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My Upcoming Challenge

Yay – this blogging routine seems to actually be working so far! Promptly touches wood and makes sure no one heard me say that…

I wanted to give you a bit of a heads up to my blogging plan for September and also invite you to join me! As a member of Blog BFFs on Facebook, I heard a few other bloggers discussing Aurélie’s 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge for September. Deciding not to be one to be left out, I asked if there was an opportunity to get involved and was sent 30bbdaysofgratitude – a PDF detailing the challenge.


The idea of us partaking in this challenge is to spread some positivity and gratitude since summer is over and everyone generally feels September is a bit of a dud. I personally don’t, I mean you’ve got the excitement of back to school/university and seeing all your friends again, along with my birthday and the fun of being that one step closer to Christmas! But then again, I can understand that we are meant to lose the sun (if it ever came out here…). There are 3 ways to take part, these are listed in the PDF above, and you can use as many of them as you wish – I will be blogging them each day.


The topics/themes are listed on the last page, so you can schedule them in advance or do them daily, again the choice is yours!


Remember to call back here daily in September to see how I’m getting on with the challenge, and also take a look at Aurélie’s blog for more information or to ask her for your own sign up pack!


Hopefully you’ll take part! If you do decide to take part then leave me your links below! I’d love to see your posts.


Ktkinnes xx