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Day 17 – Childhood

What I loved most about my childhood, and how it made me me

Well this one could be a while. There’s a lot about my childhood that I would change if I could. However, I’m well aware that all the little bits of history are what have helped shape me into the person I am today. One thing I truly loved was growing up in Forfar, on the east coast of Scotland.

Our house was one of 19 – the numbers went up to 20 but the superstitious builders didn’t put number 13 on the door of the 13th house. Most of the families living there had children in and around my age. We played for hours in the street or across the road in the grounds of the local academy that was literally across the road from my back garden. Once we were tall enough to climb the fence they couldn’t keep us out no matter how much they wanted to!

I only have happy memories of living in Forfar. I’ve no memories of my parents arguing, there was no pressure to be anything other than me, and my biggest worry was whether I would ride my bike down the drive or stand up on the skateboard.

Whenever I’m feeling down, I remember the good days when I was care-free and think about how much I want to have kids so they can experience the same freedom.

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Hey :) I'm 21, from Northern Ireland and no longer new to blogging. I love all things TV, books, food, music and film as well as going out with friends. This is hopefully somewhere you'll be able to come if you feel you need a laugh or even just to stay in touch. Follow for Follow and all that however I'd like to take this chance to say thanks for coming to read! Enjoy and feel free to make any recommendations!

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