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Twitter Chats

A rather mundane post for those of you who aren’t interested in these chats, but I swear talking to new people daily is the highlight of my day. Every morning, I wake up thinking ‘What chats are on today and will I be able to take part in them?’


Some of you may think this is a sad thing to thing about when you first wake up, but it’s given me something positive to focus on, especially over the last few weeks when all I’ve really wanted to do was lock myself in my room and eat my life away. Hopefully I’ll start pulling myself out of that soon (just so you know, you guys are another reason i get up – 128 views on Sunday?! That was incredible!) but in the mean time I’ll stick to my coping mechanisms of twitter chats, blogging and binge watching Netflix.


Back on track now, sorry got side tracked again. I wanted to add a timetable of my favourite twitter chats that I regularly try and get in on. I’m not sure how to add it as a downloadable thing so I’ve also copied and pasted it down below. If I’ve missed any that you feel should definitely be on the list, mention them in the comments below! Or tweet me, that works too. You don’t have to be a blogger to join a lot of them, so even if you just come by to read my posts every now and again (yes, I’m talking to you – hello!) you should consider stopping by for the fun!

Monday Tuesday Wednesday
#beechat – 5pm

#thegirlgang – 6pm

#bdib – 7pm

#fbloggers – 8pm

#healthhour – 8pm

#sassybloggers – 9pm

#nightimebloggers – 9pm

#misfitbloggers – 6pm

#askablogger – 7pm

#hungrychats – 7pm

#bookbloggers – 7pm

#teahour – 7pm

#ukblogtalk – 8pm

#fblchat – 8pm

#bloghour – 9pm

#GRLPOWR – 9pm

#TeacupClub – 5pm

#blogtalk – 6pm

#lbloggers – 7pm

#latenightbloggers – 9pm

#LNchitchat – 10pm



Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
#crazyblogchat – 7pm

#bbabeschat – 8pm

#disneybloggerschat – 8pm

#GRLPOWR – 8pm

#beechat – 9pm

#nightimebloggers – 9pm

#lazybloggers – 7pm

#bdib – 8pm

#sbloggers – 8pm



#moonchat 12am

#fblchat – 3pm

#socialbloggers – 7pm

#chattynights – 7pm

#motblogger – 8pm



#bloggerationchat – 9:30am

#TeacupClub – 5pm

#lbloggers – 7pm

#sundayMHchat – 7pm

#GRLPOWR – 8pm

#blogospherechat – 8pm

#chattybees – 8pm

#gossipbloggers – 8:30pm

For a more extensive list, check out . There are so many chats out there, and this is by far the best list I’ve found! Maybe see you there?


Ktkinnes xx

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