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Missing the Pets

Anyone who knows me, or even claims to know me, will be aware of the fact that the main reason I return to Lisburn, regardless of how much I want to escape my family, is to see the animals.


For my 7th birthday,  we got Baron – a golden cocker spaniel puppy. He was energetic, cheeky, and had a mind of his own. Now, aged 14 (or 98 in dog years), Baron constantly sleeps and plods around after us. In fact, he’s currently fast asleep on my feet. He’s the main reason I come home. Who wouldn’t love this little face?

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Back in January, Rachel was adopted by a stray cat. For a week, the then-christened Trevor, was allowed in and out of the house, fed, and looked after by my sister who claims to not like cats. Of course, she tried her best to find out if anyone owned this kitten. Finally, she took ‘Trevor’ to the vet and discovered that he was actually a she and that she was roughly 5 months old. Of course, Rachel insisted on keeping this kitten and Trevor became Maisie – the proud and anti social cat we’ve all grown to love. Actually, her birthday is some time this month!

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Being an animal person, I do find it difficult when in the flat in Glasgow, as our contract clearly states no pets. The highlight of my visits home isn’t the free food or the heating, it’s getting to play with these two again!


Ktkinnes xx



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