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Planners and Me

Hello lovelies! Firstly, well done for waking up on a Monday morning! We all know how difficult that can be. How was your weekend?

Well did you realise it’s officially two weeks since I started using a blogging planner? When I say a blogging planner, it’s actually a Palgrave student planner but I’m loving using it for my blog! The real question is, has it worked? 

I started out using a normal notebook to jot down all my post ideas. I then wrote down what I wanted to post and when, as well as noting any important events over the next few weeks. I even listed all the Twitter chats in the front of the diary! Although I suppose that needs updated now with Girl Power…. 

Each month, there’s a “notes” page for the month and a to do list. In the To Do section, I’m going to write my month’s goals both for blogging and for day to day life. Depending on what I’m doing each month, I’m going to make the notes page really bring and relevant to the upcoming month. I won’t post a picture, if you don’t mind, but it will be included in my post on 1st September! So keep an eye out for that.
There are a lot of pages that I probably won’t use, since it was made as a student planner. But sometimes they might be useful!
Do you have a planner or journal you use for blogging? How do you plan ahead? Or do you just go with the flow? Let me know in the comments below!!
Ktkinnes xx