeling equally as rough as me. We then curled up on the sofa to watch The Apprentice. Anyone else delighted that it’s back? There were some fabulous comments and one-liners! Unfortunately I missed the chat for GRLPOWR but I think it was a good one! I then went to bed and wrote up a few blog posts while discussing the GRLPOWR Christmas plans. Yes it’s early but the fact that it’s already the 9th of October is a sign that time is going to fly!

Friday was a bit of a mixed day. I woke up thinking ‘Wow, Mary’s up early, I don’t normally see her before lectures…’. I rolled over and looked at my phone – 11:08am. My first lecture of the day had started 3 minutes earlier and there I was still in bed. There went my ‘attend every lecture’ goal! I did, however, manage to shower, dry my hair, have breakfast, and look semi decent all in the 40 minutes I had before my next lecture – not too bad in my opinion! On my way home, an old friend bumped into me and followed me home… Not that I don’t like him but just he ditched us for over a year because he had a girlfriend and now that they’ve broken up he’s come crawling back. I wouldn’t care but he expected me to just continue as if no time had passed. The afternoon was spent talking on the phone to Mum, and writing my post for Tuesday next week. Trust me when I say I was writing it from 4:30 until well after 9, and I didn’t even stop for dinner. So at 10pm I curled up in bed with doritos, netflix, and the GRLPOWR group chat to have a relaxed night.

Finally, Saturday was spent tidying my room, organising shopping lists and actually doing the shopping. I caught up on some uni work, spoke to one of my grannies, and cooked dinner for Jason, Mary and myself. Then Saturday night was once again spent blogging and chatting to friends! Haha, what happened to my social life?


So that’s you up to date! What did you get up to this week? Any fun stories to share?


Ktkinnes xx

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Uni and Blogging

For so many of us, there’s that constant choice between university stuff and taking time out for our blog. I mean, I planned to have this post written on Sunday so I could focus on university this week, but I spent so long doing university work that I ended up not getting to spend as much time blogging as I would’ve liked. Sound familiar?


Everyone makes promises to themselves that as of the new academic year we will do our best with our workload, and try and keep to the blogging pattern we’ve fallen into over the summer. In fact, it may take me another 3 months to figure out how frequently to post! Honestly. Did a blogging challenge last month and had amazing stats (well, amazing for me anyway, I’m no big blogger) and then this week hits and I’ve noticed a decrease. Is it because everyone’s back to university and school now? Or has my writing actually just gone downhill recently? By the way, these are rhetorical questions.


Also, I must apologise, my wifi is misbehaving tonight and the GRLPOWR girls and I are trying to organise Christmas on the account – exciting times ahead so make sure you’re following us on @GRLPOWRCHAT!


But yes, I’m getting distracted. As is often the case when blogging. It’s a hobby, somewhere to relax and something to do to pass time, which is why – for me – it’s important to keep it up while back at university. But the struggle of balance is hard.


It’s important to find that balance. You don’t want to risk grades dropping, nor do you want to lose any followers or stats. I mean, here I am on my 5th day in a row posting and I’ve got a planned break tomorrow, but I couldn’t not post today otherwise I’d have ruined my posting streak. See what I mean?


It’s for this reason that blogging is now what I do just before sleep. I’m really trying this year with university, doing all the extra work and making sure I know everything I’m being told. We’ll see if it’s made any difference come Christmas exams. Even today, hungover as I was from the GULGBTQ+ Launch Night last night, I dragged my rather sleepy and nauseous backside to my lectures and I actually felt better having been to them. I wasn’t lying moping in bed. Instead, I got a good walk, I saw friends who really should’ve been equally as hungover as me, and I felt if I had achieved that then I could achieve anything today!


So, while this isn’t a great post on how to juggle the two (yet), I hope you understand now why I may disappear every now and again, and if I don’t make a 9am post I will try and get one up asap.


But yes, advice. All I can advise is have a bit of a routine when it comes to how many hours of university work you have to do before you can blog, and keep a diary or planner of what’s happening when so that you can try and move things around better if you need to change plans last minute. I also find it helpful to always have one spare post saved as a draft for if I’ve forgotten to write one or haven’t had time to write the planned one for that day.


Now, if you’ll excuse me, there are several blogmas posts needing written!

Ktkinnes xx